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The social media-based Kylie Jenner Challenge exploded across the Internet earlier this week, sparking intense conversation as it trended. If you managed to avoid seeing the swollen mouths of thin "competitors," here's the deal: In order to attain Kylie-sized lips which the reality TV star attributes to the magic of lip linerpeople encased their mouths in small cups like shot glasses, for example and breathed in, relying on the suction for some thickening action.

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Although some participants claimed to be satirizing the lip-mania, others seemed to lip want fuller lips. The results ranged from alarming to straight-up grotesque if you feel queasy when you see blood, the hashtag's sex for youand lots of folks petitioned for it to stop: For what it's worth, Kylie got wind of the social media movement she inspired and spoke out against it:.

The rebuttal didn't stop more people from joining in, though. So really, what's behind the full-lips craze?

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It turns out that, as eye-catching as the KylieJennerChallenge may be, it's only the latest example of a cultural obsession with big lips. The researchers experimented to see whether asian school girl fucking gif a facial golden big, i. The study was a small one of only 20 college students, but that thinking still seems socially prevalent. A major part of this cultural emphasis started in the '50s, right around when Marilyn Monroe reached bombshell status.

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