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Longmire and former Battlestar Galactica star Katee Sackhoff jumped onto riddick big screen last fall to play the ruthless mercenary Dahl in the long-awaited Vin Diesel sequel, Riddick.

Katee Sackhoff on Riddick Nudity & Being a Tomboy

Stars on Set. From Halloween: Resurrection to Galactica and Riddickyou obviously take on a variety of projects, but nude keep on coming back to sci-fi, horror and fantasy.

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Are you katee fan of those genres when you're sitting down to watch TV or go to the movies? Oh, for sure. I mean, not horror — I tend to think that there's enough things in sackhoff daily life that scare the shit out of me that I don't want to go to a theater and come out crying because now I'm terrified as well. I tend to gravitate towards sci-fi and fantasy for sure.

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You know, I was raised on it. My dad raised me on everything science fiction and a lot scene action movies in our household -- a ton of action movies.

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So I grew up wanting to be Arnold Schwarzenegger.