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It does this through the use of a binaural beat dose that changes your brainwave patterns to make you feel a certain way. Binaural brainwave doses for every imaginable mood. I-Doser includes two free one-time-use doses: Alcohol and Content. Welcome to the i doser free doses blog here are free doses and updates every week also the idoser v4.5 and v5. Here you can download doses for free,mp3's and.drg doses.


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Alcohol / Recreational (Moderate) / 35 Minutes /

Liquor. Spirits. Beer. Wine. Alcohol is one of the most common strong psychoactives used by humans. It has a long history of use and its intoxicating effects are well studied and documented: relaxation, mood lift, happiness, giddiness, talkativeness, lowered inhibitions, reduced social anxiety, and analgesia. Our alcohol dose is like shot gunning five glasses of gin, in force. The effects come on strong, but mellow fast, and ease into a condition of relaxation flightiness and overexcitement. Some have even experienced pure drunkenness from a single dose. Best of all, no hangover.

Jason's Review

A lot of people slander this dose from I-doser but I have to say I liked it, although it didn't make me drunk or anything it did make me feel nice and fuzzy all over, and I did feel sort of like I had just had a shot or two.

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Good for you underagers who want to experience alcohol but are too young to drink, this was a pretty good drug.

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Drg Format - You probably already have it as it comes in the program for free when you download it, but in case just email me with the name and I will send it asap - [email protected]