1. Jan 11, 2016  Since the auto-update in the program is not working, users are encouraged to download and install one of the following clients manually and then try re-connecting to the VPN. Windows 32-bit Client. Windows 64-bit Client. Mac OS X Client. These downloads are not hosted on Stony Brook University’s campus.
  2. Feb 29, 2020  Description. Work with Juniper Networks SA Series SSL VPN gateway settings to enable instant and secure connection for data transfer and file management from an iOs device. The suite supports multiple types of hardware and reads data from any compatible corporate network. Junos Pulse 5.1 for Mac is available as a free download on our application library.
  3. NCP Secure Entry Client - the professional VPN solution for communication with any IPsec gateway (all major vendors supported, e.g. Cisco, Juniper, MS Server 2008 R2). Can be installed on any Windows operating systems in 32/64 bit and has many.

I am tired of walking people through the billion steps you need to take in order to configure your WEB BROWSER to be able to download the INSTALLER file for the VPN to connect to the Stony Brook Network. It shouldn’t be that difficult to download a software installer. Unfortunately, the installer files are not available otherwise.

The Division of Information Technology has made the installer files available:

DoIT’s Data Network Services team released new VPN client programs for the Mac OS X, Windows 32-bit, and Windows 64-bit operating systems in response to problems users were experiencing connecting to Stony Brook’s Work-at-Home Virtual Private Network (VPN) from off-campus.

On a Mac, the SSL VPN Client will work sporadically. Ensure the Mac feature 'Back to my Mac' is disabled as it causes conflicts with the client's operating port. Once disabled, restart the client. Library research materials, such as journal subscriptions, are unavailable when attempting to. Go to the ECS download page, which requires authentication with your HawkID & password. Select the file PulseSecure-Mac.dmg and save it to a file on your Mac. After the download completes, double click on the PulseSecure-Mac.dmg file. It opens a virtual disk containing an installer called 'PulseSecure.pkg'.

The current Juniper product that Stony Brook utilizes for its VPN services uses Java to download the application to your computer. Java is then used to see if your computer has the latest code. A problem has been identified, especially with Mac OS X systems, where if the application needs to be updated, it does not update, the program fails, and the user receives an error message. Since the auto-update in the program is not working, users are encouraged to download and install one of the following clients manually and then try re-connecting to the VPN.

These downloads are not hosted on Stony Brook University’s campus. I have confirmed that the downloads will install Juniper Network connect and allow you to connect to the Stony Brook University Campus.

Windows 7 32-bit:

Windows 7 64-bit and all Windows 8:

Mac OSX:

Juniper Vpn Client For Mac Os


When the install completes, you should be able to load the program from START – ALL PROGRAMS – JUNIPER NETWORKS – NETWORK CONNECT. In the server address, type in https://sslj.wah.stonybrook.edu and connect. You will then be prompted for your NetID and password.


SRX340 Services Gateway Software Configuration Overview

The services gateway is shipped with the Juniper Networks Junosoperating system (Junos OS) preinstalled and ready to be configuredwhen the device is powered on. You can perform the initial softwareconfiguration of the services gateway by using the browser-based setupwizard or by using the command-line interface (CLI).

Understanding SRX340 Services Gateway Factory-Default Settings

The SRX340 device is shipped with the following factory-defaultsettings:

Table 1: Security Policies

Source Zone

Destination Zone

Policy Action


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Table 2: NAT Rules

Source Zone

Destination Zone

Policy Action



Source NAT to untrust zone interface

Table 3: Ethernet Interfaces

Juniper setup client windows 10

Port Label


Security Zone

DHCP State

IP Address

0/0 and 0/15

ge-0/0/0 and ge-0/0/15




0/1 to 0/14

VLAN Interface irb.0 (ge-0/0/1 to ge-0/0/14)






Table 4: LTE Interfaces


Security Zone

IP Address




dl0 (logical)


ISP assigned*

*Only if the LTE Mini-PIMis present

The SRX340 device is shipped with the following services andprotocols enabled by default:


Table 5: Services, Protocols, and Startup Mode



Device Startup Mode




RSTP (all interfaces)


To provide secure traffic, a basic set of screens are configuredon the untrust zone.

If the current active configuration fails, you can use the

  • Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the managementport (labeled 0/0 and Note

    Do not assign the IP address to the managementdevice, as this IP address is assigned to the services gateway.

  • Open a browser and type No login is required.

    The J-Web Setup wizard opens on your screen.

  • Click Juniper Setup Client Installer Download

    Initial Configuration Using CLI

    To configure using CLI:

    1. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the RJ-45 to DB-9serial port adapter supplied with your services gateway.
    2. Plug the RJ-45 to DB-9 serial port adapter into the serialport on the management device.
    3. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the serialconsole port on the services gateway.Note

      Alternately, you can use the USB cable to connect to themini-USB console port on the services gateway. To use the mini-USBconsole port, you must download a USB driver to the management devicefrom the Downloads page at https://www.juniper.net/support/downloads/?p=junos-srx#sw.

      To download the driver for Windows OS, select 6.5 from the Version drop-down list.

    4. Start your asynchronous terminal emulation application(such as Microsoft Windows HyperTerminal) and select the appropriateCOM port to use (for example, COM1).
    5. Configure the serial port settings with the followingvalues:
      • Baud rate—9600

      • Parity—N

      • Data bits—8

      • Stop bits—1

      • Flow control—none

    6. Start the CLI.Note

      You can view the factory-default settings by using the set system root-authentication plain-text-password

    7. Commit the configurationto activate it on the services gateway.

    Plug and Play

    The SRX340 already has factory-default settings configured tomake it a plug and play device. So all you have to do to get the SRX340up and running is connect it to your LAN and WAN networks.

    1. Connect the WAN network to port 0/1 through

      After you complete these steps, you can start using the SRX340on your network right away. You can go back and customize the settingsat anytime.

      Customize the Configuration Using J-Web

      You can modify the configuration using J-Web. Have thefollowing information ready before you start the configuration process:

      • Hostname

      • Root authentication password

      • IP address for the NTP server

      • IP address for the DNS server

      • IP address for the management interface

      1. In the J-Web application, select Standard.
      2. Configure the device and users:
        1. Enter the hostname.

        2. (Optional) Enable root access using SSH.

        3. Enter the root authentication password.

        4. (Optional) Add user accounts.

        5. Click

        6. Set the time manually or configure an NTP server.

        7. Select the time zone from the drop-down box.

        8. Type the IP address for the DNS server.

        9. Click

        10. Select the management port.

        11. Type the IP address for the management interface and thestatic route if it is needed to reach the device via the managementinterface.

        12. Click Next.

        13. Set up additional services and security policies, or justclick OK.

          Once you click Note

          You might lose connectivity to the device if you changedthe IP address of the port to which the laptop is connected. If youlose connectivity, open a new browser window and type https://<newIP address> to access J-Web again.

        14. Click
        15. Log in as the root user and provide your credentials.
        16. View the list of default configuration files:
        17. View the required default configuration file.
          load factory-default command to revert to the factory-default configuration.