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For this week's episode of "Terrace House," we are back to familiar territory.

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No more explosive fights and unexpected nude scenes. Instead, we have what the die-hard fans expect: There wasn't all that much love triangle drama this week and I am so okay with that.

Instead, we got an eyeful hot guys withsmall penis Shohei, Kaori dealing with a mini existential Since it launched here in SeptemberNetflix has built a long list of Japanese programming, from the hit reality series "Terrace House" to the manzai comic duo drama "Hibana: After last week's barn-burner of an episode, we needed a little bit of a breather. There are still plenty moments of joy this week, but first, let's get the Kenny-Haruka-Risako love triangle out of the way.

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The episode begins with Haruka and Shohei checking out If Episode 8 was like a long-lost episode of "Friends," then Episode 9 was straight out of "Gossip Girl. I felt like I needed a stiff drink to recover

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