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It is said that with Chatango boredom is gone. Well it is not, they are still active and working.

This means there are chat rooms which when you find and join, you won’t be bored again.

Chatango kids Ceqoya schedule il y a 21 Jours - 2019: 2019. receives about 117,922 unique visitors per day, and it is ranked 12,169 in the world. uses Apache, DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), Google Analytics, Prebid, SWFObject web technologies and links to network IP address Chatango HTML Mini Overlay An extension for's new html5/js chat. Which adds the old 'mini profile on hover' feature.

So Chatango chat rooms are ideal not only for passing information and communicating with others, but it is also good or ideal for curing boredom, you’ll be busy and won’t be bored.
Of course, whether you are bored or not depends on you. It is an individual thing, but the main truth remains that it keeps you busy.
Apart from that, website owners can embed it on their website, which will serve as a live means of communication. That is site visitors, can stay on your site and chat with a group of people with the same interest.

The advantages of this platform can be appreciated if you love chatting with people that share similar interests with you, despite them being total strangers.

What is Chatango chat room all about

The Chatango platform is a collection of many chat rooms, where anyone can chat with other users, registered or anonymous.
Each room is categorized based on topics like Anime chats for anime lovers, cars, hookups etc.
For site owners you can also integrate Chatango on your website, offering visitors a way to chat with people.
You’re also free to create your own chat rooms. But terms and conditions apply, you should probably check them out if you’re not sure whether the topic you want is in line with their terms or conditions

Features of Chatango chat rooms

There are many features of this Chatango as a platform and the chat rooms. But we consign ourselves with that of the chat rooms
  • Each room is moderated automatically with levels of moderations
  • Auto-moderation: by the usage of machine text analysis

Chatango Profile Html Plugin

  • Community moderation: through moderator permission
  • Opportunity anonymity: The administration decides whether sign up is needed. (Useful for those that what to integrate it to their website)
  • Anyone can join the discussion even without registration.
  • Chatango is free.

How to Join any Chatango chat room

You can join Chatango and its many chatrooms by registering and becoming a member. Here is how to do that.
– Locate the Chatango chat room you want to join from the list below.
– Just type any messages into the field or box meant for conversation, hit enter.

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– A pop up comes up asking you to join the discussion in the chat room in three ways.
Chatango registration
– As anonymous, this means no registration
– select a one-time username, this username will be used only once.
– Register as a Chatango member here you’ll have to register with a username and email. Users can then private message you if they want.
For now here are the top active ones I could come up with, others will be added. Meanwhile, enjoy.

List of Anime Chatango Chatrooms

List of Other Chatango Chatrooms

Others are (mix of categories excluding adults)

Just like I have mentioned before is easy to join any chat room you want as there are no charges all are free to join, chat and make friends lasting friends in this 2020. There are other chat rooms available aside Chatango, you can check this list of active online chat rooms.

Chatango Profile Html

If you know of any more chat rooms available you can suggest through the comment option below, and we will investigate and add to this article.

Chatango is a basic chat site, with a user interfacebased around HTML5 and JavaScript. However, before the HTML5/JS interfacewas created, the interface was made with Flash.
This version had one major feature. Many users still use the outdated Flashversion because this feature is missing from the new version.
The feature is a simple overlay, which appears near the cursor whenyou hover over another user's profile picture. This overlay would showinformation about the user. Their age, gender, location, and a small descriptionwould appear here if they added it to their profile. As well as an enlargedversion of their thumbnail.

I was bored one day, and decided to figure out how to make a UserScript.I decided to try to make my own overlay for the HTML5 chat, to fill in forthe one that was not added by the developers (yet, probably).


I do not claim this script to be perfect, never have bugs, and work forevery user's mini profile. It does not, and the amount of work required tomake sure every mini fits is not even worth it, if even possible, and wouldcreate more bugs that would have to be fixed. And in fixing those bugs, otherstuff will break. I will make attempts to improve it over time, but I will nottry for perfection, unless I find a new method which works perfectly.

I cannot anticipate what users may put on their profile, and I am not sureto what extent Chatango filters the profile text. The script will try it's bestto remove any (potentially) harmful code from the profile before showing it.If you do find a security bug with this, PLEASE let me know immediatelyso I can get out a fix as soon as possible.

Not all profiles will work with this. However, it supports far more thanthe official flash version does, and shows each profile in more detail.

Chatango Profile Html Css

This is not intended to be an entire profile viewer in the first place. It ismeant to be more of a preview. A much larger preview than the flash versionprovides.

This is an early release. I tried to squash any bugs I could find, but I amsure there will be some that I missed, or that I never noticed, or that onlyhappens on a browser I did not test on.
If you find a bug, or have a suggestion. Please post a new issue.

If you know your way around JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Feel free to edit yourlocal copy of the script to match the colors, design, etc. to match yourpreferences.
I do plan to make many of the aspects configurable, with time.

Because of the strange way Chatango stores the user's age, it's highly possiblethat the number shown may be off by a year. This will be fixed in the future.

Benefits over the flash version

  • The overlay will automatically scale to fit the window and content. If yourwindow is wide and tall, the overlay will be wider, and the maximum height willbe taller.
  • More of the user's mini profile will be shown. The content shrinks to fitsmaller windows. It however, does not grow to fill the entire possible area.
  • The profile image shown is the user's full image, not the thumbnail, andscales to the original dimensions. Unless you have high-speed/fiber/etc.internet, this will cause a slower loading time on the images.

Reporting bugs

If you do find a bug, please let me know about it by posting a new issue.
When posting an issue, include the name and version (if possible) of yourbrowser, as well as the name of the UserScript manager (GreaseMonkey,TamperMonkey, etc.) that you are using.

Suggestions? Questions? Feedback?

Many users have no idea how important these can be to a developer!

You can post an issue for suggestions, questions, and feedback alike. Theydon't need to be actual issues!
It's recommended to tag these, but if you don't know how, that's perfectlyfine. Better to post it with no tags than to not post it at all.

If you'd rather not post a public issue, I'd be glad to hear yourfeedback/questions/suggestions. Send me a Private Message on Chatango, mymain account is Hazerd. I always keep thisaccount on the chatango app, so I get instant notifications. If I don't replyright away, I'll get to it as soon as I have a chance. If it's been a while,just try re-sending the message. Odds are I just never got it.

  1. Install a UserScript manager for your browser.GreaseMonkey andTamperMonkey are two popular choices.
  2. Visit the Greasy Fork Pageand click the Green 'Install this script' button.
  3. This step varies on your manager. But generally, there should be abutton to Install the script.