E308l 15 Electrode

Arcaloy 308L-15 electrodes were developed for the welding of Type 304L stainless steels but can be used for many other stainless steels including Types 301, 302 304. They are used extensively for the welding of chemical plant equipment and may be used successfully for the welding of Types 321 and 347 stainless steels provided the service temperature is less than about 700°F (375°C). The basic coating of Arcaloy 308L-15 gives the highest resistance to cracking and excellent vertical welding characteristics. Operates on DC current only.

  1. AWS A5.4 E308L-15 Welding rods, welding electrode is an austenite microstructure containing controlled ferrite. The welding can be done in aii positions with good X-ray soundness and good mechanical properties, It produces good notch toughness at the temperature as low as -196℃. The electrode is designed for welding of LNG tank.
  2. Basic coated SMAW electrode for cryogenic applications Request information. Standards AWS A5.4 E 308L-15. Related products. 308LCF-16 E308L-16. REGISTERED OFFICE: Viale Ancona, 53 30172 Mestre (VE) LOCAL BRANCH: Via Toscana 3A-3B 20056 Grezzago (MI) Italy.
  3. AWS E308L-16. Stainless Key Features AWS A5.4/A5.4M: 2006 ASME SFA-A5.4: ABS: CWB/CSA W48-06: MIL-E-22200/2: E308L-16 E308L-16 E308L-16 E308L-16 MIL-308L-16. Test results for mechanical properties, deposit or electrode composition and diffusible hydrogen levels were obtained from a weld produced and tested according to.
  4. 308L Stainless Electrodes. Description: Stainless Steel Electrodes. Typical Application: Similar usage as 308, but the 0.04% maximum carbon content increases resistance to intergranular corrosion.

DESCRIPTION: PHILSTAIN 308L-15 is designed for welding of AISI types 301, 302 and 304 stainless steel. It is based on lime-titania formula and recommended for welding with DC + current Welds are porosity free with corrosion resistance comparable to that of base metal.

Industries Welding
  • Industrial and General Fabrication
  • Petrochemical
  • Ship/Barge Building
  • Tank and Vessel Fabrication

Welding Process
  • Welding-SMAW/MMA (Stick)

AWS A5.4, E308-15/E308L-15
Approvals: QPL-22200/2, MIL-308L-15

Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.

Typical Weld Metal Analysis %
6 FN %10 %0.10 %0.55 %0.03 %1.70 %20 %0.10 %

Typical Tensile Properties
ConditionElongationTensile StrengthYield Strength
As Welded45 %90 ksi63 ksi


Class: ER308L

AWS: A5.9

Conforms to Certification: AWS A5.9 ASME SFA A5.9

Weld Process Used for Tig (GTAW)

AWS Chemical Composition Requirements
C = 0.03 max
Cr = 19.5 – 22.0
Ni = 9.0 – 11.0
Mo = 0.75 max
Mn = 1.0 – 2.5
Si = 0.30 – 0.65
P = 0.03 max
S = 0.03 max
Cu = 0.75 max

Available Sizes
.030 x 36
.035 x 36
.045 x 36
1/16 x 36
3/32 x 36
1/8 x 36
3/16 x 36
5/32 x 36

ER308L has the same analysis as type 308 except the carbon content has been held to a maximum of .03% to reduce the possibility of intergranular carbide precipitation. ER308L is ideal for welding Types 304L, 321, and 347 stainless steels. This is a suitable wire for applications at cryogenic temperatures.

Deposited Chemical Composition % (Typical)
C = 0.02Si = 0.32Mn = 1.70
P = 0.011S = 0.009Cr = 20.0
Ni = 10
Mechanical Properties (R.T.)
Yield Strength57,000 psi
Tensile Strength87,000 psi
Reduction of Area56%

Deposited All Weld Metal Properties
Data is typical for ER308L weld metal deposited by Tig using 100% Argon as the shielding gas.

E308l 15 Electrodes

Recommended Welding Parameters
GTAW “Tig Process”
Wire DiameterAmps DCSPVoltsShielding Gas
.03560-9012-15Argon 100%
.04580-11013-16Argon 100%
1/1690-13014-16Argon 100%
3/32120-17515-20Argon 100%

E308l 15 Electrode Pad

Note: Parameters for tig welding are dependent upon plate thickness and welding position.
Other shielding Gases may be used for Tig welding. Shielding gases are chosen taking Quality, Cost, and Operability into consideration.