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Born19 June 1987 (age 33)
Essex, England,
United Kingdom
OccupationDating coach, author
Get the Guy (2013)

In his book, Get the Guy, Matthew Hussey - relationship expert, matchmaker, and star of the reality show Ready for Love - reveals the secrets of the male mind and the fundamentals of dating and mating for a proven, revolutionary approach to help women to find lasting love. “Believe in your own value, and every good thing in life will follow.”. ― Matthew Hussey, Get the Guy: Use the Secrets of the Male Mind to Find, Attract and Keep Your Ideal Man. “By the way, when a woman does move slower, the guy’s inclination will be to move faster.

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Matthew Hussey (born 19 June 1987 in Essex, England) is a British life coach, YouTube personality, and writer.[1] Hussey has also made many television appearances, including being the matchmaker on NBC's Ready for Love.[2] He has been the resident love expert on the Today Show.[3][4] In 2013 he released his first book, the New York Times bestsellerGet The Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You Deserve.[5][6]

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  2. In Get the Guy, Matthew shares his dating secrets and provides women with the toolkit they need to approach men, and to create and maintain relationships. Along the way, he explodes some commonly.
  3. Get The Guy Book PDF Free Download – Matthew Hussey. Most dating books mention to you what NOT to do. Here’s a book devoted to mentioning to you what you CAN do. In his book, Get the Guy, Matthew Hussey—relationship master, go between, and star of the unscripted TV drama Ready for Love—uncovers the privileged insights of the male brain and the essentials of dating and mating for a demonstrated, progressive way to deal with assistance ladies to discover enduring adoration.

Hussey's YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers and 356 million views as of June 2020.[7] He has hosted the radio show Love Life with Matthew Hussey.[4]

Early life[edit]

Hussey was born in Essex, England on 19 June 1987 to Stephen and Pauline Hussey. He has two brothers.[8]


Hussey began working as a life coach in his late teens,[9] and in 2008 began working as a dating coach for women aged in their 20s to 60s.[10][11] Initially Hussey was a dating coach for men.[12]

In 2010 he moved to the United States and has since attracted a following which includes actresses Eva Longoria[13] and Tyra Banks.[11]

He has had a column in Cosmo magazine since 2015[14] and offers Get the Guy online tutorials, 7-hour seminars and $4,000 retreats periodically in the UK and the United States.[12][13][11] Seminars include diagnostics, gendered advice on how to approach and offers lines and text messages tailored to various situations.[12][11] The $10,000/hr price tag on his one-on-one coaching has attracted media attention and even controversy.[15][11] His movie-star looks are often partly credited for the enthusiasm of his numerous female followers.[12][13]

Get the Guy is a family business managed by Hussey's father Steve Hussey.[12] Hussey's brother Stephen[16] often appears on videos on Hussey's YouTube channel and writes content for Hussey's site.[17]


Get The Guy Matthew Hussey

He encourages women to set their standards, be confident but challenging and have a fulfilled life to attract men.[13] He helps women face the challenges of technology-driven dating.[11] He advises that women approach men by asking for a favor.[18]


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  • Get The Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You Deserve (2013)


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