Some BLUE BIRD Coach Owner Manuals PDF are above this page. The company's activity began in 1927 and has not changed much over time. Since its inception, Blue Bird has specialized in the production of school buses and special vehicles for transporting prisoners. The company also specializes in various bus technology. The headquarters is located in Fort Valley, Georgia. The founder of the. Some GILLIG Bus Service Manuals PDF are above the page. Gillig Corporation is a US-based bus manufacturer based in Hayward, California. With an annual production of 1200 to 1300 buses, Gillig is the second largest bus manufacturer in North America after New Flyer. The company was founded in 1890 by Jacob Gillig as a plot for carriages and covered wagons. In 1932, his sons Leo and Chester.

There is a BEDFORD Bus Manual PDF above this page.

Cars «Bedford» belong to the most famous English trucks and buses, although neither in appearance nor in originality of design, they never stood out among all other cars. In practice, these were universal and unpretentious workhorses, which could be found in any part of the British Isles and the whole world.

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The first years of existence of the Bedford brand are connected with the well-known machine building and iron foundry company Vauxhall, founded in the middle of last century in the Vauxhall quarter in London. In 1905, she moved to the city of Luton, County Bedfordshire, where she began to produce cars. In difficult for the firm 20-ies. the American concern GM, who long ago intended to create a bridgehead in the UK to invade the European market, became interested in Vauxhall and in 1925 made it its British branch. The plans for securing the European market also covered the truck sector. Activities in this direction began with the import of Chevrolet trucks to the UK, and in the late 1920s. At the plant in Hendon, their assembly began.

In 1931, the American leadership decided to deploy in the country its own production of light trucks, adapted to the requirements of the British market. Their brand became Bedford - by the name of the neighboring town and the whole county where the plant was located. The new production became the cargo department of Vauxhall. The reliable and high-speed machines of Bedford were a great success and soon became popular on all types of transportation.

The first appeared 2-ton machines WHG and WLG with a wheelbase of 3330 and 3990 mm. respectively, costing extremely cheap - only 198 pounds sterling; followed by the release of light vans VY and VX, a 1.5-ton WS series and 3-ton WT trucks. They installed a 6-cylinder upper valve petrol engine (3177 cm3, 44 hp, for the WT series - 64 hp), a rare at that time in Europe 4-speed synchronized transmission.

The first Bedford car of its own design became in 1934 a light van BYC with a load capacity of 600 kg., Recognized by contemporaries as the best delivery vehicle of its class.

Have not yet had time to deploy a mass production of cars, as it was urgently needed to remodel them into army versions. The main was a series of 'O', on the basis of which trucks were produced models OXD, OYD and OWS with a payload of 1.5-5 tons, which received a specific flat front cover, which became their unique identification mark. The most famous military version of the 'M' series was a light pick-up MWD with a carrying capacity of 750 kg. Since 1941, Bedford has produced a 3-ton QLD (4x4) model with a cab above the engine and an 8-speed transmission.

At the end of the war, the civilian vehicles of pre-war development began to go off the Bedford conveyors again.

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