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1MB Games:- Android smartphone users always want to experience new things using their mobile phone so they want to run amazing applications and games on their devices without interrupting dare task and should consume less is space in RAM. In present time lots of Android Smartphone and IOS smartphone have used RAM and capacity to run applications and games on their devices. Indeed smartphones you can use application send them over 1 GB too. but most of the Android user want to use a small size Android application and Android games on their mobile phones because using heavy size Android games can create lots of problem in performing of Android smartphone.

because of these problems, most of the Android users want to get a small size Android games. most of the Android user who has medium size frame on their Android devices for good games under 10 MB. this is the reason that 10 MB games are one of the most popular categories for Android user. and almost all developers want to keep the size of their Android games under 10mb.

there are lots of amazing 10 MB games available but there are some Android users who have low RAM Android mobile do you want to get games under 1 MB. because using Heavy game 10 cause problems of internal memory low. this is the reason that lots of people search on the internet for Best 1 MB games for Android and IOS devices.

there are lots of games available under 1 MB which are very much addictive and very good to play. most of the people think that low MB games are not good but after doing lots of research we have found amazing 1 MB games for Android and IOS users which can make you addictive in no time.

Download from here:-Agar tum hi ek youtuber ho ya gamer ho so these is for you STUF I.

1mb Games Android Games

these games can be played on any Android device like HTC, Samsung and other mobile companies Android phone. and also iOS users can use these games on their iPhone and iPod too.

Save the ball from getting out of the screen by continuous movement from left to right. PUBG Highly Compressed APK + OBB. PUBG is an acronym of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Rules Of Survival. Rules of survival is an action game for Android, featuring HD graphics, solo.

so here is the list of 10 best 1 MB games for Android and IOS users.

Best 1MB Games Free for Android And iOS Devices

Chain reaction

chain reaction is one of the best game under 1 MB. when you see first time or the company lol this game you will not get much impressed but if you started playing it once you will become addictive in no time. this is a strategy game which has 2-8 players where you have to work on the simple logic of reaction and place your color balls in a cell. one of the sale is reached maximum mark it will automatically explode into surrounding se letting extra class ball. you will regret it download in first time but once you have started playing you will find that this is an amazing Android game under 1 MB.

Krrish the game

this is one of the most popular and addictive game for the Android user who want to play game under 1 MB on their Android devices. this is fast-tracked action game with lots of fights. in this can you protect the role of superhero which fight with the enemies.

this game is basically inspired by the popular Indian Superhero Movie please and also named on the same movie. if you want to download and use this game then you can download it from here.


this game is also one of the most popular games which can be used for consuming only 1 MB on Android devices. this game mostly used by small communities light tanks from multiplayer games for clubs.This game is lots of features which we are going to mention here.

pictures of NAkenCow

  • Option to log your chat.
  • Option to make the chat transparent.
  • Minimize to system tray, green cow for general chat, red cow for private chat.
  • Auto reconnects when your connection to the server is broken.
  • Easy to use ban list so you can get rid of the annoying people,forever.

Atomic Bomber


another amazing 1 MB game for Android and IOS devices. this game is very simple and very less in size which can make you addictive in no time. the best part about this game is it has a level based strategy game. but the graphics of this game is not that good so graphics can disappoint you a little bit.

in this again you will go air fighter plane where you have to destroy other plans truck Launchers rocket launcher of your enemies. you can use missiles in nuclear bombs in this game.so we can see that this is another amazing day under 1 MB

Ultra Galaxy vol

1mb games download for android apk

Another amazing game for Android user who want to play game under 1 MB. this game is based on four where you will get Ship and navigation to fight with your enemies. you have to same Galaxy by using navigation and go through wave after wave of space pirates. there are total 5 Enemies of spaceship you have to defeat all of them for win the battle.

Flappy Bird.

one of the most popular Android game which is available under 1 MB. this game has been developed by Dong Nguyen and it becomes the most successful game for Android devices. this game is very simple to play you suggest you to click and click and click and that’s all. you just have to maintain your butt from coming obstacles in its way by taking on the screen. this game can make you addictive if you started playing it but this is also named in the list of most frustrating Android games. still, we can say that this is one of the best Android game under 1 MB.

Star Gunner

people who like to play War game with guns then this is also one of the best Android game under 1 MB for the users. in this game you will become a pilot of spaceship where you will get lots of guns to destroy your enemy. you will get navigation by using that you can walk in space using your space ship and have to clear over anyways you can also use a space tank instead of guns.


another amazing game which is very useful and can we download and install under 1 MB. the best part about this game is it can be quickly accessed with your running tasks from anywhere on your mobile screen. and also you can add yours were necessary contents with the dock. and also if user account again adds custom apps and launchers with dock and also they can exclude any app from the dock. this game there’s lots of features which can make user protective of this name in no time.

features of DOCK4Droid

  • the user can get the unlimited number of launches.
  • the user can customize their colors and other things.
  • the user can get access to their favorite contacts easily.
  • you can exclude contacts in one click.
  • this app will consume only 352 KB on your RAM. it is one of the highest rated and highest using amp under 1 MB.


we were getting lots of queries about best 1 MB games for Android users so we have tasted lots of games under 1 MB and find some amazing games which can make you fall in love very soon. the best part about the things that you will not get worried while playing these games and also this games will not consume memory of your smartphone. this is the list of best 1 MB games for Android and IOS users. so if any of your Android and IOS user need these games then you can share this article with your friends on your social media account like Twitter and Facebook. and if you’re facing any problem in downloading and installing these games on your Android device then you can tell us in comment box we will give you in stunt function.

GTA 5 for android free. download full zip apk for Free

Get the bore out of you by downloading GTA 5 zip apk obb data file for your Android device and play it offline with the latest feature of the Games.

Are you panic that is it possible to download GTA 5 on android and play the game smoothly without any flicking? Yes because this article will guide you through on how to play, install and download GTA 5 apk data file for your android

GTA 5 android zip free download for Android

GTA which is popular known as Grand Theft Auto V is part of the best play game across the Globe. Although they begin with Grand Theft Auto Vice City which was developed in 1997 by Rockstar games studios and their recent release games are GTA 5 and GTA 6 of which it’s widely distributed on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 & 4 and on PC. You can download the game from their official websites.
Are you surprised that Android was not mentioned? Yes of course because the offline official version is not released for android presently. As we know that will have some guru in modifying the game. They have mod this game, and it contains all features compared to other playing devices. The modders, modified (clone) it to GTA v mobile apk obb data file which is available to download and play offline on your Android device and it performs well with an easy control pad.
1mb games download for android apk
Some don’t need to worry about the Android performance maybe their Graphics card, Ram, and Processor doesn’t support it. You don’t need to worry because everything has been modified and it runs smoothly on android 4.0 and upward. You will see full requirements at the mid of this post.
When the Rockstar Company was notified that Android users have much interest in this game. They decided to developed GTA V full version of apk for Android users which is in beta mode and it runs smoothly on it.
Android users still give the game rating of 5 stars even the game is still in beta mode. Why 5 Stars? I guess is because of the PC feature that was introduced to it like HD graphics.
Noted that this post will guide you through, I mean step by step on how to install and download ( I will provide you a direct download link) GTA 5 android zip free download and other data files that will make the gameplay.
Let this be in your mind that, you don’t need to root your android phone before you can play this Grand Theft V mobile on your smartphone. Just make sure that your Android device has a high specification and running on the latest GPU then you are good to go.
Download GTA 5 highly compressed iso ppsspp file
Download FIFA 2020 iso ppsspp file
Download GTA 5 apk + obb data file
Http injector config file for MTN South Africa
Mortal Kombat Unchained ISO

GTA V apk obb Gameplay Review on Android

Looking for a high quality game, GTA V is one of the best quality android game which is unique on a mobile device with easy and new controls method, improved pad-button which help you to control the game better, easy and simple handling of the car compared to GTA Auto vice city, the character looks more real, Guns looks real, Melee weapon is updated, character speed is increase and much more.
You can also try GTA 5 ISO ppsspp file

Requirements to play GTA 5 obb mediafıre

I hoped you know that GTA V is not like an ordinary low graphic game you can install on any android and start playing it. Your device must meet up some specification to avoid game flicking or not responding on your Android.

  • Android version requirement: Android 4.3 or upward
  • Minimum Ram require: 1.5GB is pretty cool
  • Minimum Processor: Quad core of 1.89 GHz
  • GPU require: Adreno 300
  • Storage space of 4GB
1mb Games Android

GTA V apk obb Features

  • This game is for free, that is you can download the full game without any cost attached to it
  • It’s one of the recent android gameplay that was developed with awesome graphic
  • Although Grand Theft Auto V is still under beta mode and still it run smoothly with all is functions and feature.
  • It’s simple to install without rooting your device and you don’t need third party app for it to install and work on your android device.
  • The good news is that you can play this game smoothly without internet connection. It works fully offline.
  • Mission of GTA V is updated compared to other GTA version.
  • On GTA 5, you have access to switch to any character of your own desire.
  • You can use Bluetooth joystick to play this game on your Android and it was developed with easy control
  • Driving and vehicle handling techniques are improved
  • The game map is updated and it’s easy to use while you are on mission
  • Cars, movement and character look more real than other versions

Details about gta v apk obb

  • Game developer: Rockstar
  • App Name: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)
  • Size: 2.6 GB (obb data) plus additional 21.1 MB apk
  • App Version: v1.09
  • Last Updated: August, 2019

GTA 5 android zip free. download full apk on Mediafire

Before you can get GTA 5 android zip free download from mediafire, you have to install apk file on your device and if you don’t have it you can use the below link to download it and proceed to download the obb data file from mediafire. The obb data file is in Zip format and is about 2.6 GB

GTA v obb file free download

Guide on how to download gta v apk obb file, install and play obb file on your Android ( no verification is require)

Use the above link to download all necessary data file for GTA V and let’s continue with installation steps. Follow this procedure carefully so that you are not going to miss things up.

1mb Games Android Download

After you have downloaded gta 5 obb data for android with the above link
To install the apk file on your device>> navigate to Settings>>Security>>Device Administration >>and turn on allow installation from unknown source. So as to avoid error, while installing the apk app
After you have turned it on, locate the apk in your download folder and install it and don’t run the app
Download Zarchiver via this link or use another app to extract it. You will use Zarchiver to extract Obb file and Data file
Launch the Zarchiver app and locate the GTA 5 obb android zip file>> Rename it to com.rockstargames.gtasa you can also do that after extracting the file>> navigate to Android folder>> Open Obb folder and extract the file there.
When you are through with extraction, navigate to the extraction folder and try to check if the folder names look exactly like this com.rockstargames.gtasa
When you are through with those steps, Launch the games and start playing it.

1mb Games Android Emulator

If you have any difficulty on how to install it, please use our comment section.

1mb Games Android App

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