Duntech Marquis Speakers


Duntech, The Marquis, Model PCL-500Price drop to $1,999. Was $2,500.The Marquis has a time aligned, five driver arrangement.Speakers drivers are: (2x) 8' bass, (2x) 4' mid-range drivers and one 1' tweeter.

Duntech marquis speakers -

Designing the latest DSM-15 is no different from our approach to designing all our earlier Duntech loudspeakers. With the greatest attention to detail, our design team. Duntech Audio are renowned for their brilliant audio quality, and this set of sapphire speakers are a prime example of why. These Australian made speakers are of fantastic quality and in great condition being well looked after and kept for predominantly classical music over the years. Duntech Audio loudspeakers are designed with the perfectionist in mind. If you want your music the way it was intended to be heard and if your listening space is limited to a small room, the Duntech DSM-15. Oct 30, 2018 Duntech speakers hold a very special place in the heart of many Australian audiophiles. Not only were they undisputedly one of the finest speakers ever built, they were designed and manufactured here in Australia. Unfortunately the company folded late last century and the name languished for some time.

Floorstanding bi-wireable 3-way stereo speakers 150cms high, in just about mint condition.

Original plinths, threaded for spikes if required.

Duntech Marquis Speakers Bluetooth

Infinite baffle design, 500watts, 4ohm impedence, 89db sensitivity.

Bi-wireable (bridging in-place) Speaker terminals facilitate bare wire or banana plugs.

Original removable grilles in good condition with badges intact.

Duntech Marquis Pcl 500

Duntech Marquis Speakers

Beautiful real timber veneer enclosures in oak.

Made in Salisbury Adelaide, Australia.


Recently serviced with new DynAudio drivers installed…ready to go!

Our 3 month warranty applies here at Classic Hi-Fi, Sydneys Newtown stereo systems specialists.

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