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Special Highlights of Marvel's Black Panther Movie


1. Black Panther Movie: The 18th Installment of the MCU Movie Series to Expect

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With his last premiere in Captain America: Civil War, the Black Panther hero – Chadwick Boseman has finally landed on his own movie, 7 years after the Black Panther movie script was in production.This Black Panther full movie is at the same time 18th piece in the MCU universe and the 6th in phase three of MCU phases, right after 2017's Spiderman: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok. You may expect the 19th installment of MCU -Avengers: Infinity War full movie.

As one of the 10 sages in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther himself was once in high-profile in the Fantastic Four comic series, which makes fans touting for a Black Panther movie longing for quite a period of time.

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Black Panther 4k Movie Free Download 2019

In the old Marvel Universe settings, the biggest enemy of Black Panther was Klaw who first murdered and them betrayed T'Chaka and then challenged T'Challa. However, now that the only information we can infer from the given synopsis is that Black Panther 'finds himself challenged from the throne by two foes who conspire to destroy Wakanda', and inferring from the absence of a Klaw cast, we can presumably infer that this forthcoming Marvel 2018 Black Panther movie will take another villain to challenge Boseman.