Appa Kote Patil

Mere Sai - Shraddha Aur Saburi
Also known asMere Sai
Created byAparna Padgaonkar
Written byRoshni Suvrna
Screenplay byKoel Chaudhuri
Story byRoshni Suvrna
Directed by
Creative directorSiddhav Nachane
  • Saurabh S Kaushik
  • Chirag Dave
  • Sharmila Rajaram
  • Himanshu Rai
Theme music composerDevendra Bhome
Opening theme'Om Sai Om...Sai Om..'
ComposerDevendra Bhome
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes757
Executive producerRajan Singh
ProducersNitin Vaidya
Ninad Vaidya
Aparna Padgaonkar
CinematographySantosh Tripathi
EditorAmey Godkar
Running time22 mins
Production companyDashami Creations
Original networkSony Entertainment Television
Picture format
Original release25 September 2017 –
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Mere Sai - Shraddha Aur Saburi

Mere Sai - Shraddha Aur Saburi (English: My Sai - Faith And Patience) is an Indian Hindi television series which premiered on Sony Entertainment Television on 25 September 2017. The show stars Tushar Dalvi in the lead role along with Kishori Godbole, Vaibhav Mangle in supporting roles.[1][2][3]


Hemant Thatte as Appa Patil Actor Hemant Thatte, known for shows “ Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki” and “ Sanskaar. Dharohar Apnon Ki!”, has joined the cast of upcoming TV show “ Mere Sai“. ‘Mere Sai’ Serial Telecast Timings Schedule Mere Sai is scheduled to start from 25 September at 7.30 pm on Sony Entertainment Television Channel. Mere Sai Sony TV Serial Full Song Free MP3 Download - Google Drive Link Akshay Bhopani. January 25, 2019. About - Mere Sai- Shraddha Aur Saburi is an Indian Hindi TV series that premiered on Sony Entertainment Television on 25 September 2017.

This show narrates the story about Sai Baba of Shirdi. He helps many people of Shirdi village and even fulfils one's needs. He had corrected mistakes of many villainous and greedy people ( Kulkarni sarkar) who hate him and his teachings. He showed them the path of Dharma and made them, devoted only to God.


Main Cast[edit]

  • Tushar Dalvi as Sai Baba (2019-)
  • Abeer Soofi as Sai Baba (2017-2019)
    • Abhishek Nigam as Young Sai Baba (2017)
  • Toral Rasputra / Kishori Godbole as Bayaza Bai
  • Vaibhav Mangle as Kulkarni Sarkar (2017-2020)

Sri Ganapati Rao Kote Patil (Sri Tatya's father) (Photo courtesy: Sai Keashr Prakashan, Pune).

Appa Kote Patil College

Recurring cast[edit]

  • Himanshu Rai as Keshav Kulkarni
  • Saurabh S Kaushik as Tatya Patil(grown up).
  • Siddhant Karnick as Ganpat Rao
  • Aaloak Kapoor as Gokuldas
  • Sushma Prashant as Appa Kote Patil's mother
  • Rakshit Wahi as Tatya Patil
  • Yash Rajendra Karia as Bheema
  • Anant Mahadevan as Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  • Manav Soneji as Ali
  • Raj Sharnagat as Narayan
  • Sneha Bhawsar as Sulakshana
  • Syed Aman Mian Sharma as Keshav Kulkarni [4][5]
  • Priyanka Joshi Hait as Rukmini Vaini, Kulkarni's wife
  • Sharmila Rajaram shinde[6][7] as Chihu Tai, Kulkarni's younger sister
  • Bhupindder Bhoopii as Santa (2019-)
  • Arun Singh as Devidas
  • Chirag Dave as Mhalsapati Ji
  • Dhruti Mangeshkar as Jhipri 'Lakshmi' (Young)
  • Drisha Kalyani as Jhipri 'Lakshmi' (Grown)
  • Hemant Thatte as Appa Kote Patil
  • Avtaar N Vaishnani as Keshav, Kulkarni's son (Young)
  • Bhushan Dhupkar as Panta, Kulkarni's servant
  • Harpreet Singh Bindra as Anta, Kulkarni's servant
  • Chandan Madan as Srikanth
  • Bippin Procha as Ranoji
  • Mahesh Welkar
  • Tarun Khanna as Ratnakar Rao
  • Siddarth Arya as Bal Sai (Near Guru Venkusa)
  • Aishani Yadav as Yamuna, Mhalsapati's eldest daughter
  • Mohammad Samar as balram (pari's cousin)
  • Amit Jaat as Tryambak, Bayaza Maa's younger brother
  • Anupriya Parmar as Gunwanta Bai, Tryambak's wife
  • Rajiv Mishra as Dilawar Ali
  • Sangita Adhikari as Pandhari's wife
  • Smita Dongre as Funtru's Kaki
  • Flora Saini as Suvarna Bai
  • Supriya Pilgaonkar as Suhasini Bai, Appa Kote Patil's aunt
  • Sneha Wagh as Tulsi
  • Bhawana Meghwal as Nirali's mother
  • Advait Soman as Uddhav
  • Tasheen Shah as Tara (Pari's Cousin)
  • Mridula Choudhury
  • Ketki Dave as Kamla tai(champa's mother-in-law)
  • Sarita Joshi as Savita
  • Supriya Pathak as Getta Maa (Cameo)
  • Nishkarsh Kulshrestha as Raghunath
  • Jay Zaveri as Ganpat / Das Ganu Maharaj
  • Sneha Wagh as Tulsa
  • Shruti bhist as sumati
  • Aaditya bajpayee as MOHAN


  1. In the southwest corner of the mosque by the dhuni is a waterpot on a stand, and below it, an earthenware dish known as a kolamba.
  2. Tatya Kote Patil Samadhi Tatya Kote Patil occupies a special place in the history of Shirdi and Sai Baba,and many of his descendants are active in the local community. Sometimes referred to as Baba's 'pet' devotee. Tatya had a unique relationship with the saint and was under his wing from the age of about seven.

The filming of the series which resumed after three months owing COVID-19 outbreak in India in late June was halt soon in early July until 7 July 2020 when a crew member was tested positive for the virus and the cast and crew were kept under quarantine.[8]

Appa Kote Patil Institute

In other languages[edit]

The series has also been dubbed in other languages, as below

  • In Tamil as Shirdi Saibaba aired on Sun TV[9] and Sun Life. Also airing in Shakthi TV in Sri Lanka
  • In Telugu as Shirdi Sai aired on Gemini TV.[10]

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Appa Kote Patil In Mere Sai

Tatya Kote Patil Samadhi

Tatya Kote Patil occupies a special place in the history of Shirdi and Sai Baba ,and many of his descendants are active in the local community. Sometimes referred to as Baba's 'pet' devotee. Tatya had a unique relationship with the saint and was under his wing from the age of about seven. While most devotees were attracted to Baba because of his powers and what he could give them, Tatya related to Baba in a personal and human way.

Tatya's parents had been among the very first to recognise Baba, although Sai Baba had the appearance of a fakir and, to many, seemed to be a madman. The moment Baba saw Bayajabai, Tatya's mother, he said, 'She has been my sister for the last seven births' For her part, Bayajabai was immediately very drawn to baba, even before his powers or saintliness had been revealed. Having once met him, she would never eat without having first fed Sai.
At that time Baba was roaming in the fields and every day Bayajabai would go and search for him, carrying food, baba never forgot this service, and took loving care of her son. Later, when Baba was begging regularly for his food, the Patil's house was one of the five to which he mostly went.

Bayajabai was Baba's 'sister' and Baba loved her son like his nephew. As a child, Tatya addressed Baba as 'Mama' or 'Uncle' and they would play and romp together, with Tatya climbing on baba's back and sitting in his lap. As Tatya grew up, the affection also deepened. Sometimes they wrestled together and played practical jokes. While Tatya was dozing, Baba might hide his towel, and then, inall innocence pretend to help Tatya look for it. At other times, he would push the sleeping Tatya outside the mosque and gleefully wait for his reaction upon waking Bleary-eyed, Tatya would wonder how he had got there. Sometimes he would twist 'Tatya's body into odd contortions.
In return, Tatya, who was tall and stocky, would sometimes pick Baba up and run with him over his shoulder, with Baba yelling laughingly to put him down and go more slowly. 0nce he put his own turban and cloth on Baba and showed him his reflection in a mirror. Baba immediately began mimicking Tatya and teasing him

Being so close to baba, Tatya had various privileges that few, if any, shared. For example, only he and Mahalsapati were allowed to stay with Baba in the mosque at night. The three of them would lie like spokes on a wheel, with their feet touching and their heads facing north, east and west respectively. For fourteen years, Tatya slept like this until his father died and household responsibilities compelled him to be at home. When the chillim was taken out,
Tatya would light it and take the first puff. Before the Chavadi procession, itwas always Tatya who would come to the mosque and persuade Baba to move, and it was only Tatya whom baba allowed to adorn him with expensive cloth for the occassion.

Sometimes Baba and Mahalsapati would massage Tatya's tired farmer's body, which upset Tatya as he felt it was inappropriate for Baba to do this service. 0nce, Tatya was so annoyed with baba for doing this, that he kept away from dwarkamai for several days. When Baba called out to him as he passed by the mosque, Tatya replied sulkily that he was not going to have anything to do with baba, Later. Tatya was mollified by kakasaheb Dixit and persuaded to come back to the mosque. 0nly Tatya treated Baba in this way.

Baba to care of Tatya's material welfare, giving him thirtyfive rupees a day (a government employee's average salary was about this amount per month! ) and instruction him to use it properly as capital and not to squander it. As a result, Tatya become a wealtyhy landowner and acquired aa social standing that would probably have otherwise eldud him.

In 1916 Sai Baba privately predicted that Tatya would die two years later. At the time foretold, when Baba himself was ailing, Tatya fell seriously ill. One day Baba summoned Tatya to the mosque; Tatya was so weak that hed to be carried. After feeding him a little milk rice, Baba told him, ' Tatya, at first got two cardles ready for both of us, but now I've changed my mind. I don't want to take you now. I'm going alone. Go home!'

With that he applied udi to the forehead of his beloved devotee, and watched for a long time as Tatya disappeared down the road. That was the last time Tatya saw his Gurudev alive: two days later Sai Baba passed away, while Tatya went on to recover and lived a further twenty - seen years. This has lead some people to believe that Sai Baba sacrificed his own life for Tatya's. Others, however, point out that such an exchange would not have been necessary for one of Baba's caliber- after all, he had saved lives before and even raised people from the dead.
In Tatya Kote Patil's life with Baba, what stands out most is the immense and solid love and friendship between these two. Its legacy provides us with both an inspiration and an aspiration.

Appa kote patil in mere sai

Appa Kote Patil Pune