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Looking for some low-lying ground fog for your next film project? Our Ground Fog Assets are the solution you're looking for.

Last week we dropped our Free Spell Hits Collection (Don't forget to enter our Contest Giveaway), but this week we are releasing our new low-lying Ground Fog Vol. 1 Collection!

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Fog effect Photoshop action that you can download for free from PhotoshopSupply. Use this action to create fog effect quick and easy! If you want to create fog and mist effect in Photoshop, try our free action. The fog effect is in separate layer so you can move, rotate, change the opacity, color, etc. How To Make Fog With Photoshop.

So what truly makes this Collection so special?

With all the fog assets out there, we realize that not all fog rises and wanted to provide our VFX artists with the ability to add in low-lying fog to their creepy castle shots.
There are 57 clips with 35 front angle and 22 high angle shots. Some shots move from side-to-side while others move away from the camera. Most of the low-lying fog is lit to be more neutral, but some are lit only from one side allowing it to cast more shadows.
Creepy castle shots are just a small portion of what these assets can be used for and we look forward to seeing what the VFX community can create!
'It was surprising, even to me, how fast I was able to create a realistic comp with these Ground Fog elements. The shot took less than an hour, and it was still one of the best I've made.' -Rodolphe Pierre-Louis, CEO/Founder of ActionVFX
We are very excited to release our latest ActionVFX Collection, and we can't wait to see it in action! Check out our product video below for more information!

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Collection Specs:

  • 57 Ground Fog VFX Elements
  • 35 Front-Angle
  • 22 High Angle
  • Delivered in 2K and 4K/6K Pro Resolution
  • Record Frame Rate: 59.94fps
  • Time Base: 59.94fps
  • Formats: 10-Bit ProRes 422 HQ (2K and 4K) and the raw 6K .R3D file.
  • Color Space: DRAGONcolor2
  • Camera: RED Weapon Helium 8K

Fog Effect Minecraft

Head over to theGround Fog page to preview each asset.
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