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For those who are enjoying this latest American classic television series American Gods, you must know that it is based on a book of the same title. It is written by Neil Gaiman which is a perfect blend of two genres i.e. Americana and Fantasy. There is also a blend of ancient and modern mythology.

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American Gods originally got published in 2001 in United States and on different dates in different parts of the world. As for the response, it received great critical appreciation and positive reviews from the readers. The story was received so well that it later got adapted for a successful television series.

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American Gods Epub Plot And Review:


In the world of mythology, when gods start existing between the living men, this could set for a really exciting premise. Also, when other mythological creatures are added, it becomes even better and for the fans of fantasy, this serves even better entertainment purposes. Well, kind of same is the premise in this book. However, as the time progresses and people’s thoughts are becoming rather progressive and their belief in these gods and creatures vanishes away. What happens next is for you to find out.

American Gods PDF critical appreciation from critics is one of the toughest hurdles which a writer has to pass and Neil Gaiman did it perfectly. After getting praise from critics and satisfying them, he moved on to the readers and conquered those lines as well. It did so well that scored a rating of 4.1 out of 5 on the Good Reads.

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About the Author (Neil Gaiman):

Neil Gaiman is a British author who is known for his short and comic book writing. He is the recipient to many awards such as Nebula, Bram Stoker, and Hugo. American Gods is one of his masterpieces.

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