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A study of more than 11, travellers has explored in great detail exactly where, when and with who people are having sex with on planes. According to the research by international online dating site Saucy Dates78 per cent of passengers dream of joining the mile-high club, but only 5 per cent actually have. Of those who have indulged, 37 per cent had the rendezvous with their partner, 30 per cent with a stranger, 18 per cent with a staff member and the remaining 15 per cent with a friend. In terms of location on-board, 59 per cent snuck into the toilets, 31 per cent went for it in their seats, nine per cent ducked into the galley and one per cent used the cockpit.

One passenger who did it in the seats, said: One year-old passenger said: Another passionate traveller said: I waited two minutes and then gave her a secret knock that we both had agreed on and she let me in, [then] we got down to business.

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Recently, Virgin Atlantic plane a woman who performed fuck Mile High Club sex act in the loo onboard one of their planes. According to one account from a year-old man: She told me gia the movie naked was no time for foreplay.

The Boeing was the most popular aircraft for those wanting to join the mile-high club on and planes with double aisles were favoured over those with a single aisle.