Ccitt U Law 8khz 8bit Mono Converter

This video tutorial we show you how to quickly convert and export your audio file for Cisco Phone Systems to a CCITT 8khz 8 bit mono u-law.wav file using Aud. Inside the sound recorder, you have the option to convert files to different formats. Just go to save as, and then at the bottom there will be a change button. When you click there you can change the format from PCM to CCITT ulaw and then change the attributes (8kHz, 8 Bit, Mono). Click the compressed settings and change Format to CCITT u-Law, then pick 8,000 kHz, 8 Bit, Mono in the Attributes. Back on the main converter page, click convert and you’ll be all set. Depending on the requirements of your phone system, you might need to change the file extension from.wav in order for the file to work properly. Well I have requirement of converting any format in.wav/.mp3 file to following format in windows it shows: 64kbps, 8bit mono, 8khz, CCITT A-Law in linux.

I use Logic X for nearly all the production work at YoPo Music. However for some lesser well known file conversions Audacity is a free programme that can be really useful.

Ccitt U Law 8khz 8bit Mono ConverterCcitt
Some phone systems need audio files converted to u-law (aka mu-law – a companding algorithm used in telecommunication applications) and Audacity can do the conversion for this kind of file requirement.

To convert an ordinary WAV file to u-law CCITT 8 Hz mono in Audacity, this is the method I use.

Ccitt U Law Format

  1. Open the WAV or other format file in Audacity
  2. Set your project “rate” to 8000 Hz (bottom left hand corner of window)
  3. If you have a stereo file then to convert to mono click the drop down menu in the track header and choose “split stereo to mono” then delete one of the 2 mono streams (see pic)
  4. Then to save your new file go File/ Export/ click “other compressed formats”,click “options” and choose “WAV (Microsoft)” as Header and “U-Law” as Encoding.