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As the sad story of the bullied Canadian teenager shows, girls are especially vulnerable to imagery sold by the porn industry. A YouTube image of Canadian teenager Amanda Todd, who reportedly killed herself as a result of bullying after a stalker posted nude images her online.

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Amanda Todd, a teenager who lived in the Vancouver area, died earlier amanda month by her own hand. Shortly before she killed herself, she made a YouTube video describing the bullying she had suffered both in school and after school that had driven her to abuse drugs and alcohol, and self-harm and which would, ultimately, result in her suicide. She described boys tormenting her, and girls beating her so severely that, when they were done, she simply lay in a ditch until her father found her. What caused the bullying that pursued her so viciously?

The digital age and online bullying

In seventh grade, Todd had logged onto a webcam site where she met a year-old man who cajoled her into showing him her breasts. When she sought to withdraw from todd man's persistent attentions, he contacted her via Facebook.

He threatened to send the topless photos of her to "everyone" if she did not "put nudes a show".

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Unfortunately for Todd, it was no empty threat: When she changed schools uncencored.