Aol Gold Download For Mac

AOL Desktop Gold automatically updates to the newest version when needed and replaces the older version on your computer. Enhanced Encryption The personal information you've stored in AOL Desktop will be unreadable to anyone attempting to steal it. Feb 01, 2016 The 1.7.784 version of AOL Desktop for Mac is available as a free download on our website. The program is included in Internet & Network Tools. The application's installer is commonly called AOLDesktopforMac.dmg. The actual developer of this free Mac application is AOL LLC.

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  • Aol Desktop Gold Download – Download AOL Gold For Windows and MAC. Originally, AOL Inc. is an America Online organization that is active with the mass media. The company is a global US company. You get access to web-based email and online news and entertainment material from a free AOL account.
  • Aol Desktop Gold Download– Aol is now available with all new user interface with its advanced security features and popular functions . And Due to its advanced features it is found to be the Best among all the Web Interfaces. With the help of AOL Desktop Gold you can easily access your e-mails, use for browsing purposes with security and also search any contents as required.
  • Language- English
  • Version– Desktop Gold
  • Price- $4.99 USD/month ( not applicable for those who already have the subscription or had paid for it)
  • Size-15 Mb

Before Getting Started with Free Aol Desktop gold download for Existing Users there are certain points which are Required as a Prior Condition –

  • Make Sure to have latest updates being installed successfully on your Operating System.
  • Have a check on your System properly to not have any program previously installed in it , which may conflict with Aol Desktop Gold.
  • Do the System Clean-up and make sure to check the temporary folders of the system that there must not be a single junk file present in it.

Atleast Requirements of the System to Aol Desktop Gold Download on it—

Aol Gold Download For Mac
  • Operating System- Firstly the most important thing to check and to be known clearly is about the OS version on your System Whether it is Windows 7,Windows 8.Windows 8.1,Windows 10 …
  • Memory- System must have minimum of 1GB RAM and 512 MB free hard-disk space.
  • Processor-Its a Very important thing to look out that the system Processor must be the fastest with minimum requirement of 266 MHz .
  • Screen Resolution- 1024 * 768 or higher screen resolution recommended.
  • Internet – Last but not the least check over the internet connectivity and its speed, which plays a major role to download any file.
Aol Gold Download For Mac

Process to Aol Desktop Gold Download Free for Existing Members for Windows and Mac-

Read out the below instructions step wise in order to download your Aol desktop Gold as per as your category or need-

  • First and foremost do open your browser and go to website ,now look for the Sign-in Option to Login your Account.
  • Next move is to find Option like “All Products” put your cursor there ,scroll it down until you find out “Aol Desktop Gold”, Once got it click on it.
  • Then you will find “download now” option which is needed to be clicked.
  • Now only thing you need to do is to follow each and every Screen instructions positively by replying Yes, “I Agree”, Continue et cetera….
  • You are all done to install your Aol Desktop Gold.

Steps to Customize from the trial version to Premium Subscription of free Aol downloads for existing members are as follows-

  • Login to your Aol Account as usual
  • After logged in , you will get to see “Manage My Subscription,” put your cursor there and click on it.
  • Go ahead to select “Premium Subscription”.
  • Check under Aol Desktop Gold and then click on Get Started.
  • Now follow each and every next instruction with the positive answers and complete the installation process.

How to Install free aol desktp gold download who have Already Downloaded-

  • Firstly, Open your Download Folder , and if you browsing something then to open download folder follow its shortcut that is CTRL key and letter J at the same time to open the lists of downloads on your System.
  • Now search for the Desktop Gold Installer file ,once you got it do double left click on it to Run the same.
  • After Running process is done click on the “install Now” option which will appear on the Screen.
  • Finally follow all the Screen instructions positively on the installer Window to get done your Desktop Gold installation process successfully.

There are Many Popular Features of AOL Desktop Gold Download-

  • Managing the AOL mails- In AOL desktop Gold users are free to have access over their own AOL mails, one can send and receive emails, add attachments , save their credentials with full security and much more.
  • Simple to install and download– AOL desktop gold is very easy to download and with the help of few simple steps it can even be installed successfully.
  • Talk Room- It is one of the Spectacular Feature which enable the clients to interact with the individual’s through visit. And the place where are they can interface is convenient to cover.
  • Go Through the Web– When you are using AOL Desktop Gold you can easily get to the web and will find no confinement to chase the continuous web.
  • Print with AOL Desktop Gold – Print an email, attachment, or website in AOL Desktop Gold without any difficulties, just follow these-
  • Open AOL Desktop Gold.
  • Sign in with your username and password properly.
  • Open your mailbox by clicking the Read icon .
  • Open the email you’d like to print.
  • Put the Cursor on the Print icon and then Click Print.
  • Password Manager- Managing a password In AOL Desktop gold is just a matter of few steps to follow very smoothly-
  • As usual Login to your AOL Desktop Account.
  • Now on the page left side you will find browser, click there and then go to settings.
  • Now Click on the passwords Tab from the window that is seen.
  • Next you will find a option like ‘Offer to save your web passwords’ click on it.
  • Now exit out from the Settings option.

Install Aol Gold For Mac

  • Screenshot capturing – Before using this AOL Desktop gold software one very important thing every user need to keep in mind is to Enable the feature of screenshot capturing as a result of which no other Online Programs or any website are allowed to take the screenshot of your information.
  1. Once you have logged in to your Aol account via using a web browser, click on your account name at the top right corner.
  1. Then, go to the ‘Account security’ tab and switch the ‘Allow apps that use less secure sign in’ slider.

Now you can authorize in Spark simply using your email and password. To do this, follow instructions below.

  1. If you haven’t already, download and install Spark mail app on your Mac to get started. If you’re already using Spark and want to add a AOL account, follow these instructions here instead.
  2. Launch Spark for Mac
  3. Click on “Start using Spark” on the welcome screen.

Aol For Mac Os

  1. Type in your email address, tick the checkbox next to “I agree to the Spark Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” and click on the “Next” button.
  1. On the next screen, enter your AOL password and click Next. Then, click on the blue ‘Allow’ button to grant Spark access to your email account, so you can use your AOL within Spark.

That’s it! There are no Settings to configure and no servers to specify. Just sign into your AOL account and start using Spark for Mac.

How to Add AOL Email to Spark for Mac

If you are already using Spark Mail app on your Mac and want to add your AOL account, simply follow these steps.

Aol Gold Download For Windows 10

  1. Launch Spark for Mac
  2. At the top left of your screen, click on “Spark” > “Add Account…”

Aol Desktop For Mac Download

  1. Click on “Set Up Account Manually”

Aol Gold

  1. In the “Title” field, enter ‘AOL Account’ or anything else you prefer (optional)
  2. Fill in the “Email” and “Password” fields with your @AOL email and password, and then click the ‘Add’ button.
  1. Once you’re signed in, AOL may ask you if you want to grant Spark access to your account. Click OK to access all your AOL emails in Spark for Mac.

That’s it! Spark will automatically set up your AOL account on Mac and all your emails will be available to use on your Mac.