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Prompted when Victoria Hot shared a picture of herself kissing her daughter Harper on the dad, opinion was divided. I would no more kiss a family member on the lips than I would propose a siblings game of strip poker. Yesterday, David Beckham shared kissing photo of himself kissing his daughter on the lips. The comments on the photo are less than complimentary.

Now forgive me, but if you think that kissing your child on the lips is a completely non-sexual, non-romantic thing to do, then why does it make any difference whether the person kissing them is male or female? There are lots of things in the world which are easier if you are male.

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But one of the things that makes me most grateful to be a woman is the way that men are treated around children. A man who wants to make faces at a child sitting opposite him on a train is viewed daughter suspicion. Parenting website Mumsnet is awash with chat threads from women asking whether they should allow their children to go to a playdate at a home with a single father.

Smitten dad called a ‘paedophile’ for posting pic of him kissing newborn daughter on lips

In short, men, who are in the vast majority entirely innocent, are treated with suspicion around children. There is a sense of it being better to be safe than sorry, and if being safe means assuming that every man you meet is a potential child abuser?

No exceptions.

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This includes male relatives pictures of women licking pussy friends and even extracurricular and holiday programs, such as basketball camp, where men can have unrestricted and unsupervised access to children….