Israeli defense girls nude

A Facebook page that was created on Wednesday is receiving a lot of attention on the internet, and it's not just because the page is in support of the Israeli Defense Force.

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Let's agree on one thing: People can do whatever they want with their bodies and if posting photos of their Sharpied breasts is what they want to do, it's totally up to them. But that doesn't mean that we can't ask the question of why: Defense is this the way people are protesting in particular? Is it to show that they're so supportive of the IDF that theyd literally get naked for nude black village girls Is this a way to remind the soldiers that at home and sometimes in California there's a girl worth fighting for?

Sexy side of the Israeli Defense Force (56 Photos)

Girls Salon points outsome people may just be doing nude as a way to celebrate their freedom and nudity is liberating or to show the world that they're going to continue living their lives while the conflict rages on and support the troops in any way necessary. But exactly what are these photos doing for the cause? As Jenny Kutner so eloquently puts it: Because a israeli of people are dying, and that isn't usually why people decide to show their boobs.

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