Big TV was installed a week back in my home. So, I am sharing my experience of using it through this forum. I would try to compare with tata sky(as it is installed in my friend's house) wherever possible. INSTALLATION: On sunday, two persons came at my house at around 9:50 a.m.

First they saw the location of my TV. Then they went to install the dish on the terrace.

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It took about 45 minutes to install & align the dish on the terrace. Even i was shocked that it was done so quickly. Then they come down at my home & connected the STB with TV. After then the stb automatically started updating. My stb was activated instantly. Within 80 minutes i was watching tv. SET TOP BOX & REMOTE: STB looks good as it is very small & light-weight.

It is very similar to that of tata sky. However there are less no.

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Of buttons on it as compared to tata sky. I am still trying to figure the use of usb port on it at its back-side. But from what i have read from various site, it is only for upgrading the firmware by connecting it with computer. The stb hangs quite often when you press 3-4 buttons simultaneously from remote.

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The remote is heavy & doesnt look good. The buttons feel plasticky. It looks complete carbon copy (say red copy) of tata sky remote. PICTURE QUALITY: When i switched on the tv & big tv, my first response was WOW. The colours looked awesome. Although it was not like tremendous change over cable tv, but it was definitely better than cable tv.

EPG guide was also a welcome addition. Big TV logo doesn't hinder much while watching entertainment channels, but it really becomes annoying while watching news channels. It would have been better, if it had some transparency. There is time lag of about 10 seconds when you turn on Big TV after starting TV & lag is of 3 seconds in case you are surfing channels. It is almost similar to Tata Sky AUDIO QUALITY: It is nice but if you like listening to high volume than you'll have to turn the volume really high. CHANNELS: Right now i am getting all the channels(187 TV channels, 10 radio channels) which big tv is gives as preview for 7 days but i'm surprised as to why some popular channels like COLORS are not in it.

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Some channels like discovery, cartoon network are coming in english, while channels like pogo are coming in south indian language.also it seems that language of disney,CN,pogo are kept changing from english to south indian language.On the contrary tata sky provides a much better option to change the language. One more fact to be noticed is that it doesn't provides any information of programmes in channels like nat geo,history,animal planet, etc. The EPG only shows program schedule for next 2 days only against its hyped schedule of 7 days INTERACTIVE SERVICES: Right now it doestn't give any such services.

OTHER UNIQUE FEATURES: 32 Cinema channels- it is just like cable tv showing some movies, however big tv only shows old movies. The hindi movies are nicely categorized into classic, art, comedy, etc. To watch engish movies, we have to pay them some amount.

MPEG4- it is overhyped technology, it is just a compression technology due to which more channels can be put in transponder as compared to MPEG2 technology. But for you and me, its of no use because we only watch 25-30 channels, rest of the channels are useless for us. GAMES: They are offering following games: 1 )Karakku- Tetrix kind of game 2) Thievin' Monkeys- 3) Buzzwords- 4) Jinja Ninja- An adventure game 5) Solitaire 6)Table Football 7) Happy World Time-Vocablury Game 8) Pool VERDICT: Big tv neither offers any innovative features that newly lauched airtel digital tv is offering(universal remote, larger dish,etc.,interactive services) nor does it overcome the drawbacks of dish tv or tata sky (same remote/stb, hanging problem, etc.). Hence, i thing only USP of big tv is cheaper price. My rating- 7.5/10 Note- This is my 1st review, so if any improvemnts can be done in the post, please tell. Click to expand.Here i come with a review on its AWESOME 24x7 CUSTOMER CARE. Tried callin them up on their toll free no.

At 8PM on friday for installation. The phone doesn't ring. Then I registered for a call through their website and they give a single ring after 2 days. I.e even before you pick up the call they FU*KIN disconnect it!!

Finally, after a week a guy who calls himself a 'REGISTERED BIG TV TECHNICIAN' came over and installed it within 45 mins and left tellin the connection will be activated within 1 hour. Waited for 1 whole hour, nothin on the screen! Called the customer care to register a complaint, the guy over there after listening to the whole story told me to wait as he fetches the Complaint no. After being on hold for nearly 2 mins the line got disconnected!!

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This has happened thrice Finally I connected the set-top box to the antenna cable of my Doordarshan (free) DTH and viola its workin. But only 35% signal quality which is not sufficient! So I myself had to set the dish in the proper orientation and angle and then make it work! So for their wonderful technicians: 0/10 And for their Excellent 24 x 7 Csutomer care: -10/10. Click to expand.And about 95% of the BigTV users that I have come across are saying that BigTV is bullshit. Stay the hell away from it.

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I have no personal rivalry with Reliance, but I am just telling everyone what the truth is. If you've got lof of free time to chat with customer care, then go ahead and buy BigTV. The reason being that there are endless problems that you will have to face.

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So, it's your choice whether you want to suffer or you want to use a service that you are satisfied with. Most of the TataSky and DishTV users are satisfied with the quality of service their DTH company is offering them. But, in the case of Reliance BigTV, it's the other way round.