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Denon Avr 3805 Manual

  • Automatic wake/sleep mode that works really well
  • Super easy learning remote functions and presets
  • Punch-through support for programmed/learned functions
  • Adjustable backlight time
  • Lighted volume and channel keys


  • Very difficult to see display in sunlight (even at brightestsetting)
  • Missing some useful functions like 'Video Select'
  • Auto wake only works well if remote is oriented horizontally
  • Remote is VERY big and is not very ergonomically-shaped

As I've said before (and will probably say again) remotecontrols are generally hit or miss. On this remote control, Denon decided to go retro. It features anElectroluminescent display which is essentially the same technology employed by LCD backlights.Electroluminescence is simply light (radiant energy) created by an electrical field that does notresult in heat. In fact, ELDs could be thought of as inefficient capacitors that lose energy in theform of light. Current ELD life expectancy is around 100,000 hours at 75% of original luminance -that's probably longer than you will use this receiver!

Denon Avr 3805 Remote Control Codes Free


Denon Avr 3805 Setup

The luminous blue color of the buttons is merely the backlight being allowed through theinsulating surface that covers the remote's functions. Each function, or button, has its ownparent EL area and the EL backlight is configured so as to allow different buttons to become lit whencertain modes are engaged. The remote feels big in your hand, and indeed it is over 9'long andnearly 3'wide at its top and bottom. There is no real ergonomic shape to the remote, except fora slight taper around the midsection. The physical buttons available on the remote are channel up/down,volume, channel select/enter and a 4-way cursor/menu control button. I am not a particular fan of LCDremotes, and the Denon RC-969 shares the same downfalls in that it commands your attention in order touse functions not related to volume or channels. For example, want to record/watch a show on DVR,change the display mode of your HDTV, or bring up the guide on your cable box? With the EL remote, youhave to look at the screen and select the correct function. A tactile button-based remote allows you tosimply navigate by feel to your more commonly-used functions.

Dec 15, 2019 Re: denon remote code If your TV and the Denon both support HDMI control (CEC), there is a fair chance you can enable that on both and let the TV control the receiver power/volume. I have mine set that way simply because I don't have a very direct line of sight to the receiver from where I use the remote. Denon Avr Remote Control Remote Codes for Denon AVR-3802 04:00 PM astallc New Member Registered: Sep 2002 Location: London Posts: 0 Remote Codes for Denon AVR-3802 Hi, I have had my TIVO about a week and yesterday came to try and set the remote code for my Denon AVR-3802, none of the Denon codes given by TIVO worked so I tried the scan.

Oct 21, 2019 Denon Avr 3805 Remote Control Codes. Check these codes. If you wish to get more details; check the sites linked here. It has set-up code list & set-up.

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