Putney, Vermont-based developer IGG Software announced the release of iBank 3.4, the latest update to its personal and small business finance management application on Tuesday. The new version includes the following fixes and changes:

  • Among the most important changes in iBank 3.4 is much-improved migration of QIF-formatted Quicken data, especially for users with complex accounts or many years of transactions.
  • iBank 3.4 also improves category pop-up menus, making transaction entry faster and more efficient.
  • Downloading of files via iBank’s built-in browser has also been improved.
  • Support for downloading large numbers of stock quotes has been enhanced.
  • Additional updates in iBank 3.4 include improved importing of OFX files with securities, as well as more than 30 other enhancements and fixes.

iBank 3.4 retails for $60 and is a free upgrade for existing iBank 3 users. The program requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later to install and run.

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Igg Software Releases Ibank 4 For 2017

Banktivity, or what was known as iBank until recently, has been a personal labor of love of mine for over 13 years. It started as a simple app designed to track basic finances. Slowly over time it gained in popularity and became the core business of IGG Software. IBank 5 saw the release of six major upgrades to the product through iBank 5.6.4 which included the addition of iBank Cloud Sync. Banktivity 5 released January 28, 2016. After nearly 13 years IGG retired the iBank name, announcing Banktivity as the successor of the IGG’s personal finance software line.