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Graphic Blood and Gore. Supernatural. Dark.

ESO: Wayrest - Docks. Page Discussion Edit History. What links here; Related changes; Special pages; Printable version; Permanent link; Page information; From Orcz. The Harbor in Wayrest in TESO. The Docks in the City of Wayrest in The Elder Scrolls Online. You'll have to go back to Davon's Watch, take the boat to Daggerfall. Go through Glenumbra to Stormhaven. Make you way to Wayrest and then take the boat to Alik'r Desert. Actually, my bad, you.

This is a side-project, so don't expect regular updates.

This is going to be a short story. I don't know how many chapters it'll be, but it will play out over one week. So I plan to have ¨one day¨ - ¨one chapter¨ which would make it 7 chapters.

Since it's a mystery: I'd love to hear your speculations between chapters!
All the key characters, events, and overall plot are already fully planned out and complete, so your speculations won't influence the outcome of the story.
I already know all the Who, What, and Why.

If you like this, don't be afraid to let me know.
And if you like this, why don't give my main-fic a read.

For those following my main story:
This is just a side-project I have been wanting to do for a while.
Don't worry, it won't take up from my main story, I'm only working on this one when I'm stuck on my main one.

In short: I wanted to write a murder mystery, so I did.

Night of Sundas

A distant pounding slowly broke my sleep: knuckles against wood. Still, I couldn't tell the ceiling for the insides of my eyelids: I was still in that zone where one doesn't know if one's still sleeping or awake. And the comfort of my bed was too warm and cozy for me to care.

Still, the pounding persisted: knock-knock-knock turning into bang-bang-bang, as knuckles-against-wood turned into a fist-against-slab. It no longer slowly broke my sleep, but rather tore me out of it.

'By the Divines,' I mumbled to myself, reluctantly forcing my way out from beneath the warmth of the covers. And here I thought my times of 'getting woken in the middle of the night' were long since over: been years since I last had a night-shift.

'I'm coming!' I yelled out loud as I reached for the folded garments on my chair. Still the banging on my door aggravatingly persisted: what, in the name of Julianos, is the hurry?!

Pants on and loose white shirt I went for the door, lighting my handheld brass candle with a flint lighter en route. Heavy rain smattered against the dark windows—street lights were out—just how late a night was it? And the banging only kept testing my patience.

'What in Oblivion is the matter?' I uttered as I got the door open: a tone of 'still asleep' in my voice, rather than the harsh chew I had intended.

'My utmost apologies for waking you, Lieutenant…' the night-guard said promptly as my light fell on him in the doorway, 'but I'm afraid you're needed at the—' the sentence stuck in his throat the way a sentence does when one is about to say something one shouldn't. And for a moment he looked away from me as he searched for better words.

He was young, perhaps early twenties. One of the newer guards I suppose. He looked nervous and wide awake—the opposite of me—as he held his arm over his head for the rain. A hesitant look in his anxious eyes. I didn't recognize him: not one of my men.

'Out with it,' I said: water splashing on my feet, and it was getting cold.

'There's… been another animal attack,' he finally let out for my provocation.

An animal attack? Well, considering his tone and hesitation, I'd be a fool for believing it an actual ¨animal attack,¨ but that's not the word I reacted on: 'Another?' I said: 'bout a month ago that Lieutenant Rubarb got mauled by a bear, wasn't it? Found dead in the woods.

'Yes, sir! Over by the banking district.'

'The banking?— then what are you waking me for? That's not my district.' The boy was truly beginning to test my patience, and I had a warm bed that was still calling me back. 'Speak plainly!'

'I'm sorry, sir, I'm not allowed as to—' he bowed his head nervously, 'It's just…' and his voice wandered off as he dropped into though. He almost looked spooked for a second, before he lifted his head to continue. Young women enjoy taking big dogs knot deep. 'The Captain only told me to get you and nothing more.'

'The Captain?!…' suddenly my drowsiness and annoyance at disrupted sleep went away: if the Captain was there, this so-called ¨animal attack¨ wasn't one of the usual cover-ups, '…Next time, start off with that.'

'I'm sorry, sir,'

'Enough with that, in with you, and wait by the doorway!' I waived my hand once, signaling for him to enter. A subordinate or not, I wasn't about to have him stand in the cold rain as he waited for me to dress.

'Gratitude's, sir,' he said with relief as he shook off the rain and entered my hallway, 'It… was getting a bit cold.'

'Give me a minute,' I said as I lit one of the gray candles on the wall-mounted candle stand, to give him some light before I turned to return to my bed-chamber.

Dark lit room, but I didn't need much light to search my drawers: I always kept it organized the same way: pants left, shirts right.

Screw fashion, I grabbed the first ones at the top: light-brown pants and a grass-green shirt: not like it'll show beneath my coat. Socks on, knee-high bots, and a black vest and I was done. I turned the small framed mirror on the drawer, so the light was at least decent, and gave myself a quick look: Sharp eyebrows above tired brown eyes. Brown hair the definition of bed-head, as expected, but my mustache looked like the hairy end of a painting brush that should have been thrown out years ago: though it always looked like that in the morning.

None the less, can't show up like that—my mustache's my pride, badge of honor if you will—so I opened the right top drawer and took out that tiny jar of grease. Opened the lid, dipped two fingers, and hectically brushed them over my upper lip, flattening out my pride toward the sides before I twisted the edges upward and twirled them between my thumbs and index fingers into a half-circle on each side. Better flatten down the soul patch too. Done and done, I reached for the candle.

I set my candle down on the hardwood desk in my hallway as I returned to the waiting guard. If he had given me a look for the ill-colored shirt, he hid it well—but more likely—he didn't dare to let me notice.

'I assume you brought horses?' I asked, grabbing the gray cotton trench-coat of its hanger: thick-leather-shoulders and visibly weatherworn.

'Yes, sir,' he responded with a nod 'They're ready outside.'

'Well, what are you waiting for?' I said with a look: get them ready then.

'Of course, sir,' he quickly answered for the hint and scurried off as I adorned the old coat.

I blew out the candles, pulled the thick coat-hood over my head, and took off after him through the open door. Into the cold pouring rain.

Brick buildings with oak-log frames and dark windows passed quickly as we raced the cut-stone streets. Sound of water splashing beneath iron hoofs underneath the low rumble of rolling thunder. I could hardly see shit for the pouring rain and mid-night dark, but that's the good thing about horses: they usually know the way.

Leather coat or not, we were soaked to the skin by the time we closed in on our destination. But at least we were here: I could see the distant torches from men guarding the building. And as the horses slowed down: tired faces.

I know this building. Andane Meriart lives here: the lieutenant in charge of the bank district.

'Whoah-whoah-whoah,' I said to curb the horse by the sidewalk. One of the men hurried toward me to grab the reins. 'Sir,' he greeted tiredly as he steadied the horse, and I heaved on leg over the horse and slid out of the slippery saddle, and took up a fast walk the second my feet hit the hard street: I wanted out of the rain that my hand couldn't keep out of my eyes.

'Where's the Captain?!' I shouted over the rain for the men pressed against the building wall to keep out of the rain. They neither greeted nor looked up to pay respect—I'll let it slide this time—one of them simply gestured toward the double door with his torch as I walked past.

Another young guard rushed out of the door and down the few steps as I approached, hand covering his mouth as he brushed past me and suddenly belched loudly onto the sidewalk. It took me by surprise as I stopped in my tracks and looked at his back: bent over forward with his hands on his knees as he continued belching between his feet.

A feeling of disturbing discomfort swirled in my stomach. ¨Animal¨ attack, huh? Just what have I been dragged into?

With a brace-for-the-worst inhale, I turned away and climbed the stairs, pulling back the hood as I finally got under a roof. A hard jump-down-on-my-heels shook off most of the rain before I reached for the decorative copper handle and entered.

Smelled of tobacco smoke as I entered—the Captain's here alright—but the entrance looked unexpectedly normal: bright green carpets on a hardwood floor, egg-shell-gray wall moldings up to the waist, green and yellow flower-patterned wallpapers up to the ceiling. Paintings, busts, and vases decorating every wall and table surface I could see. And except for the muddy footprints the guards had caused, everything was clean and polished.

I took off my wet coat and gave it a light shrug as I took in the surrounding, and folded it over my arm as I made my way through the short entry. And the decorations showing off luxury only increased as I made my way into the main hall: all high ceiling and rounded stairs to the second floor—chandelier and all. Expensive doors and lit silver candles.

That's the bank district for you. Didn't matter who you were or what you worked with, if you lived here, it showed. And sure, as a lieutenant for the city guard, taxes paid the rent. But that was a shitty excuse, taxes didn't pay for the inside.

Why wasn't I placed in charge of this district? A brief touch of envy scolded over me but it washed away as quickly as it had been born, for a dark ill-boding suspicion began to beg the question: why was I standing in Andane's house?

'There you are,' a familiar grumpy voice spoke from my side.

'Captain,' I greeted as I turned, feeling that old need to straighten myself in the presence of a higher rank.

Sure enough, he was puffing on that fat-headed snub pipe of his—made me wish I had brought my own—as he walked over; cupping it with his fingers as he audibly drew in the smoke, soon followed up by an exhausted exhale; white thick smoke forcing their way through relaxed lips on a clenched mouth, as he eyed me up and down.

'That's how you dress to a crime scene? Where's your uniform?' he mumbled with the pipe back in his mouth.

So it is a crime scene: nothing in the room said it was. 'I was told to hurry?'

'What for? He's already dead,' he mumbled after another tired inhale before taking the pipe out of his mouth and indifferently tap out the ash on the polished desk beside him.

Already dead? Then it is as I suspected. 'Andane?' Still, I had to ask.

'M-hm…' he confirmed; tucking that pipe of his down his left jacket pocket, 'sometime tonight.'

'That's…' too bad, I was about to say. His death didn't feel that much, not that we ever were close.

We were colleges, sure, but I always believed him too spoiled and brown-nosed to get to know him outside of meetings and work: climbing rank because of the depths of his father's pockets kissing the right blue-blooded asses. The house was proof enough, sure, taxes paid the rent but the decor screamed ¨daddy pays!¨ And with no wife to spoil, he spoiled himself with pretty shaped marmor, pretty shaped bottles, and pretty shaped ladies—of a questionable age if one listened to rumors. Though I can't deny him; the man had standards.

'So why am I here?' I asked, 'Mornd lives closer, and after what happened to Rubarb, he's your right-hand man.'

'You've dealt with murders before,' he said as if it was an explanation.

'Murder?' Sure, I've dealt with the occasional bar-fight-turned-stabbing and one too many triangle-dramas-gone-wrong: I always pitied how the women were the usual victims of those, ¨if I can't 'ave her, he sure can't!¨ Barbarians. 'Sure… but so has Mornd.'

'Mornd's still out of town…' he said; rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

I had forgotten about that: temporary relocation for family purpose, was it? About two weeks ago? Still, I had believed him to return by now.

'…So right now, you're the only one I have,' he continued, still rubbing away. Though now I got the feeling he was rubbing away annoyance for that very fact: he always chose me last.

It had taken me a while to overcome the indignation of that when I first became a Lieutenant: sitting on the sidewalk while the ¨trophies¨ paraded. But it didn't take me long to realize the truth of how this city worked: Have the right parents. As ugly as it was, this is Wayrest: being born with the right family-name meant more than the quality of one's character.

Everybody loved hearing how the bank owner's son solved a case, or how the Duke's nephew busted a skooma den. Not to mention the reputation and donations it brought the guard force. But whenever a nobody did good, it was nothing more than a pat on the shoulder and a ¨good job¨ from people who didn't even care to know my name.

And me? I was a pure nobody: born and raised by nobodies, on a street of nobodies, befriending nobodies, living the life of nobody: and that's the sole reason he kept me on the sidewalk. Even put me in charge of the Merchant district so the only people I ever got to work with were strangers and occasionally reoccurring travelers, in other words, no one of influence or importance.

So how did I become a lieutenant? Well, not by having the right hands shake the right names with empty promises on fake smiles. No. ¨He got lucky, caught a break,¨ they had said, ¨the right place at the right time,¨ ¨He had it easy,¨ and so on. All excuses avoiding the truth they relucted: they sucked, I didn't. Not gonna lie, it had been the opposite of ease: been with the guards since 16 and worked trice as hard as any and all spoiled competitors who only had to stick their nose up the right crack to smell their next raise.

Still, I was almost 40 by the time it actually paid off. In other words: the Captain knew my worth, but as a political piece, I was worthless: no one donated the guards' gratitude for the success of a nobody.

'Well, might as well get this over with, this way,' he said with a small nonchalant wave of his hand and moved with heavy steps for the stairs. Thin lips and coat in hand, I followed.

'Can't wait for the paperwork on this one,' he spoke with sarcastic sighs as we climbed the stairs, 'there will be a shit-ton. Not to mention the shit-storm that'll rain down on me when I'll have to explain to the Duke how I've lost yet another of my Lieutenants to yet another ¨animal attack.¨' his tone took on that off pissed-annoyance as he scratched the gray hair by the base of his neck as he sighed. 'And with the festival coming up tomorrow—or today is it?—the last thing I need is city-wide rumors unsettling the citizens when they should be celebrating.'

'Another?' I asked, 'You mean Rubarb?'

'Eh—yes… Rubarb,' he answered, clearing his throat between the words: something I've long since learned the old man does whenever he's hiding something. Needless to say; one eyebrow up the other down. 'Here we are,' he said as we finally reached the double door between the two stairways. 'Though…' he hesitated as he grabbed the door, 'I should warn you, it's quite gruesome.'

'I doubt it's worse than anything I've seen,' I said: hauled my fair share of bloated, fish eaten, corpses by the docks while I still did grunt work: drunken sailors too young and high on upcoming adventures to know the difference between sea-legs and booze-legs—all too late they learned their lesson.

'I wouldn't be so sure of that,' he said pushing forward as he walked through the door.

It was a library: tall bookshelves between the high rain covered windows on the opposite walls, more toward the right. Though the first thing to grab my attention was the signs of a struggle; flipped over couch table, broken vases, and a torn aside tasseled rug: the usual signs—all text-book.

'Over there,' he said, pointing my attention to the left.

'By the Eight…' A whisper I didn't intend to let out as my jaw dropped and I felt the blood leave my face. There was Andane, lying on the floor in front of a fireplace—feet toward us—in a pool of his own blood. Guts torn out of his stomach, hanging down his side.

'Get's uglier,' the Captain said as he made his way over to the body, waiving his finger toward the head, 'what 'you make of this?'

I drew for air, but that only made me aware of the smell: blood and foul intestine odor, and that breath quickly took the form of a gag that needed to be stopped by my hand. I felt sick.

Reluctantly I walked across the room with suspicion: felt like one of those moments when you knew you'd be better off turning back—stomach's weaker than the job, it seems. And as if taken straight out of a horror story, a flash of white lightning lit up the body as I got up close.

'Oh, what in Oblivion!—' I exclaimed—as unintentionally as last time—as Andane's head came into view: head squeezed flat from the sides, nose pointing straight up, eyes popped out of their sockets: hanging in their nerves, front teeth standing straight out of the gums while he maulers had gathered down his throat as they had been pressed in, and worst of all—the last piece my stomach couldn't take—top of the head burst open: all blood and brain on the floor.

I turned away, bending over as I felt sick to my bones: throat clamping up as my stomach already forced out the content of my missed breakfast: nothing but sour acid and bile: eyes tearing up as it quickly turned into a painful dry heave.

'Told you,' the Captain spoke indifferently behind me as the stomach cramps finally began to settle: not for lack of disgust, there's still plenty of that.

Still bent over, I reached down my vest pocket and took out the cotton handkerchief to press against my lips. A brief moment of dotting and wiping before I forced myself to straighten up, and swallow back that dry-sour taste where it came from. 'Fuck me,' I mumbled as I built up the strength to turn back: bloated corpse with eaten eyes're one thing, but that? That's just plain horrid.

Cotton against dry lips I finally worked up the stomach to look back, 'You sure that's him?' I asked, Honestly, face as it was, I couldn't tell.

'Clothes are his. And that's his family ring,' he gestured for the ring on his finger, 'And who else'd be in his house at this hour?'

'Sure,' the clothes fit, ring too, and the blond hair on his… cracked open skull.

'So…' he cleaned his throat, 'what do you think?'

I had to draw for air; I honestly didn't know what to think. Though, I finally got the ¨animal attack¨ cover: it did look like an honest to God animal attack. As if an actual bear had gotten to him. 'You sure this is murder?'

'Don't tell me you're buying into that bullshit cover story?'

'Never did,' I'd be a fool if I thought a bear could sneak through city-walls and up the second floor of a locked residence to maul a man to death, and get away, 'But… I don't know yet. I'll have to take a look around before jumping to conclusions.'

'You do that,' he said in ponder.

Any witnesses?'

'Not much. One neighbor thought she heard screaming and… a roar.'

How To Get To Wayrest

'A roar?'

'Not even sure about that one—said she first thought it was the thunder. Either way, she's a dead end; saw nothing and, as I said, blamed most of what she heard on thunder.'

Well, if one had a taste for murder, tonight's the perfect night for it: weather covering up any cry for help.

'Who found the body?'

'The housemaid found him. Poor thing was running through the rain, screaming for the first best guard she met not even an hour ago.'

'Housemaid?' In the middle of the night? 'She here?'

'Downstairs. I talked to her already but… well, she's a bit shaken up, to say the least.'

'I'll have to talk to her.'

'Though as much—it's why I kept her here.'

'Yes. Well, I'll have a look around here before I see her.'

'I'll leave you too it then,' he said, reaching down his pocket to bring out his pipe and tobacco sack again. 'I'll head down and have a talk with the men, let'em know not to spread rumors,' he lit a match and sucked the flame into the pipe, puffing trice as the tobacco came alive. 'That goes for you too…' he said after a deep inhale and exhale of smoke, 'As far as rumors go, this is nothing more than a freak animal attack.'

'You really think people will buy that?'

'That's my job to worry about, you focus on yours: find out who did this?'

'Who?' I said as I glanced down at the body, 'I'm not entirely sure it's a ¨who¨ that did this.'

'Well then figure out what,' he said as he began heading for the door, 'I'll be back as soon as I've dealt with the others.'

'Light a candle would you,' I said as I turned to look at the body, 'I'm gonna need some light.'

'Sure thing.' He lit the candle and left right after.

Left me in the dark library; lit by a single candle and a brief flash of white. Left me in the silence; nothing but sharp thunder and rain against windows. But at least I wasn't alone; though I've been with the company of fairer faces.

I unfolded the old trench coat and reached for my pipe in its right pocked, only to with a sigh be reminded that I left it at home.

An annoyed smack of my tongue against the roof of my mouth as I leaned back where I stood and looked up at the ceiling with yet another sigh.

I remember now: I always hated the night shift.

There are multiple versions of this dungeon, please click tabs to see their information, or go to their individual pages.

Wayrest Sewers II

Wayrest Sewers is the 4-man dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online for players of the Daggerfall Covenant. It is located under the city of Wayrest in Stormhaven.

Veteran Walkthrough & Strategies

How To Get To Wayrest




Boss mechanics

  • Slimecraw has a frontal cone tailswipe. It deals high physical damage and does a pretty big knockback. You do have enough time to get out of the cone, but not too much.

Investigator Garron



Boss mechanics

  • Garron likes to teleport around the room. Just keep track of him.
    The main mechanic in this fight is the green orb Garron summons. It will start chasing after random players, dealing damage to anyone caught in its radius. If the orb is chasing you, run away, but make sure you don’t drag the orb through your group members.
    Garron periodically summons two Restless Soul ghosts with 717 Health on the opposite sides of the room. The ghosts have ranged attacks, and they should be taken down asap.
    Garron also has a highly damaging ranged knockback which seems to prefer distant targets.

Uulgarg the Hungry



Boss mechanics

  • The most dangerous ability Uulgarg has is his AOE fear ability. He’ll sometimes fear everyone for a few seconds. Whilst the fear on its own doesn’t do any damage, what follows up might be lethal.
    Uulgarg has a nasty heavy melee attack, which deals a lot of damage unless blocked. He also likes to do it right after he has feared everyone. This could potentially kill the tank unless he has enough Stamina to break out of the fear and block the attack.
    Uulgarg sometimes stops and does a whirlwind attack around him, dealing physical damage. The damage isn’t high, but there’s no reason to get hit by it.

The Rat Whisperer



Boss mechanics

  • The Rat Whisperer periodically casts a magic AOE damage spell at the tank, indicated with a red circle.
  • The boss shouts “Come to me my minions” as he summons a bunch of low Health skeevers to aid him.
  • The Rat Whisperer sometimes casts a cold damage root spell on the tank.

Varaine Pellingare



Boss mechanics

  • The tank needs to look out for Varaine’s heavy melee attack, and block it.
  • Varaine Pellingare periodically casts a quickly expanding AOE spell around him. It deals a lot of damage and briefly stuns anyone caught in it.
  • Varaine also does a frontal cone attack, seemingly to a random direction. He has a jump animation associated with the ability, but it’s still very tricky to avoid. Getting hit by the frontal cone attack will knock you down and deal medium physical damage.

Allene Pellingare

Elder Scrolls Online Wayrest


Wayrest sewers 1


Boss mechanics

  • The tank needs to block Allene’s heavy melee attack.
  • From time to time Allene does a Teleport Strike to random targets, which deals a lot of damage and briefly snares the target.
  • Allene vanishes roughly every 25% of her Health to summon Fiendish Hallucinations. They are large bats with 562 Health. The number of bats summoned increases after each summon. Normally bats are immune to root effects, but for some reason these bats are not. A dragonknight with Dark Talons will completely destroy them.
  • After the last group of bats has been summoned, Allene should be at around 25% Health. Allene takes on a ghost form and seems to deal a bit more damage in the last phase.


  • ??

Wayrest Sewers Information

  • Location:Stormhaven
  • Suggested Level:
  • Final Boss: Allene Pellingare
  • Achievements:



Wayrest SewersMap


Set Drop

NPCs in the area

  • ??

Notable Items

  • ??


  • ??

Wayrest Sewers is the 4-man dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online for players of the Daggerfall Covenant. It is located under the city of Wayrest in Stormhaven. This dungeon will have players fighting with strange monsters of the deep such as crocodiles and giant rats, which in a large number can prove quite challenging. In Veteran Mode, you will return to fight stronger versions of enemies you once fought, all ready for vengeance.

Veteran Walkthrough & Strategies

Veteran Wayrest Sewers is a rather manageable VR 6-10 Veteran dungeon. The dungeon can easily be completed in less than 20 minutes and can be used as a training farm for VR8+ players to level to VR10 by playing over and over again. All in all, the dungeon makes for a fun play.

Malubeth the Scourger

Boss Mechanics:

  • Blue Bolt Attacks that can do medium amounts of damage.
  • Red Circles that will be dropped on players at random to deal damage and slow movement.
  • Lifting attack that suspends the player mid air and deals damage.

Strategy: The tanks should focus on the Bolt attacks and block those to lessen the damage dealt by them and make your healers job a little easier. The circles will start to turn blue as they deal more damage and you should avoid standing in these circles and move out immediately. Players must be quick to get out of the Lifts as they happen by running towards the Daedric Altars.

Uulgarg the Risen

Boss Mechanics:

  • Fear & Fire Trail attacks that causes all players to leave a fire trail as you run around in Fear.

  • Heavy Melee attack that involves him swinging his sword at players close-by.


  • The deadliest attack Uulgarg the Risen has is the Fear that needs to be interrupted immediately so as to avoid being burnt to a crisp.

  • The melee swing is easy to escape. The key is to just interrupt and stay away from other members to avoid running into their fire trails.

Skull Reaper

Boss Mechanics:

  • 4 Healer Skeleton ads (2,500 HP each) that heal the boss

  • Frontal attack that is shaped like a cone and can be fatal if not blocked


How To Get To Wayrest From Vvardenfell

  • Attack the 4 ads before attempting to take down the boss.

  • The tank should focus the boss away from the group and block the nasty Frontal attack.

Garron the Returned

Boss Mechanics:

  • AOE circles that are easily avoided

  • 4 Ghost ads (2,500 HP each) that can root players and do large amounts of damage, sometimes even fatal.

  • Heavy Beam that can do the most damage


  • Kill or use crowd control tactics on the ads when they spawn as they can wipe you out in a single shot!

  • Be ready for the Heavy Beam attack when Garron the Returned teleports to the center of the room.

  • The healer should be healing all throughout the beam. It is ideal to save up the Ultimate for during this beam.

The Lost One

Boss Mechanics:

  • Loads of ads

  • Frontal wave that can One-Shot Kill you if not blocked

Eso How To Get To Alik'r Desert From Wayrest


  • The tank should block the wave and face the boss away from the rest of the group. Dont try to avoid this wave as you risk hitting other group members while doing so.

  • The rest of the group should quickly deal with the ads first before dealing with the boss.

Varaine and Allene Pellingare

Boss Mechanics:

  • Circle/Cone attacks from either Veraine that deal minimal damage if blocked

  • Multiple Bats with 3,000-5,000 HP will spawn when the two bosses disappear (NOTE: Sometimes ESO bugs out leaving the bosses still active. Tanks should try to be ready for this)

  • Immunity Shield lasting for upto 20s on the boss with the lower health when the health difference is more than 15%.


  • Block or avoid the cone/circle attacks.

  • Have a DPS on each boss to deal roughly equal amounts of damage each time

  • AOE or crowd control the bats in the middle of the room.


  • ??

Wayrest Sewers Information

  • Location:Stormhaven
  • Suggested Level:
  • Final Boss:Allene Pellingare
  • Achievements: 6

Elder Scrolls Wayrest


  • Wayrest Sewers: Defeat Investigator Garron, Varaine Pellingare and Allene Pellingare.
  • Veteran Wayrest Sewers: Defeat Malubeth the Scourger, Garron the Returned, Varaine Pellingare and Allene Pellingare.
  • Veteran Wayrest Sewers Colossi: Defeat Bone Colossi in Veteran Wayrest Sewers.
  • Veteran Wayrest Sewers Zombies: Defeat Zombies in Veteran Wayrest Sewers.
  • Veteran Wayrest Sewers Speed: Defeat Varaine Pellingare and Allene Pellingare within twenty minutes of starting Veteran Wayrest Sewers.
  • Veteran Wayrest Sewers Undaunted: Kill 15 zombies while fighting Varaine Pellingare and Allene Pellingare and then defeating them.


Wayrest SewersMap


  • Skull Reaper(Optional)

Set Drop

NPCs in the area

Notable Items

  • Beware: Undercity Ruffians

  • Journal of Master Pellingare

  • The Art and the Madness v. 1


  • ??

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