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Wind and Cloud 2
MandarinFēng Yún Èr
CantoneseFung1 Wan4 Ji6
LiterallyWind and Cloud 2
Based onFung Wan
by Ma Wing-shing
Screenplay byBo Hua
Chen Huiyan
Directed byLee Wai-man
Presented byLong Qiuyun
Peng Yi
StarringVincent Zhao
Peter Ho
Opening themeXiaoao Fengyun (笑傲風雲) performed by Sun Xing
Ending themeBieren De Tianchang Dijiu (別人的天長地久) performed by Fish Leong
Country of originTaiwan
Original languageMandarin
No. of episodes42
Executive producerChen Jidong
ProducersPeng Yi
Wu Yi
Production locationsTaiwan
Running time45 minutes per episode
Production companiesYang Peipei Workshop
Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary
Original networkCTV
First shown in2004
Preceded byWind and Cloud (2002)

Wind and Cloud 2 is a Taiwanese television series based on Hong Kong artist Ma Wing-shing's manhua series Fung Wan. The series was first broadcast on CTV in Taiwan in 2004. Even though the series is marketed as a sequel to Wind and Cloud (2002), it was produced by a different company and is rather loosely connected to Wind and Cloud. Vincent Zhao and Peter Ho reprised their roles as the title characters.


The series is based on the Heaven's Gate story arc of the manhua series. A mysterious stranger wearing an ice mask approaches Nie Feng and tells him he has the ability to resurrect the dead. To everyone's surprise, the stranger revives Di'er Meng, Nie Feng's lover, who died in the first series. However, Nie Feng and Bu Jingyun gradually realise that they are falling under his control and being manipulated by him. The stranger, who claims to be a god and possesses supernatural powers, is revealed to be Dishitian, the leader of the martial arts clan Tianmen. Several well-known fighters have joined Tianmen, either out of fear for Dishitian or temptation by the rewards he offers.

Dishitian's intentions become clear later: He is planning to recruit the fighters – including Nie Feng and Bu Jingyun – who wield the seven most powerful weapons in the jianghu (martial artists' community) to join him in his quest to slay the Dragon and obtain the precious Dragon Orb, which can boost a martial artist's inner energy by several times after consumption. The mission is successful but the Orb breaks into pieces and the fragments end up in different locations. In greed, Dishitian consumes more pieces than his body can take and causes internal injuries to himself. His treacherous servant, Duan Lang, seizes the opportunity to kill him and absorb his powers. Duan Lang then morphs into the Qilin Demon and becomes a dangerous threat to the jianghu. Nie Feng and Bu Jingyun join forces to defeat Duan Lang.


  • Vincent Zhao as Nie Feng
  • Peter Ho as Bu Jingyun
  • Huang Yi as Di'er Meng
  • Qin Lan as Yu Chuchu
  • Tammy Chen as Zining
  • Chen Kuan-lin as Duan Lang
  • Li Li-chun as Xu Fu
  • Wei Yicheng as Dishitian
  • Sun Xing as Xiongba
  • Liu Weihua as Wuming
  • Huang Jianuo as Jianchen
  • Zheng Guolin as Huaimie
  • Feng Shaofeng as Huaikong
  • Yue Yueli as Tiekuangtu
  • Yang Rui as Bai Ling
  • Li Xingyu as Luo Xian
  • Pan Hong as Xiaosanxiao
  • Zhu Hong as Yunling
  • Wang Lu as Huangying
  • Zhang Zhilü as Long'er
  • Wang Jialin as Juexin

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  • (in Chinese)Wind and Cloud 2 on ATV's website
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The Storm Riders
Directed byAndrew Lau
Produced byManfred Wong
Screenplay byManfred Wong
Chau Ting
Based onFung Wan
by Ma Wing-shing
StarringAaron Kwok
Ekin Cheng
Sonny Chiba
Kristy Yang
Michael Tse
Music byChan Kwong-wing
CinematographyAndrew Lau
Edited byMarco Mak
Danny Pang
Golden Harvest
Bob and Partners
Central Digital Pictures
Tian Shan Film Studio
Distributed byGolden Harvest
  • 31 August 1998
126 minutes
CountryHong Kong
BudgetHK$85 million
(US$11 million)
Box officeHK$41.4 million[1]
(US$5.34 million)

The Storm Riders is a 1998 Hong Kong wuxiafantasy film based on the manhua series Fung Wan by artist Ma Wing-shing. Directed by Andrew Lau, it starred Ekin Cheng as Wind and Aaron Kwok as Cloud. The plot involves two children, Whispering Wind and Striding Cloud, who become powerful warriors under the evil Lord Conqueror's tutelage. The sequel to the film, titled The Storm Warriors and directed by the Pang brothers, was released in 2009.


The evil Lord Conqueror, head of Conqueror's Clan, is given a prophecy by Mud Buddha when quizzed about his delayed duel with Sword Saint. The prophecy translates that if Conqueror finds two young children by the name of Wind and Cloud he will have good fortune. Mud Buddha provides the birth charts of these two and gives him a puzzle box stating that finding Wind and Cloud is but one half of his destiny, the box will provide him with the latter half once he unlocks it. Conqueror issues an order that every boy with a birth chart matching Wind's or Cloud's must become a disciple of the Conqueror's Clan. Whispering Wind is discovered as the son of long time rival Whispering Prince, who Conqueror had beaten 2 years previously and stole Prince's wife. As they fight again for Prince's Blizzard Blade he reveals he only took his wife to anger him into battle to possess the blade. At the climax of the duel, Prince's wife kills herself and Prince is captured and killed by the fire beast in the nearby cave. Conqueror finds Whispering Wind has fainted and claims him. Striding Cloud's father, a blacksmith named Striding Sky, is forging the Ultimate Sword and completes the blade just before Conqueror's forces raze his village. As he is killed he reveals that the sword can only be used by using his own blood and Cloud is taken by the invading forces.

Ten years pass, and Wind and Cloud are now both fully grown and highly skilled martial artists, raised by Lord Conqueror with his daughter Charity and adopted son Frost. The 3 sons act as Generals in Lord Conqueror's army. Wind and Charity begin to form a relationship, but she is seduced by Cloud and secretly has an affair with him. Conqueror is angered by his inability to open the puzzle box, and the disappearance of Mud Buddha. He sends Frost and Wind to find him while Cloud is sent to claim the Unchallenged Sword and kill the clan leader, leading closer to completing his collection of powerful weapons in his Sword Graveyard. Cloud succeeds and Frost and Wind find Mud Buddha, now disfigured by boils as punishment from the Gods for revealing too much about the future to others. Later, Mud Buddha is taken by a masked fighter who easily repels both Frost and Wind. The captured Mud Buddha unlocks the puzzle for Conqueror and reveals that 'the dragon is powerful but will be stranded when wind and cloud become a storm' therefore ending Conqueror's tyranny. Realizing it refers to Wind and Cloud and unwilling to accept his fate Conqueror plots to destroy them both.

Upon realizing Cloud is interested in Charity, Conqueror decides to use her to marry Wind in hopes of Wind and Cloud killing each other. Cloud discovers the marriage and is quickly angered. On the day of the wedding Cloud abducts Charity. Conqueror tells Wind to fight for his wife if he is a man. Wind and Cloud engage in a battle and Lord Conqueror tries to kill Cloud in their duel, but Charity sacrifices herself to save him.


As Wind quietly grieves for his love, Cloud fights the Phoenix family for the Ice Vigor and uses it to preserve Charity's body, but is soon discovered by Conqueror. As they fight in a temple in the desert without water, Cloud's Palm style proves to be useless against Conqueror without any source of liquid at the area. Cloud rips off his arm and uses his own blood as a final resort to be used as source of liquid which is necessary for his palm style to unleash considerable amount of power to create an opening for escape. He is then discovered out cold by Muse and her father, Summit Yu. As they nurse him to health Yu discovers that the Fire Beast Arm he has trained to perfection rejects him and wishes to be bonded to Cloud and calls on specialists to bond his arm to Cloud.

Unable to find Cloud, Conqueror moves onto destroying Wind, who he secretly poisons and sends on a mission to claim the Blood Bodhi fruit. As the poison takes its toll Wind remembers the truth about who killed his parents, and uses the Blood Bodhi fruit that grows in the cave to heal himself as well as make himself even stronger. He then defeats the fire beast who killed his father using the Blizzard Blade retrieved by his father's corpse. Cloud trains his new arm with the help of Muse's kindness before deciding to head back to Conqueror's kingdom.

Conqueror, believing himself free of the prophecy, challenges and defeats Sword Saint after the latter is distracted by Muse. Frost arrives and announces his discovery that it was Conqueror who kidnapped Mud Buddha and framed Wind and Cloud. Conqueror, now deluded into the belief he is invincible, kills Frost, who attempts to leave the clan. Soon afterwards, Wind and Cloud meet upon the steps to Conqueror's main hall and, united by their common enemy, confront Conqueror. As the fight spills over into the Sword Graveyard, Wind and Cloud are almost outmatched by Conqueror's superior sword skills. However, the blood from a cut on Cloud's arm reveals to him the location of Ultimate Sword (which Conqueror unknowingly had amongst the standard weapons littering the ground). With Striding Sky's sword in hand, Cloud rejoins Wind in the battle and Conqueror is soon beaten, with Wind stopping Cloud from landing the death blow so Conqueror is left insane and tormented by the ghosts of those he has killed, including his beloved Charity.

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  • Aaron Kwok as Striding Cloud
  • Ekin Cheng as Whispering Wind
  • Sonny Chiba as Lord Conqueror
  • Kristy Yang as Charity
  • Michael Tse as Frost
  • Wayne Lai as Mud Buddha
  • Lawrence Cheng as Jester
  • Anthony Wong as Sword Saint
  • Alex Fong as Whispering Prince
  • Yu Rongguang as Striding Sky
  • Shu Qi as Muse
  • Wan Yeung-ming as Summit Yu
  • Roy Cheung as Shaolin Monk
  • Jason Chu as Ming
  • Christine Ng as Ying
  • Dion Lam as Hawk
  • Ng Chi-hung as Bat
  • Elvis Tsui as Seedy Sword
  • Lee Siu-kei as Dragon
  • Xu Jinglei as Phoenix

Awards and nominations[edit]

Awards and nominations
18th Hong Kong Film AwardsBest FilmThe Storm RidersNominated
Best ActorSonny ChibaNominated
Best Supporting ActressShu QiNominated
Best CinematographyAndrew LauNominated
Best Film EditingMarco Mak, Danny PangWon
Best Costume Make Up DesignLee Pik-kwanWon
Best Art DirectionCyrus HoNominated
Best Action ChoreographyDion LamNominated
Best Original Film ScoreChan Kwong-wingWon
Best Original Film SongSong: Sudden (驚變)

Composer: Davy Tam
Lyricist: Siu Mei
Singer: Aaron Kwok

Song: Wind and Cloud (風雲)

Composer: Chan Kwong-wing
Lyricist: Lin Xi
Singer: Ekin Cheng

Best Sound DesignGolden Harvest, Central Digital PicturesWon
35th Golden Horse AwardsBest Costume Make Up DesignLee Pik-kwanWon
Best Art DirectionCyrus HoNominated
Best Action ChoreographyDion LamNominated
Best Original Film SongSong: Bug Fly (蟲兒飛)

Composer: Chan Kwong-wing
Lyricist: Lin Xi
Singer: Ekin Cheng

Best Visual EffectsCentral Digital PicturesWon
Best Sound DesignKinson TsangNominated
4th Golden Bauhinia AwardsTop Ten Chinese-language filmThe Storm RidersWon
5th Hong Kong Film Critics Society AwardsFilm of MeritThe Storm RidersWon


Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok returned for the sequel, reprising their respective roles as Wind and Cloud. The film was helmed by the Pang brothers and followed the Japanese Invasion story arc of the comics.

They were joined by newcomers to the franchise Hong Kong Cantopop stars Nicholas Tse, Charlene Choi, newcomer Tang Yan and veteran actor Simon Yam. Tse played the villain Heartless while Yam played his father, Lord Godless.

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