Eddie And The Hot Rods Discography

Pretty sure that last time I posted the 'Life on the Line' LP, it was my slammin' vinyl rip......don't think I've ever posted this deluxe CD version, which is loaded........first of all, the original album is a classic, with the fantastic single 'Do Anything You Wanna Do', 'Telephone Girl', the awesome 'Beginning of the End'........but we also get a ton of bonus tracks, live stuff (they were great onstage)........a great expansion of a classic LP, I love this one as well as the vinyl original.


Gli Eddie And The Hot Rods continuarono la storia del rhythm and blues britannico negli anni caldi del punk-rock. Il genere (e i suoi atteggiamenti 'mod') era stato tenuto in vita dai gruppi del 'pub-rock' e da complessi nostalgici come i Count Bishop. Eddie And The Hot Rods, ‘ The Island Years’, is a comprehensive six-cd boxed set covering the bands time on Island Records – 1975 to 1979. With 98 tracks over six cds, it brings together their first three albums – ‘Teenage Depression’, ‘Life On The Line’ and ‘Thriller’. This is the second in my 'appreciation' series, with Eddie and the Hot Rod's 'Do Anything You Wanna Do' from August of last year being the premiere. It's hard to believe that the first song on the first side of the first Brian Eno album (Here Come the Warm Jets) was so utterly enthralling and sublime that it would literally be all downhill for the man from there, but it was those very heights.

LIFE ON THE LINE-01 Do Anything You Wanna Do/02 Quit This Town/03 Telephone Girl/04 What's Really Going On/05 Ignore Them (Still Life)/06 Life on the Line/07 (And) Don't Believe Your Eyes/08 We Sing.....The Cross/09 Beginning of the End/10 I Might Be Lying/11 Ignore Them (Always Crashing In The Same Bar)/12 Schoolgirl Love/13 Til the Night Is Gone (Let's Rock)/14 Flipside Rock/15 Do Anything You Wanna Do (Live)/16 What's Really Going On (Live)/17 Why Can't It Be (Live)/18 Distortion May Be ExpectedEddie and the hot rods discography torrentEddie and the hot rods discography torrentThe hot rods band

Eddie And The Hot Rods Discography Torrent


Eddie And The Hot Rods Discography

Eddie and the Hot Rods were a pub rock band from Essex founded in 1975. They are best known for their 1977 UK top ten hit ' Do Anything You Wanna Do ', released under the name The Rods. The group broke up in 1985, but reformed in 1996. Singer Barrie Masters was the only constant member until his death in 2019. Storm Discography You searched for a full discography of the artist 'Storm Thorgerson' which returned the following results. Enjoy the latest CDs and DVDs from Bill Gaither, Gloria Gaither, and the Homecoming Friends, plus bestsellers, classics, and more.