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Dear Friends and Supporters of Comet Research Group, Thank each and every one of you for your support for and interest in our research. I am writing to update you with regard to the activities of the Comet Research Group and share our plans. Over the last twenty years, I have recorded several hundred hours of Randall Carlson lecturing and teaching courses, and a couple hundred more of our 30+ expeditions.

GeocosmicTechnologydoes not evolve--at least not in any Darwinistic way. Technology develops.Language, too, does not evolve, it develops. Both are artifacts resulting fromour ability to create symbol systems. The ability to develop languages evolvedat least 70,000 years ago. It follows that 60,000 or 70,000 years may havepassed between the evolution of the ability to develop technology and thedevelopment of that technology. Or both. 60,000 years after the capacity todevelop technology evolved, technology was developed by human beings living onthe island of Alantis. It was toward the end of the last Ice Age that atechnologically complex civilization developed. The language that this civilization spokeis referred to as proto-Indo-European. After the fall of this tower of Babel,the surface human civilization ended and the language devolved into dialects.GeocosmicGeocosmic rex youtube

If you find this interesting I would suggest checking out some of Randall Carlson's lectures on youtube or google 'geocosmic rex' or 'sacred geometry international' More posts from the woahdude community. Posted by 1 day ago. The chart (by Randall Carlson of the Geocosmic Rex channel on Youtube) displayed for much of the video shows how the biggest disasters Continue reading → Video: Solar Cycles, Weather,POLE SHIFTS, Risks to Earth.

Nothingin science precludes the idea that 12,000 years ago a technologically complexcivilization developed on the island of Atlantis, an island similar to Iceland. And as today, the eliteAtlanteans went underground to survive apocalyptic destruction. Bunkers thatexist today would allow a seed of our civilization to survive. Elite Atlanteanssurvived the Great Flood, not just Noah.Enough Atlanteans survived the GreatFlood to save their civilization from destruction. Their civilization survivesto this day under the ground under the ocean. They survived the catastrophethat occurred 11,600 years ago. And they thrived. They travel in space andlikely through the solar system. Perhaps they built colonies on the moon andother planets. Many lunar astronauts reported being watched.


Evidently,Atlanteans have formulated a unified field theory. That is, they understand therelationship between gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear forcesand can manipulate matter and energy in ways unfathomable.

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A revolutionary new understanding of the Earth history began to emerge in the closing decades of the Twentieth Century. This new vision entails the realization that Earth is an intrinsic part of a cosmic environment and that events and conditions beyond the limits of the terrestrial domain have played a decisive role in determining the progression of life on Earth. But it also carries far-reaching implications for the future of Man and civilization on this planet, in that it is now realized that at least some of the interactions between the Earth and the cosmos are profoundly catastrophic. There is no exaggeration whatsoever in employing the term ‘catastrophic’ to describe the extreme alterations of Earth’s ecological and environmental balance that have repeatedly taken place over the lifespan of our planet. The reality of extreme environmental catastrophes has now been scientifically documented beyond equivocation. However, the implications of this new insight into the workings of Nature has so far managed to escape the attention of the vast majority of humanity, including those scientists, professionals and policy makers who should be heeding the portentous warnings clearly conveyed by the ever growing mass of new data and evidence.

In conjunction with this emergent understanding of Earth’s catastrophic history is the realization that Human history on Earth, its culture and civilization, is far older and richer, and far more profound than recognized by mainstream scholars and scientists only a generation ago. Ancient Man, it now appears, was far more culturally and scientifically sophisticated than the stereotypical Paleolithic primitive even recently envisioned by anthropological orthodoxy. Allied with this recognition of ancient achievement is the growing appreciation of the extreme antiquity of modern homo sapiens on Earth.

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While the prevailing view of the past holds that history began in the Middle East around 5,000 years ago, it should be bourn in mind that modern humans appear to have occupied this planet for at least 150,000 years. It is becoming increasingly likely that the true history of man on Earth is far deeper and more complex than recognized up to now by established interpretations of prehistory.