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Episode 1 (Dub) Defense and First Battle Convinced by her friend Risa to try 'NewWorld Online', Kaede begins her VRMMO adventure by going all-in on defense because she doesn't want to get hurt. Desert Punk Episode 1 The Demon and the Double D's. English and Japanese More Details. Desert Punk’s got two vices: money and babes. Today both are on the. › ▀ ▀ Desert Punk English Dubbed ▀ ▀

More Desert Punk Wiki. 1 Kanta Mizuno 2 Junko Asagiri 3 List of Desert Punk Characters 'Hearthstone': How Blizzard's Smallest Team Made One of its Biggest Successes FANDOM Ploymer Elastic Character Wiki Complete Star Wars Saga Timeline Leading Up to 'The Last Jedi' FANDOM 'PUBG' Has Finally Arrived. Introduction In the future, Japan is a wasteland. In the Great Kantou Desert, scattered humans seek out a living in the hot sand. Among them, a short-statured man. Desert Punk English Dubbed Episodes at Watch Desert Punk. Plot Summary: In the future, Japan is a wasteland. In the Great Kanto Desert, scattered humans eke out a living in the hot sand. Among them, a short-statured man they call “Sunabozu” makes a living as a bounty hunter. Like a demon of the.

Synopsis The Great Kanto Desert, a sweltering wasteland of nothing but ruins and sand, is all that remains of post-apocalyptic Japan. The once fair population has been left to cling to the inhospitable dunes for survival. At least, that is the case for normal people. For those who have spent a little too long in the Kanto sun, the desert offers a wondrous opportunity to make a name for themselves.One such person is the masked handyman 'Sunabouzu,' or Desert Punk, who has forged a legendary reputation for always finishing his jobs, no matter the nature or cost. Cunning and ruthless, he has become a force of crude destruction to the other desert people. However, the 'Vixen of the Desert,' Junko Asagiri, discovers that Sunabouzu is not without his weaknesses—he is easily swayed by his insatiable lust for large-breasted desert babes.Following their chaotic adventures through the Kanto Desert, Sunabouzu features a bizarre cast of personalities who entertain themselves with senseless violence and perversion in a world long destroyed by their forefathers.

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  • Desert Punk is one of those anime that just really isn't needed, but is hilarious nonetheless. Filled with plenty of over-the-top fan-service (the kind meant to draw laughs more than to titillate) and a very liberal translation from Japanese to English, it takes ridiculousness to new levels.

Episode #1.18 Desert Punk Episode 1 English Subbed. Error: please try again. After kidnapping Junko, Tech tries to maneuver through the desert. But with Desert Punk on his tail, he doesn't have a chance. That was until three more men in prototype suits show up out of nowhere and start firing at all of them. Now the only thing left to.

And just like them, they have not learned a damn thing.Written by MAL Rewrite. Overall8Story8Animation8Sound7Character9Enjoyment9First, let me point out the fact that if you don't like crude humor, don't bother watching Suna Bouzu (Desert Punk).


This anime is filled with perverted, ecchi, and all around hilariously funny jokes (which may or may not offend some people). Don't let the comedy be the deciding factor though, as this show has some great action scenes. Kanta seems like an original Joe Blow, and quite the idiot at times, but when the going gets tough, he pulls through with some miraculous skills and finesse.The story lacks a little somewhat through the middle of the series, but picks up a lot towards theend. Animation isn't top notch but it's plenty good to enjoy. The music is fun and suits the action sequences well (though it isn't anything memorable).The characters are by far the biggest attraction to Suna Bouzu.

Kanta is the most perverted guy on the planet and it's rolling on the floor funny. Kosuna (his apprentice girl) has quite a few great moments too.For the most part, this is a happy 'feel good' series. You'll enjoy the time you spend with it, and you'll enjoy the laughter it brings you.

Giving this series a 9 is without a doubt warranted on my part.So, in conclusion, if you're not put off by insanely crude humor and ecchi jokes/scenes (the scenes aren't too terrible, nothing more than underwear at times), definitely give Desert Punk a try. The Japanese voice cast is amazing, so don't settle for English dubbed.

Overall8Story8Animation7Sound8Character8Enjoyment9This is my first review maybe you will agree with me, but everybody has their own opinions, i always wanted to make a review but i end up forgetting to do it everytime i watch an Anime. Here is my review about this flawed greatness.StoryI liked the story because it reminded me of our society, people taking advantage of others, people helping others and end up being betrayed by them. Overall2Story2Animation2Sound2Character2Enjoyment2Time for another episode of banned review theater!

Desert Punk English Dubbed

I fully admit I wrote some short and shitty reviews when I was first starting out. I was at a very busy point in my life and could usually only spare 30 minutes to write a review. This was one those I wrote to vent stress when I was in medical school. I'm bringing this one back because it holds perhaps my favorite reason for being removed. It was too mean spirited and hurt the feelings of the Desert Punk fandom. There is just SO much wrong with this.

Firstly, the Desert Punk 'fandom' is about 5people. Even if you found Desert Punk amusing, nobody considers this a masterpiece or should feel personally insulted that some random guy didn't find it funny. Highly rated reviews that insult popular anime far more brutally and directly insult fans are allowed to stay.

For the love of God, the lead review mod for 4 years was our beloved Veronin, who is usually a tad more harsh and condescending than I am. Oh well, the past is the past.

It's now time for a bad review to return! Gird your fee fees Desert Punk fandom!Story: 1/10The story is about a mercenary called the Desert Punk, who is a legend in the post apocalyptic wasteland of the future. The Punk goes on many random adventures and adopts an obnoxious little brat because he hopes that one day she will become a hot chick that he can bang! It is essentially a brainless, screwball comedy meets an echii ero series.Charactes: 1/10The only real character with development is the eponymous Desert Punk and he gets really old, really fast. He is like having Carrot Top as the main hero of an anime! One of the most annoying characters I have ever seen. Period.Art: 3/10The art is sort of decent for 2004, but not that great.

I guess its better than anything else in this painful to watch piece of shit!Sound: 4/10The soundtrack is meh. At least it isn't as bad as the story and characters.Enjoyment: 1/10Desert Punk is an obscure series for VERY good reason. It's a comedy that isn't funny. It's not even remotely funny at any point! It isn't erotic, so you should be bitch slapped for even trying to jack it to Desert Punk! It isn't exciting, moving, let alone thought provoking.

It simply doesn't have any merit whatsoever. The only thing this series accomplishes with gusto is how god damned annoying it is!Overall: 2/10I've seen a LOT of bad anime, but Desert Punk is way up there on my shit list. No wonder ADV films went bankrupt. They picked a few good series to adapt, but then they also picked the worst shit in existence like Najika Blitz Tactics, Jungle de Ikou, and Desert Punk! If you ever see a copy of Desert Punk for 3$ in a bargain bin, RUN! You run your ass off!

Desert punk english dub episode 1 english

Or, if you are a man or woman of great courage, destroy it. I personally recommend dousing it with kerosene and setting it on fire!

Original run4 October 2004 – 28 March 2005Episodes24Desert Punk (: 砂ぼうず,: Sunabōzu) is a series written and illustrated by Usune Masatoshi, serialized in 's since 1997. The published chapters have been collected in 21.The manga was adapted into a 24-episode science fiction action/adventure produced by and directed by Takayuki Inagaki with character designs by Takahiro Yoshimatsu and music. It aired in Japan from 4 October 2004 to 28 March 2005. Has licensed the series for distribution in the United States.

Contents.Plot After an implied global Japan has been reduced to a desert ('The Great Kanto Desert'), and the surviving humans seek out a meager living in the hot sands. Desert Punk focuses on the adventures of a wandering mercenary named Kanta Mizuno, nicknamed Desert Punk (Sunabōzu), due to his seemingly incredible feats of skill and daring while on the job. Throughout the series, he acquires an apprentice and makes a few friends as well as many enemies.Later in the series of the manga exclusively, it follows on the adventures of the student of Desert Punk “Taiko” otherwise known as Kosuna, who herself has an apprentice.Characters Protagonists Desert Punk ( 砂ぼうず, Sunabōzu, lit. 'Sand Brat' or 'Sand Punk') Voiced by: (Japanese); (English) Real name Kanta Mizuno ( 水野 灌太, Mizuno Kanta), he is also known as the 'Demon of the Desert'. A 19-year-old member of a group known as the Handyman Guild, he is outwardly obsessed with large female breasts. Although thought of as a despicable person, he is highly professional in accomplishing assigned tasks. His legendary reputation is due to his good luck, practicality, sharp wit, specialist equipment, and his grandiose self-promotion.

In volume 13, he changes sides in the civil war raging between desert oases, betraying his old friends in the hope of trading them as captives for a promotion. He offers Taiko the chance to join him, telling her that she has no trade value. She declines, and after this point, Taiko becomes the main character. Desert Punk uses his father's old shotgun, along with other equipment. Enemies will often mistake his rocket-powered with an ability to levitate and fly. He carries a massive quantity of balloons which are identical to his outward appearance to obscure his position. He also employs smoke bombs, and has sabotage devices for his own equipment in case it is stolen.

Kosuna ( 小砂, lit. 'Little Sand') Voiced by: (Japanese); (English) Real name: Taiko Koizumi ( 小泉 太湖, Koizumi Taiko). Kosuna is the former apprentice of the Shimmer Sniper with a goal to become the desert's number one 'power babe' mercenary.

After the Shimmer Sniper is lying naked and defeated, Kosuna immediately abandons him and begs to be made Kanta's apprentice. He only accepts after she shows him a picture of a large breasted woman Kosuna claims to be her mother. Seemingly unable to complete any task by herself at first, she is an able assistant and honestly looks up to Kanta, despite his extremely perverted ways.

She is very loyal and follows orders with little or no complaints. As the series progresses, Kosuna becomes an excellent mercenary, surpassing Kanta's abilities in marksmanship even when her weapon is unfamiliar or oversized.

Kosuna becomes the series' main character in volume 13, after Kanta betrays his friends and she declines his offer to switch sides with him. Machine Gun Brothers Childhood friends of Desert Punk.

They are often seen making fun of Desert Punk, though it is implied they actually respect him. In situations where they save Desert Punk, they are seen jokingly asking if they should finish him off, with quotes such as 'well, time to go kill him.'


Kanta attempts to betray them, along with Natsuko and Kosuna, in volume 13. Their names are based on the seasons of winter, autumn and spring respectively, while their sister's is based on summer. Fuyuo Kawaguchi ( 川口 冬夫, Kawaguchi Fuyuo) Voiced by: (Japanese); (English) Fuyuo is the biggest of the three, and is seen giving orders occasionally. His weapon of choice is a Browning M2.50 caliber machine gun with rifle stock and forward grip. Akio Kawaguchi ( 川口 秋夫, Kawaguchi Akio) Voiced by: (Japanese); (English) Akio is the second oldest brother and the biggest smart-aleck. His is seen with a weapon designated as a 'M249 SAW'. Haruo Kawaguchi ( 川口 春夫, Kawaguchi Haruo) Voiced by: (Japanese); (English) The youngest brother, Haruo carries the traits of a crybaby.

Desert Punk English Dub

He is good friends with Taiko, and uses an M60 machine gun. Others Junko Asagiri ( 朝霧 純子, Asagiri Junko) Voiced by: Tomoko Kotani (Japanese); (English) A female rival of Desert Punk with voluptuously large breasts, she is known as the 'Vixen of the Desert'. She is introduced to the series in a situation where she uses her sex appeal to steal an important key from Desert Punk which he recently procured as part of a mercenary contract. Despite this and other similar actions, she remains an object of Kanta's desires, which she uses to further manipulate him.

Despite often working closely together, the series never confirms if she and Desert Punk become romantically intimate. Rain Spider ( 雨蜘蛛, Amagumo) Voiced by: (Japanese); Kenny Green (English) A male rival of Desert Punk, he is depicted as an equal match for him in combat.

He is renowned as a fearsome debt collector who is rumored to collect even the souls of his targets. While he has earned his reputation through forceful tactics, he is not against running away when he is at a disadvantage, however often his seeming retreats are merely feints from which he soon unexpectedly returns. Natsuko Kawaguchi ( 川口 夏子, Kawaguchi Natsuko) Voiced by: (Japanese); (English) Sister of the Machine Gun Brothers, she was a childhood friend of Kanta. She is a proficient hand-to-hand combatant and the current idol of Kosuna.

Media Manga Desert Punk began as a series written and illustrated by Usune Masatoshi, which began serialization in 's manga magazine on August 5, 1997. Eighteen have been released in Japan as of August 2016. The manga is significantly different from the anime with a more realistic look and far more common use of black comedy as opposed to quirky and sexual humor. Many changes were made to give the anime a more light hearted feel when adapting it from the manga.

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The manga also has a different ending than the anime. Also notable is that five story arcs are missing from the anime and at episode 19 the anime separates from the manga, leaving a new 6 episode ending in place of chapters 43 to 86 of the manga.Anime During the first half, the series has light-hearted overtones as Kanta and his life in the desert are introduced through his humorous adventures. The show adopts a more serious atmosphere during the second half of the anime as Kanta becomes embroiled in political turmoil that erupts over the Great Kanto Desert. This change in tone is reflected in a change of the opening and closing themes of the series.Episodes #Title ( Dubbed)Original air date1'Demon and Boobs ( The Demon and The Double D's)'Transcription: ' Akuma to Boin' (: 妖怪と、ボイン)October 4, 2004 ( 2004-10-04)The introduction of Desert Punk (Sunabōzu), where he is manipulated to fight the Kawazu gang by Junko. However, it is Junko who reaps the rewards.2'Sand and Rain ( Rock, Paper, Scissors)'Transcription: ' Suna to Ame' (: 砂と、雨)October 11, 2004 ( 2004-10-11)Desert Punk and Rain Spider (Amagumo) are hired by the same company to collect the debt of an old man and his daughter. Upon finding out that the old man has no assets, Rain Spider wishes to sell the daughter as payment, an idea which Desert Punk opposes. A duel for the girl subsequently ensues between the two mercenaries.

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