7 Deadly Sins Wanted Posters

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  • A member of the Seven Deadly Sins with the Sin of Pride, supposedly with the symbol of the Lion, as mentioned by Gowther’s friends who were roleplaying as the Sins. Only his wanted poster was seen so far (in which he was depicted as an old, bearded man) and he has yet to make an appearance in the present.
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7 Deadly Sins Wanted Posters

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Meliodas considers his sin to be his failure to protect Danafor, its citizens, and Liz from the kingdom’s annihilation. Although the official story is that Melodias lost himself in his wrath and annihilated the Kingdom himself.

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Ban is one of the members of the Seven Deadly Sins and is the Fox’s Sin of Greed. After the group’s disbandment, Ban was initially imprisoned in the Baste Dungeon, but escaped when he discovered that Meliodas is still alive. His Sacred Treasure is the staff, Courechouse. On top of being immortal, he is known for his ability, Snatch.


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Diane is the Sin of Envy with the symbol of the Serpent, and is also a member of the Giants’ Clan, being a colossal 30 feet tall. Her wanted poster depicts her rather accurately, and she is seen in the present having a childlike face, brown pigtails, and wearing an orange leotard and studded gauntlets on her arms. Flashbacks have indicated that she is over 700 years old, despite her youthful appearance. After being found by Meliodas and Elizabeth hiding in the Forest of White Dreams, she joins them. Diane is helplessly in love with her captain and grows extremely jealous (and often destructive) when Meliodas shows affection toward other women such as Elizabeth and to regular sized girls due to her height. Later on the series Diane became great friends with Elizabeth. Her crimes have not yet been revealed.


After supposedly ending Helbram’s life, King took on the sentence for ignoring Helbram’s mass murdering of humans continuously over the a period of five hundred years which is close to sparking a war between humans and fairies. He was consequently sentenced to an imprisonment for a thousand years, and was recognized as the Sin of Sloth as he ignored the atrocities committed and turned a blind eye.



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Merlin is the Sin of Gluttony with the symbol of the Boar. She is a slender, tall, and attractive gray-haired woman, which was accurately depicted by her wanted poster. She is the greatest magician in all of Britannia, and has for some time served as the mentor to Arthur Pendragon, the young king of Camelot. In the present, she and Arthur arrived at Lyonesse to have a meeting with its king at the same time the Sins did to rescue Elizabeth, although she was initially hidden under the guise of a cloak. She finally revealed herself at the end of chapter 83, wearing rather skimpy clothing. In both flashbacks and in the present, she has shown the ability to levitate, just like King. She also has the ability to teleport herself and/or others to remote locations and has such speed with the rate she can do so that she was able to effortlessly overwhelm her apprentice, Vivian, the current best magician of Lyonesse who also possesses the ability. She also has strong illusory magic, having created an entire faux army as a scare tactic. According to Gowther, she is possibly the traitor among the Seven Deadly Sins, having knocked Meliodas unconscious when they were branded as traitors. She is named after the legendary wizard Merlin. Her crimes have not been revealed.


A member of the Seven Deadly Sins with the Sin of Pride, supposedly with the symbol of the Lion, as mentioned by Gowther’s friends who were roleplaying as the Sins. Only his wanted poster was seen so far (in which he was depicted as an old, bearded man) and he has yet to make an appearance in the present. In the anime, he is seen as wielding a battle axe.

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Gowther is the Sin of Lust with the symbol of the Goat. Initially depicted in flashbacks and wanted posters as a massive, armored, and helmeted man second in size of the Sins only to Diane, his true appearance was revealed in chapter 54 as that of a normal-sized bespectacled young man with a slightly effeminate appearance. At the time he was discovered, he was living under the alias Armando, and was residing in a poor village with young children as his friends. Gowther’s special ability is known as Invasion, a mind-based ability which allows him to create illusions and memories to the victim powerful enough to beguile, manipulate, and immobilize them. He is also capable of reading and acquiring the thoughts, memories, and feelings of others. He is eerily and analytically stoic, being borderline emotionless, but is a skilled actor if need be given his guise as the timid Armando for several years. He is also quite socially inept, having blurted sensitive information about the Sins and Elizabeth to each other. As stated by himself several times, he is not human. He has been shown to be durable and resilient, as he was able to survive having his neck snapped and his entire chest pierced open. His sacred treasure is Herritt, which takes the form of a bow made of light. He is named after the half-brother of Merlin. His crimes have not been revealed.