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BibleWorks 10 is a powerful tool that allows the user to instantly search through numerous texts in a variety of languages. Bible Works free download - Bible Pro, TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works, The Holy Bible King James Version, and many more programs.

Bibleworks free. More UpdateStar Premium Edition 12.0.1923. UpdateStar - 8.2MB - Commercial - UpdateStar 10 offers you a time-saving, one-stop information place for. BibleWorks 10 is the premier original languages Bible software program for. BibleWorks 10, on the other hand, was designed from the ground up for working in. Using 'bibleworks 7 free download' crack, key, serial numbers. BibleWorks 10 is.

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BibleWorks 10.0 Multilingual Retail ISO | 19.5 GB

Whether you’re preparing a sermon, doing complex morphological analysis, or writing a seminary paper, scholars agree that BibleWorks is indispensable. You’ll find everything you need for close exegesis of the original text in its 200+ Bible translations in 40 languages, 50+ original language texts and morphology databases, dozens of lexical-grammatical references, plus a wealth of practical reference works! Instead of providing a loose collection of books, BibleWorks tightly integrates its databases with the most powerful morphology and analysis tools.

Read through the Bible… in less than a second.
From complex morphological searches through the original text, to simple word and phrase searches through your favorite translations, the BibleWorks search engine zips through the databases and shows you the results. Send eight grad students to their cubicles to find every occurrence of the Granville Sharp construction and you’ll have to wait a week before the results are in. Ask BibleWorks to do it for you and have the results in less than a minute. No program does complex queries faster than BibleWorks; it’s the fastest tool on the market.

Simple Searches
– Find all verses in which “faith” and “deed” or “deeds” appear within five verses of each other
– Find all verses containing the phrase
– Find all verses where the Greek NT uses in the imperative

Greek & Hebrew Texts and Bible Versions
BibleWorks comes with a wealth of Greek New Testament texts, LXX texts, and the Hebrew Old Testament text. In addition to the texts, most of the Greek New Testaments, the LXX, and the Hebrew OT also have their own morphology versions, where every word is parsed and lemmatized.

Almost all major English versions are included in BibleWorks: KJV, NIV, NKJV, ESV, NASB, NLT, ASV 1901, RSV, NRSV, NJB, NAB, NET, CSB, etc. All of these Bible versions are unlocked. BibleWorks also has major Bible versions for nearly 40 modern languages, in addition to Greek, Hebrew, and Latin. Detailed study of the original texts is now possible for those who know English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Indonesian, Swedish, Czech, etc. In addition, you can add your own Bible versions to BibleWorks.

Bibleworks 10 Download

Tons of Language Resources
BibleWorks comes with lexicons and dictionaries for Greek (Louw-Nida, Thayer, Friberg, Liddell-Scott, etc.), and Hebrew lexicons (Holladay, unabridged BDB-Gesenius 1905, condensed Pierce-Strong’s BDB-Gesenius, Whitaker’s abridged BDB, etc.), all unlocked. In addition to these, you can also purchase the separate BDAG and HALOT modules!

It’s important to keep your language skills sharp, so BibleWorks also includes several Greek and Hebrew grammars (Burton, Conybeare, Davis, Joüon-Muraoka, Verbruggen, Wallace, Waltke & O’Connor, etc.). As you move the mouse over the text, you can quickly jump to all relevant sections in the BibleWorks collection of grammatical and lexical references.

In addition, BibleWorks comes with two complete sets of Greek NT sentence diagrams (Leedy, MacDonald), Greek and Hebrew flashcards (with audio), paradigm charts, and more!

Grammatical and morphological searches are a breeze!
If you don’t have much experience with computers, or your Greek and Hebrew are rusty, the BibleWorks Autocomplete Morphology feature makes it simple to build complex grammatical and morphological searches. The Autocomplete Morphology feature lets you click and select any morphology from a list that automatically opens up as you start typing in a morphology. You can specify part of speech, tense, voice, mood, gender, case, number, stem, aspect, etc. The beginning user can easily construct detailed and complex language queries. (Advanced users who have mastered the codes can quickly type in queries using a terse query language.)

Complex Searches
No artificial limits will impede your study and research when you search with BibleWorks. You can search for words, groups of words, phrases, parts of speech, tenses, etc. With the second-generation search engine, you can graphically construct complex queries. Put wildcards anywhere, search for articles and prepositions, and make the search condition as complex as possible. Look for repeated words in a string, specify agreement, exclude words, all in the same query! You can limit the search to an arbitrary collection of passages or books, or search the entire Bible. There’s no faster way to find these answers. Here are some examples of the more complex searches that are possible with BibleWorks:

When you’re done searching, BibleWorks gives you detailed statistics and lets you transfer texts, verses, parallel passages from different versions, entire Bibles, and lexicon entries to your favorite word processor. When you need a break, BibleWorks lets you store your lists of verses for another day.

Break the Language Barrier
Overcome the barrier between you and the original language texts. With the BibleWorks Word Analysis feature, seeing and parsing the underlying Greek or Hebrew words is as simple as waving the mouse pointer. As the mouse moves over any word in a BibleWorks tagged text, the Greek or Hebrew lexicon definition for the original text is shown along with the parsing. When the mouse hovers over a word in a tagged text, a Popup Gloss window gives you a brief definition and morphology for the word.

In addition to these helps, the Resource Summary Window automatically lists all relevant entries from the various lexicons and resources for the verse and word under the mouse. As you move over the text, the window automatically shows the opening line for all relevant entries. The following Bible versions are tagged: the Greek NT, the LXX, the Hebrew OT, the KJV, and the NAS, as well as some of the other English, German, French, Dutch, and Russian versions. Additional texts such as Josephus, Philo, and the Apostolic Fathers are tagged also.

Any Parallel Bible
If you like working with parallel columns, simply click on the translations you want to see. The Parallel Versions window puts the Bibles in parallel columns where you can scroll the columns in sync, or independently. BibleWorks lets you save all of your favorite parallel versions configurations in a convenient menu so that you can easily pull up your “NKJV-Greek NT-NRSV” or “NAS-Lutherbibel-BHS Hebrew-LXX” parallel window with just a click of the mouse. You get Word Analysis here, too, as well as tight links to the lexicons and dictionaries.

In the Browse Window, the Bible versions you are studying are shown in a single window with the passage from each text. This is the basic work-horse window of BibleWorks.

Dig Into the Greek and Hebrew Manuscripts
Peek behind the translation, and check the underlying Greek and Hebrew manuscripts. BibleWorks comes with the complete CNTTS NT critical apparatus and the Tischendorf apparatus. In addition, the BibleWorks Manuscript Project gives complete text transcriptions and high-resolution images sets for Sinaiticus, Vaticanus, Alexandrinus, Bezae, Washingtonianus, Boernerianus, and GA1141. For the Old Testament we include the entire image set of the Leningrad Codex

FreeBibleworks 10 Free

Write a Commentary
Get rid of all those lexicons, dictionaries, concordances, and scribbled notes that clutter up your desk when you’re buried deep in textual study. In all of these windows, you can click, or just point to any word and get the information you need (concordance, lexicon, word frequencies, cross-references, etc.). You can also attach notes (with Greek and Hebrew!) to verses and have them automatically display when the verse is opened. BibleWorks works smoothly with other programs, making it simple to transfer texts to your favorite word processor.

Type in Greek and Hebrew
BibleWorks comes with TrueType and Unicode fonts for accented Greek and pointed Hebrew. The fonts can be used in Windows word processors and print beautifully. With the built-in editor, you can also take notes in English, Greek, and right-to-left Hebrew. The samples below use the BibleWorks Greek and Hebrew fonts.

Arrange the Furniture
BibleWorks accommodates users who spend significant amounts of time with the program. In response to the variety of user suggestions, window sizes, window placement, output format, abbreviations, and font sizes can all be customized. In addition, many requests for mouse and keyboard short-cuts have been put into the program. Fewer clicks save wrists!

PC Requirements:
– Windows® Vista SP1+/7/8/10
– Minimum 1024×600 display
– Minimum 1 GB RAM
– 4 GB hard drive space free (21 GB for full install)





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I recommend to download as fast as you can or you will lose file you need ( Links dead because of Copyright Infringement )

This review updates a review of BibleWorks 9 that appeared in Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly in 2012. BibleWorks 10 came out in April 2015. It also contains a number of helpful links, which will guide the reader to appreciate various aspects of the review. Enjoy!—The Editors

According to its online summary, BibleWorks (BW) has “more than 250 Bible translations in nearly 40+ languages, 45 original language texts and morphology databases, 30 lexical-grammatical references, and a wealth of practical reference works. Reference works include Greek and Hebrew vocabulary flashcards and pronunciation; Bible maps; Holy Land images; the Greek New Testament read aloud and fully diagramed; Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew grammars; full transcriptions and image sets for both the Leningrad Codex and nine of the most important Greek New Testament manuscripts; and the full CNTTS New Testament apparatus.”

This reviewer recently downloaded BW’s Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS) text and apparatus, plus BW’s Biblia Hebraica Quinta (BHQ) text, extensive apparatus and commentary on the apparatus for Deuteronomy, Ezra, Nehemiah, and the Megilloth (Ruth, Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes, Lamentations and Esther). These became available in October 2015, so this reviewer has not worked with them much, but their availability is one reason for a new review. They are part of a $199.00 extra package that includes Novum Testamentum Graece, 28th Revised Edition (Nestle-Aland), with morphology and apparatus, and much more. Shortly, additional BHQ volumes and the United Bible Societies 5th revised edition of the New Testament will become part of that package at no cost to purchasers. In Windows all these are easily-searched .chm (compiled HTML help) files.

For details about BW 10 and what is new in it since BW 9, the more interested exegete can start at BW’s main product page. Then, I suggest reading reviews. Two of the best online reviews are by an NIV Committee on Translation member, Dr. David Instone-Brewer, who is a senior research fellow in Rabbinics and the New Testament at Tyndale House, and by Todd Scacewater, teaching fellow in New Testament and PhD candidate at Westminster Seminary. Scacewater is right about BW 10’s searchable hi-resolution images of the Leningrad Codex – they are stellar.

I have used BibleWorks almost daily since version 4.0 came out in 1999. Since 2012 I have found its note-taking pane particularly useful. I can set up that pane’s .rtf files to save automatically, chapter-by-chapter, to This procedure keeps notes synced between a laptop and desktop computer.

Bibleworks 10 Activation Code Free

Many pastors in our circles use Logos, available for Mac and Windows computers. The other major option, Accordance, rivals BW and Logos in excellence. Why might a WELS pastor consider BibleWorks, when Northwestern Publishing House publishes so many resources in Logos’ format and Logos is required at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary?

Accordance and Logos both offer more resources (commentaries and other reference books, especially) than BibleWorks, and unlike BibleWorks, which works on Windows 7, 8 and 10 computers and tablets, Accordance and Logos have iPad/iPhone apps. Logos works on Android smartphones and tablets as well. This reviewer uses his Android phone now and then to access the Lutheran Confessions, Luther’s Works, and Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly issues.

One reason to use BibleWorks might be speed. BibleWorks is faster than its competitors, especially on older computers. I run the free Logos 6 engine on my Windows 7 laptop. BW 10 loads in 10 seconds or under. Logos needs 45-60 seconds longer to load. Searches in Logos take longer than BW, too. If an analogy helps, you could say in Windows BibleWorks is a Maserati; Logos is a Cadillac Escalade. Both are fantastic, but with different purposes. Thankfully, BW can run on Mac too.

Another reason to choose BibleWorks might be price. The typical reader of this review, who’s trying to do exegetical work, would want the BibleWorks base package plus the BDAG module ($150) for a total price of $539. Add the BDAG/HALOT module ($212), to give yourself both up-to-date Greek and Hebrew/Aramaic lexica, and your price is $601. The equivalent Accordance package ($299 + complete Brown-Driver-Briggs lexicon upgrade for $50 plus BDAG/HALOT bundle on sale $299.00, normally $463) appears to be $648. Logos 6 Biblical Languages Library is on sale as of this review for $637.46, though other deals may be available. The BDAG/HALOT bundle goes for $274.95. Total price: $912.41.

Another reason to consider BibleWorks: freebies. BibleWorks’ base package includes free training videos, unlike Logos. It has The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament (Moulton & Milligan) and grammars such as Wallace’s Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics and Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax (Waltke & O’Connor), and A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew (Joüon & Muraoka). At you can download for free Luther sermons (Lenker edition), Kretzmann’s commentary, Keil/Delitzsch Old Testament commentary, the Bente/Dau English Book of Concord, and Walther’s Law and Gospel.

One final reason to consider BibleWorks: company philosophy. BW’s motto is “focus on the text.” BibleWorks, unlike Logos, does not aim to be your electronic library. Thus, in a 2010 interview, BibleWorks president and lead programmer Michael Bushell was asked, “If you had to recommend the use of Bible software to someone who has never been exposed to it before, how would you go about it?”

Bibleworks 7 Free Download

He began: “There is no substitute for simply sitting down and reading the Biblical text and then taking the time to think about what it means.” BibleWorks is for scholars of the inspired text. So, BibleWorks offers in its base package the Center for New Testament Textual Studies Textual Database (from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary), a far more comprehensive apparatus for Greek NT manuscripts than UBS5or NA28. (Accordance and Logos offers the same database, but they charge $99.90 or $99.95, respectively. Logos offers the valuable Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible with the apparatus of BHS and NA28 for $129.99.) BibleWorks 10 also includes, at no extra cost, high resolution .jpg images, morphologically tagged databases and tools to compare important Greek NT manuscripts such as Sinaiticus, Vaticanus, Alexandrinus, Bezae, Washingtonianus, Boernerianus, GA1141.

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Back to the interview: Bushell was asked, “Why do you think people should consider using your software?” He answered in part, “We exist to serve the church, not to make money. We have a reputation for aggressive development and careful attention to the suggestions of our users. In fact our programmers routinely, on a daily basis, interact directly with users. We offer a 90-day return policy. If BibleWorks is not what you need, we do not want your money.”

Bibleworks 10 License

On BibleWorks’ helpful online forum page, I have seen Bushell extend this offer well beyond 90 days to someone with a gripe. In short, this small company continues to impress this reviewer as an organization well worth committing to long-term, as you would want to do if you bought their product or switched to it. I am more convinced than ever: Logos for library (such as Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly back issues, and Luther’s Works); BibleWorks for daily Bible study.