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Is WinRAR for Mac Exactly What You Want?

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WinRAR is a great, simple to use file archives manager. With WinRar you can do much more than just compress your files – you can backup your important files and data, compress the size of the attachments in your email, and manage your archives in various file formats. Just drag and drop any files you want to decompress, backup or compress – works like a charm!

Download WinRAR for Mac now from the official site. Note that: WinRAR for OS X is a command-line (CLI, no GUI interface) only application. If you want a GUI to decompress or comperss your files, we suggest you try WinZIP, The Unarchiver or StuffIt Expander.

WinRAR is famous for its simplicity and user friendliness, at least for Windows users. The program will take care of many important stuff by itself, such as automatically deleting the archives after the extraction process, or after creating a new archive. WinRAR is very stable and almost never crashes, and it does more than just zipping or compressing files. With it, you can send your data safely and share it over the net because of the encrypting process it uses.

Unfortunately, Mac users will find it hard, if not impossible, to use WinRAR on Mac. No graphic user interface is provided for compressing and decompressing with RAR. That's why we recommend WinZIP or other data compression tool for Mac users. Well, if you're a veteran Mac user, you can still use WinRAR for Mac the command line tool to compress files or extract files. Below is a step by step tutorial to use WinRAR on Mac.

Easy Guide: How to Use WinRAR for Mac

1. Download WinRAR for Mac package (.tar.gz) file to your Mac, which contains both rar (shareware) and unrar (freeware) tools. Double click the downloaded .tar.gz to extract the rar folder to the Desktop.

2. Enter your terminal, which can be found in /Applications/Utilities, and then open the rar folder by typing cd Desktop/rar

3. Install rar and unrar using the following commands. The administrator password is required. It's the one you login your Mac. Note that when you type the password, it won't show up on the screen, just keep on typing.

sudo install -c -o $USER rar /bin
sudo install -c -o $USER unrar /bin


4. Now you can type rar in your terminal to have a try. If the installation went properly. You'll see a long list of commands and switches of WinRAR for Mac.

5. Next I'll show you some basic examples to use WinRAR on Mac. See the manual by typing rar or unrar in your terminal.

1) Decompress a *.rar file
unrar x compressed-file.rar

2) Decompress multiple *.rar files in the same folder. This also helps you to extract rar files that are split up into parts like part1, part2, part3, etc.
find *.rar -exec unrar x {} ~/Movies/ ;

3) Compress a complete folder to rar archives not bigger than 105,000,000 bytes each and with highest compression level, excluding the path to be wrapped into the archive and preventing .ds_store files to be added.

How Do I Download Winrar For Mac

rar a -m5 -v105000000b -ep1 -x*.DS_Store archivename.rar directoryname

Want to share more instances of using RAR for Mac with others? Put them in the comment.

Best WinRAR for Mac Alternative for Beginers

Frankly speaking, WinRAR is the best file compressor for Windows. It's perfect from compressing large files to extracting files in various formats like RAR, ZIP, 7Z, etc. It's the only application you need to compress, decompress, encrypt and backup files. However, WinRAR is stripped down to the command line tool RAR for Mac users. It's totally unacceptable, especially for computer novices.

Here we humbly recommend WinZIP by the famous Corel company. It works best in decompressing files faster than any other compressing software. Moreover, it has a graphic user interface similar to WinRAR, no matter it's on PC or Mac. WinZIP is also fully compatible with most compressed file formats in the market, including RAR, 7Z, BZ2, CAB, ,ISO, TAR, GZ, TAZ, TGZ , TZ, Z, Zipx, Zip, and so on.

Best WinRAR for Mac Alternative - WinZIP Features

  • Decompress content from all regular compressed file types like RAR, Zip, Zipx, LHA, 7Z, JAR, WAR, etc.
  • Fully compatible with divided RAR files. Decompress all content by double-clicking on any part. If missing a part, alert you to find it first.
  • Create various compressed file types to fit more in an email, on portable media or on your hard drive.
  • Compress and email files directly from the WinZip window using Mac's built-in Mail tool.
  • Include or exclude Mac-specific hidden files when zipping and sending files to Windows users.
  • Encrypt files completely secure with strong, 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Easily share archives to Facebook, Twitter and other accounts.
  • Extract or compress files from/to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive right from this WinRAR for Mac equivalent.
  • The 'Burn to Disc' feature helps you keep your photos, video and other files fit more onto CD or DVD.
  • Fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or newer, including the latest OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Winrar For Mac Dmg

So is this your ideal WinRAR for Mac alternative with an intuitive user interface? I hope so. If you haven't install it, get it now through the download button below.

Herein go through source on how to download Winrar for Mac OS (Apple PC) with Winrar latest version, features.

When sending files over Internet, you always choose to send low amount of file size but what you do when you have large sizes? Ofcourse, as the world knows, you compress the file in zip format and send it over. Choose WinRAR, a powerful and widely used archive manager for backing up your data, decompressing RAR, ZIP or other files and reducing the file size of any file including email attachment size.

The WinRAR supports all popular compression formats and lets you split archives into separate volumes so you can save them on several different disks and since it has 128-bit password encryption it is secure to use. It’s a shareware free for first 40 days.

WinRAR Version 5.01: What You Get

How To Download Winrar For Mac Free

  • Includes optional ‘quick-open information’ in Archiving dialog for opening archive contents faster.
  • Get better performance for archives that contain service records and quick-open information and NTFS file security.
  • Faster open-time for archives containing quick-open information due to optimized default parameters.

Bugs Fixed

Winrar For Mac free. download full Version

Have a look at a few important bugs fixed in WinRar latest update.

How To Download Winrar For Mac 2019

  • Failing of ‘Find’ command during search of text string in .7z archives.
  • Problem in processing environment-variable based paths like %tempt% by WinRAR address-bar.
  • Non-functioning of storage of NTFS file security and other data stream for any file pathname longer than 260-characters.
  • WinRAR ‘View’ Command not working for files inside BZIP2 archives.
  • WinRAR failing to unpack the multi-volume CAB archives.
  • Destination paths that contain .or.. components not working during extraction of non-RAR archives in the winRAR command-line mode.
  • WinRAR not storing modification time at all in case ‘High precision modification-time’ option present in archiving dialog is turned off.
  • ‘Test’ command reports errors wrongly during verification of RAR 4.xUnix symbolic links.
  • ‘Test’ command erroneously reports ‘damaged data’ in valid recovery-record in case only one part of the files in RAR 5.0 archive is tested.

Download Winrar For Pc Free

Download Winrar 5.0.1 for Mac