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Keymon Ache
A wallpaper created by Nickelodeon. From left to right: Mishra Sir, Sid, Rahul, Mini, Rohan, Keymon, Mom, and Dad
Voices ofBrian D'costa
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
Production companyDQ Entertainment International
Original networkNickelodeon India

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Keymon Ache is an Indian animatedtelevision series produced by DQ Entertainment International, which aired on Nickelodeon India. Keymon Ache was the first Indian non-mythological animated show that was produced completely locally.[1][2] The show also airs on Nickelodeon Sonic from 2018 but it is an original show of Nickelodeon.

  • Usha Uthup is a beautiful Indian pop, filmi, jazz, and playback singer, with that she has sung songs in the late 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. She made her debut in Hindi movie Rock On 2 “Hoi Kiw/Chalo Chalo” before that he appear in many of the stage shows and she did more albums.
  • Keymon & Nani in Space Adventure (2012), animation fantasy released in English Hindi language in theatre near you in. Know about Film reviews, lead cast & crew, photos & video gallery on BookMyShow.

The show is about the life of an ordinary boy who has a magical school bag named Keymon.[3][4]


Rohan Tendulkar, 9-years old[5] boy, gets a school bag from Japan as a gift from his dad. The school bag is a magical creature that can talk to and enchant other toys and make them do what he wants. This changes Rohan's life forever.


  • Keymon Ache: Keymon is the title character of the show. He is a magical creature in the form of a school bag. He's from Toyland, the place where all the toys come from. He can speak Toylish, the language of all the toys from Toyland. His magic chant is 'Appal Pappal Chappal Chaat! Toylish mein sunlo Meri baat!' He sometimes does drama.
  • Rohan Tendulkar: He is an ordinary school student who always asks Keymon to do magic to solve his problems. He wears yellow shirt and black pants at home. His friends Rahul, Mini and Sid live in the same apartments as he lives. He is average in studies and sports. He gets punishment from his teacher, because of Keymon's antics. He is better than only Rahul in sports. In some episodes, he misuses Keymon's magic.
  • Radha Tendulkar (Rohan's mother): Keymon and Rohan call the latter's mom Mataji. Mom gets very angry at Rohan for different things but she really loves Rohan. She, along with Rohan's father, in earlier episodes couldn't notice Keymon (as a living being).
  • Mr. Tendulkar: Mr. Tendulkar is Rohan's dad and Radha's husband. He is the man who give school bag ( which is actually a magical bag and he doesn't know it early ) as a gift to Rohan. His name is not referred in the show.
  • Rahul: Rahul is Rohan's school friend. He wears glasses and is physically weak. Sid always bullies him (especially Sid takes Rahul's tiffin).
  • Mini: Mini is Rahul and Rohan's friend. She is a tomboyish girl. She loves to play sports. Rahul and Rohan have a crush on her.
  • Sid: Sid is the school bully and always bullies and beats Rahul. He is big and strong. He has two sidekicks, Raja and Baja.
  • Cartoon: Cartoon is Rohan's toycar. Keymon made him alive with his magic. He signals Rohan and Keymon, if their parents are near them.
  • Khel Singh: Khel Singh is Rohan's PSP console. Keymon made him alive with his magic. It isn't a real PSP console, but a knockoff of the original console. The shopkeeper cheated Rohan's dad and sold him a knock-off. Khel Singh speaks in stereotypical Bihari accent.
  • Ballji Bopta: Ballji is a football. Keymon made him alive to win a football game. He speaks in stereotypical Nepali accent.
  • DJ Danger: DJ Danger is Rohan's DJ console that Keymon made alive using his magic. He plays music.
  • Mishra Sir: Mishra Sir is Rohan's school teacher.


A Film Keymon & Nani In Space Adventure based on the series was released in theatres on 9 November 2012.[6] The character of Nani in this film was played by animated version of Usha Uthup.[7][8]

Home video[edit]


Nickelodeon released a DVD containing six 11 minute episodes of Dance Dance, featuring Keymon doing dance sequences. Each episode has a theme that teaches children the importance of values such as cleanliness or friendship.[4][5]

Keymon Ache Games


The show airs in following Countries:-

Country(s)Channel(s)Release Date
IndiaNickelodeon India (original)
Colors Rishtey
Sonic Nickelodeon
2011 – present
PakistanNickelodeon PakistanTBD

Keymon Ache Nani In Space Full Movie


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