Bmw fsc code generator vin
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Hey guys !
I can offer you following FSC Codes for your BMW car retrofits:
KAFAS 2 (Exx+Fxx Series)
> AppID 126 (7E) - Speed Limit Information (SLI FSC Fxx)
> AppID 190 (BE) - Front Collision Warning (FCW FSC Fxx)
> AppID 191 (BF) - Pedestrian Detection (PD FSC Fxx)

KAFAS 3/4 (Gxx Series)
> AppID 287 (11F) - Speed Limit Information (SLI FSC Gxx)
> AppID 318 (13E) - Wrong Way Assist (WWA FSC Gxx)
> AppID 319 (13F) - Front Collision Warning (FCW FSC Gxx)

Navigation Retrofit Solutions:
> Retrofit FSC Set CIC
> Retrofit FSC Set NBT(Plug&Play USB Autoinstall)
> Retrofit FSC Set NBT EVO id4(Plug&Play USB Autoinstall)
> Retrofit FSC Set NBT EVO id5/6(Plug&Play USB Autoinstall)
> FSC for US Sirius
> FSC for M-Laptimer
> FSC for Apps (Connected Drive)
> FSC for Apple Carplay
> FSC for Mirrorlink
>> VIM for NBT Evo id5/6(over 63 km/h Plug&Play USB Autoinstall)
++ FSC repair packs for all VIN's
If you have some questions or you want to make an order, simply send me a pm

May 31, 2017  If you are generating CIC, copy fsc.exe in the CICFSC directory to the tools directory. Place your XXXXXXX.fsc into your tools directory (same location as the Base64.exe) Open a command prompt (DOS Screen) and go to the tools directory; Type “Base64 XXXXXXX.FSC XXXXXXX0001B001.FSC” and press enter; Open BMW FSC NBT Generator.exe. FSC repair packs for all VIN's If you have some questions or you want to make an order, simply send me a pm. BMW FSC codes - ASAP Access 'SELLING'! FREE BMW HU Tool 2.6 FSC Generator Apple CarPlay VIM US EU. Author: edgaras. Views: 7,982.

BMW FSC codes - ASAP Access 'SELLING'!
##USB Retrofit Pack
~ CIC / NBT / EVO (ID4/5/6)
VIM ID5/6 - Apps - CarPlay ~ USB Plug&Play
KAFAS SLI - FCW - WWA ~FSC retrofit codes
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FSC for Navigation map updates

Updating your BMW navigation maps is essential if you want to drive safely. If your vehicle doesn’t have a valid subscription for navigation maps, you require a special code (FSC) in order to activate the map data.

Please note, you’ll have to upload proper map data for navigation system by yourself (we don’t provide map data).

FSC (Freischaltcode) is the activation code released by BMW.

Bmw Fsc Code Generator Software

This activation code is always a 20-position combination of

Bmw Fsc Code Generator Vintage

characters, which is usually entered manually via the iDrive controller.
The code only contains capital letters (A – Z) and digits (2 – 7).
The activation code does not contain the digits “0” and “1”
in order to prevent confusion with the letters “O” and “I”.

Each code is specially based on VIN for each single car.
The code can not use with multiple cars.

Lifetime codes mean that once you bought this code from us, you will never have to buy another code again when upgrading in the future.

The car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) is the identifying code for a SPECIFIC automobile. The VIN serves as the car’s fingerprint, as no two vehicles in operation have the same VIN. A VIN is composed of 17 characters (digits and capital letters) that act as a unique identifier for the vehicle. A VIN displays the car’s unique features, specifications and manufacturer. The VIN can be used to track recalls, registrations, warranty claims, thefts and insurance coverage.

Bmw Fsc Code Generator Vin Key

Your vehicle identification number is listed in several locations on your BMW. The most common places to check are:

  • The inside frame/panel of your front door (usually driver’s side)
  • On the dash near the windshield
  • On your BMW’s insurance or registration

What do I need for the Map Data update?

  • Make an order, specifying last 7 characters of car’s VIN*;
  • FAT32 formatted USB flash;
  • Maps Data;
  • FSC Code.

(*) We need retrofitted system VIN, if your navigation system is a replacement unit.

Why FSCMap?

The benefits you get when ordering at us: Easycap drivers download.

  • Unlimited technical support;
  • We resend codes, if they are lost;
  • We offer discounts for bulk orders.


Where is the USB interface port in my car?
The USB interface port required for the map update can be found in
the glove compartment. If there be no USB interface port in the
glove compartment, please use the USB interface port in the center
console or in the storage compartment in the center armrest.

Will any data that has already been transferred be lost if I stop during the journey?
No. When you continue your journey after a stop, updating
automatically resumes (assuming the USB stick is still connected).

Bmw Fsc Code Generator Vin Code

The update does not work!
Check for the following possible errors:
• If the vehicle identification number (VIN) on the BMW Navigation
Certificate (FSC) match the VIN of your vehicle?
(This can be found in your registration document)
• Did you avoid entering zeros and ones when typing in the
activation code? (Danger of confusion with “I” and “O”).

Map update instructions

Fsc Bmw Code Generator Vin No Cable

NBT EVO ID5 / ID6 map update (.pdf, 435 KB)
NBT EVO ID4 map update (.pdf, 754 KB)
NBT map update (.pdf, 754 KB)
CIC map update (.pdf, 973 KB)
CIC MID map update (.pdf, 897 KB)
CHAMP 2 maps (.pdf, 850 KB)
HUENTRY NAV map update (.pdf, 790 KB)