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Cosplayers epitomize what it means to be a fan. Why just like something or even love something when you can embody it?

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Cosplay allows you to be anyone you want to be, especially not yourself. Some costumes are so unbelievably amazing while others… well others can be down right sexy.

Star Wars Is Sexy Volume 2: Boba Fett Cosplay – Endless Babes, Boobs, Bodypaint and Bounties.

Cosplay and passionate fans in general, are changing that stigma daily. Having little to no lines in the Star Wars films, the quiet-cool, bounty hunter is revered by Star Wars fans all across the board.

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Whatever it is, fans love him including and especially sexy female cosplayers! Sometimes you have to blend in being insanely sexy on top of it. Most serious cosplayers build and construct their own costumes by hand and from scratch.

The Semi-Naked Statue of a Woman Dressed as Boba Fett as Mickey Mouse You Were Looking for

Others go a different route. A more revealing route, while still mildly concealing. Literally hiding in plain sight. A little less on the character, and a little more on the body.