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Hi all.
I developed a nice excel program for configuring one of our products and it works quite well.
Initially this will be used as a Sales tool and I have recently released it to the Sales team.
However, as this was developed on Windows OS, any of the Sales team that uses a Mac are having problems with my user forms. I.e. they can open the user form by clicking on a button but all of the drop down menus are showing as empty.
I checked the code on a mac and noticed that the user form itself cant be edited.
Is this a general let down of excel on Mac or am I missing something?
Thanks in advance for your help.

How Do I Resize A Userform In Excel 2011 For Mac Free

Jun 25, 2014  When i Run the macro on my 15' Mac i can perfectly see the UserForm as it was created on the same machine. Now when i run the macro on a Windows machine, the UserForm becomes too big and it goes beyond the screen's limits. I want to know how i can activate the Maximize button and how i can resize my UserForm window once the program is running. I get the height and the width through Application.Height and Application.Width, and normally with these two parameters and the following code, one should do the trick: Me.Top = Application.Top Me.Left = Application.Left Me.Height = Application.Height Me.Width = Application.Width. 1: Open the workbook with the userform that you want to change. 2: Open the VBA Editor. 3: Insert the macro below in a module of the workbook. 4: Change this two lines in the code. 'You can change the 1.3, use lower then 1 to make it smaller. Const SizeCoefficient = 1.3. Nov 09, 2017  Enter a number in the New Form Magnification box (for example 2) and click Apply, and the form is resized accordingly. Enter 1.333333, the ratio between pixels and points, and this is how it will be resized for the Mac, though it’s too large for Windows.