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Play bunny games and earn tasty carrots! Visit the Ice Cream Parlor, do the Bunny Hop, create in the Art Studio, and play in the Crazy Castle Closets! Bunnytown Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Inventor Bunny makes a Super Duper Ice Cream Cone, Hoppy Funtooth shows us a favorite bunny game. Inventor Bunny makes a Super Duper Ice Cream Cone, Hoppy Funtooth shows us a favorite bunny game and it's time for Pinky Pinkerton and Super Silly Sports. Add Image S1, Ep17. The Wells visitor Center & Ice Cream Parlor is open to the public with COVID-19 protective measures in place. Precautions include employee health screens, plexiglass barriers, hand sanitizer stations, social distancing reminders, and more. Watch full episodes of Bunnytown online. Get behind-the-scenes and extras all on Disney Junior.

I got the opportunity to review an educational software that is available for children to play via the Disney Junior website. The game that I chose to review is Bunnytown Ice Cream Parlor. The reason behind my decision to review this game, is because I was curious as to if the game was actually educational for children. There are many games available online for children to play, however, not all are as educational as others.

The Bunnytown Ice Cream Parlor is a software that consists of four main bunnies who are in an ice cream parlor waiting to be served. The player (child) gets to act as the ice cream parlor’s server. The child is able to follow the bunnies’ instructions and serve the bunnies their correct order. This is one version of the software. The second version of the software allows the child to play with an adult. In the adult version, the adult is able to choose how many scoops of a certain flavour they would like the bunny to ask for. The bunny would then ask for that order allowing for the child to develop their listening skills and follow instructions. The best feature of the software is that they provided two versions. The reason being is because it allows parents and teachers to interact with the children as they play. Another feature of the software that I thought was important, is the usage of manners. This software promotes positive behaviour and manners throughout the entire duration of the game. For example, when a bunny orders they may say “I’d like some pink strawberry swirl please, one scoop”. After being served correctly, the bunny says “perfect, thanks!” The software also allows children to count from 1-4 and recognize the six colours: yellow, green, red, purple, pink, and blue.

This software would be developmentally appropriate for children of ages 2.5-4. Younger children may play with the assistance of an adult, as older children would be able to play independently. The software provides the children with a narrator to repeat instructions for the children to listen to if they forget the first time around. The narrator is also very encouraging and allows for trial and error. For example, if the bunny ordered 4 scoops of yellow lemon pucker but the child only clicked one scoop, the narrator will say “keep going, you need 3 more scoops to fill the cone”. If the child clicks the wrong flavour, nothing happens which also allows for trial and error as they get an opportunity to find the correct flavour.

Although the software has many beneficial features, there are a couple limitations that can be improved on. The first limitation would be that there are only 6 flavours and the maximum amount of scoops per cone is 4. This limitation does not allow for much choice or variety for the children to be provided with. The second limitation is that there is only one level/one scenery throughout the duration of the game. Once the child fulfills the orders of the four bunnies, the game ends.


To overcome these limitations, there can be different flavours added or allow flavours to mix to make the software more challenging for the older children. For example, a bunny may ask for one scoop of red cherry chip and two scoops blue berry blast on the same cone. To make the software even more challenging, an option of toppings can also be included. With this in mind, different levels of difficulty can even be added such as easy, medium, hard. This will allow the children to choose which level of difficulty they want to play. Or instead of easy, medium, hard, the levels can continuously progress from 1-10 as the level also progress in difficulty. Each level may also allow for the bunnies to change scenery such as in a park, in a mall, etc., instead of constantly staying in the ice cream parlor.

Aside from the limitations, I still believe the game is a simple and effective way for younger children to learn their numbers and colours. I would recommend for ECEs and parents to play this software with their children. This software would be beneficial to a preschool childcare setting and is sure to be loved by the children!

Below is a demonstration of the software for you to judge for yourself whether or not the software is developmentally appropriate.

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Play bunny games and earn tasty carrots! Visit the Ice Cream Parlor, do the Bunny Hop, create in the Art Studio, and play in the Crazy Castle Closets!

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