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Disk Inventory X. Platform: OS X Price: Free Download Page Features. Provides a basic overview of all your disks on startup; Creates a click-able map of the data on your disk, color-coded by type. Know more about inventory management software and system: Unleashed Inventory, Best Home Inventory Software 2019, Must Have For Ssd Mac Users Disk Inventory X Free Save on your precious ssd space using disk inventory x - the best free visual approach to saving mac! This piece of software provides a ni. Disk Inventory X is a hard disk utility software for Mac OS X 10.3. It uses graphical tree map to represent the content of your hard drive. The software is free under the GPL license, and it is the best Disk Management solution for Mac computers. Driver Manager Software for Linux – G Parted. How To Download and Install Disk Inventory X - Mac - Review Web Page -Do. Download Disk Inventory X 1.3 for Mac from FileHorse. 100% Safe and Secure Disk Inventory X is a free disk utility and disk space analyzer for Mac.

Disk Inventory X
Initial releaseMarch 7, 2004[1]
Stable release
1.3 / December 8, 2019; 10 months ago[1]
Operating systemmacOS
Size2,075 KiB
Available inEnglish
TypeDisk space manager

Disk Inventory X is a disk space analyzer utility for Mac OS X 10.3 and later. Inspired by WinDirStat, it shows the sizes of files and folders in a graphical treemap.

Version 1.3 of Disk Inventory X added support for macOS 10.15 Catalina, while the earlier version 1.2 added support for macOS 10.14 Mojave and its dark mode feature.


  • Mark Frauenfelder, founder of Boingboing, wrote in his book, Rule the Web: how to do anything and everything on the Internet—better, Disk Inventory X was his favorite way of uncovering disk-hogging files.[2]
  • Download.com gave it 4 out of 5.[3]


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Disk Inventory X For Mac Download

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Driver Manager Software for Mac – Disk Inventory X

Disk Inventory X is a hard disk utility software for Mac OS X 10.3. It uses graphical tree map to represent the content of your hard drive. The software is free under the GPL license, and it is the best Disk Management solution for Mac computers.

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