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Sending nudes is an art form that is not given nearly enough credit. From lighting, to angles, to setting— snapping naked pictures is not some easy task. When your partner texts: You need to have a nude reserve. There is a lot of information about the risks of sending nudes, but not a whole lot of information on how to actually send a nude nude.

How to Send Nude Pictures to Your Partner

We focus on pictures scary part and forget that for consenting adults, sending nudes is super fun. Get real.

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Keep the spark alive one amazing butt photo at a time, you know? Here is your ultimate guide to sending nude pics.

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Go forth, snap those photos, live your life. There is nothing like the golden light of morning coming through your for window, or that melty evening glow at sunset. Take advantage of how this glorious light makes your body look. Do not take nude photos under fluorescent adults, under any circumstances. You will look yellow and your skin will look blotchy.

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