Crystal Reports Visual Studio 2010 Download Free

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Crystal Reports, version for Visual Studio is a developer tool offered as a free add-on for Microsoft Visual Studio.

SAPCrystal Reportsvisual studio

Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 comes free and you can develop as many reports and can host runtime engine without any cost. Now Crystal Reports has been excluded from Visual Studio by default and you need to download it free from SAP site.

You can use the following link for downloading CRforVS:

System Requirements
Product Prerequisites
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
1.6 GHz or faster
1GB (32-bit) or 1.1GB (64-bit) available
Operating systems
Windows 2003, Windows Vista Platform
  1. Crystal Reports template is not a part of Visual Studio 2010 anymore but you can download Crystal Reports support from the SAP website. In this article, I demonstrated step by step procedure of creating a Website project and add a Crystal Report support.
  2. Visual Studio 2010 Express is free but it does not come with Crystal Reports. Currently there is no free version of Crystal Reports available although you should be able to get a trial version from SAP's site (The current owner of CR). – Buck Hicks May 18 '11 at 12:10.

Once you install this, you can still create a new Crystal Report Design in Visual Studio by navigating to the below path:

Solution Explorer -> Right click on the Project name -> Select Crystal Reports.

To know/download more about Crystal Reports for Visual Studio, please check this SAP site link

Crystal Reports Visual Studio 2010 Download Free

Regarding full version of SAP Crystal Report, is SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework that is installed when the application is deployed on the server machine.

The latest version is SAP Crystal Reports 2016 and other older versions can also be purchased from SAP site. To install SAP Crystal Reports 2016, the following is PAM:

To purchase the full version of SAP Crystal Reports, the user can navigate to this site:

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This is a list of fixed issues in Service Pack 2 for Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 (CRVS2010).


This wiki documents 40 issues that have been addressed in Service Pack 2 for CRVS2010. The issues are documented in individual KBases. For details, see the table under the List of Fixed Issues heading.

Where to Download Service Pack 2

Service Pack 2 for CRVS2010 can be downloaded from the Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 Reference page. Click here for a direct link .The Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 Reference page includes downloads for the CRVS2010 runtime MSM, MSI files and more. For more information re. CRVS2010 see the SAP Crystal Reports, Version for Visual Studio .NET web page.

Crystal Reports Visual Studio 2010 download free. full Version

Sap crystal reports for visual studio 2010 free download

List of Fixed Issues

Crystal Reports Viewer For Visual Studio 2015

ADAPT Number


KBase Number


Not able to copy text from report objects using the Crystal Reports WinForm viewer for VS .NET


ReportClientDocument.ReportDefController.ReportObjectController cannot import a picture from folder name with a dot in it


Error: Operation not yet implemented or Failed to Export, when exporting a Crystal Reports to Text format


Null or empty values are not surrounded with delimiter when exported to CSV format


Export to RTF from Crystal Reports changes ASCII value of the hyphen character


Export to CSV file format legacy mode is missing CR/LF characters


How to use Azalea barcode font with 64 bit Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010


Error: External component has thrown an exception. Launching the Database Expert in the embedded Crystal Reports designer in Visual Studio .NET


Underlined text breaks on applying alignment as Justified


Alignment set to Justify causes broken underline


WPF viewer does not print label reports correctly


How to enable Database logging in Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010


Exception 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.' thrown when clicking on Parameter Panel button in Crystal Report .NET Windows Form Viewer


Error: Record Selection: Database Field: <null>


Missing field headers when exporting to TXT file


Using the Crystal Reports SetTableLocation method in VS .NET causes long report processing delays


CRVS2010 WPF Viewer error; 'System.NullReferenceException was unhandled' PageControl.OnMouseMove


Missing data on page breaks when using shared variables


Cross-tab background colors not retained when exporting a report to PDF format


The special Crystal Reports field, 'File Name and Path' shows temp path and temp name when viewing a report


Error; 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' when using the CR WPF viewer in VS2010


Dynamic Cascading Parameter prompts two times when using the Crystal Reports in VS .NET


Shared variable display the incorrect value in Crystal Reports


CRVS2010; 'Load Report Failed' error when Report is open in any full version of the CR Designer


Impersonation of database Log On credentials failure in report generation when set at runtime in a .NET application


Export to Text file format does not conform with number of lines per page setting


Why does a CR .NET SDK web app have problems running on IIS 7 in integrated pipeline mode?


When refreshing a report that contains a linked subreport report takes long time to execute


GCHandle left in memory for each open and close of a Crystal Report in VS2010 application


Error; 'Failed to load database information' when reporting off of file system data


Memory leak when using the RAS.NET SDK SubreportController.ImportSubreport and ImportSubreportEx methods


Error: Cannot perform a Top N sort on a group that does not exist


Error; 'Failed to load database information' when reporting off of file system data


Crystal Reports special field 'File Path and Name' displays incorrect information in a Visual Studio .NET application


Date function in a Selection Formula is removed when running a report in a VS .NET application


Summary fields are converted to String fields


Error: Buffer too small for string when adding a SummaryInfo string


Special field 'File Path and Name' grows beyond defined boundaries


Error; 'Failed to load database information' when reporting off of file system data

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