Kodak Esp 5200 Mac Driver

A new version of the Scanner Driver may also be available. Firmware can be upgraded without updating the Scanner Driver but loading the most recent version of the Scanner Driver is recommended. Please read the information at the link below for more information.


Installation Instructions:

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Kodak Esp 5200 All-in-one Printer

  1. Click on DownloadFirmware_i5000_XX_Series_v0x.x.x.exe and download to a temporary directory on your computer.
  2. Before beginning your update, be sure the scanner is powered on and has reached steady state with no warning or error messages. Exit out of any application which may be communicating with the scanner. Note: When you launch the DownloadFirmware program, it will automatically connect to the scanner and begin a FW download. DO NOT interrupt this process until the program reports back successful completion.
  3. Double click on the file, DownloadFirmware_i5000_XX_Series_v0x.x.x.exe.
  4. When download is completed, cycle power on the scanner.

The current Firmware version of your scanner can be checked from the Kodak i5000s scanners Operator Control Panel under the Information option or by launching the 'Scanner Validation Tool' (SVT) program found in the Start > All Programs > Kodak Document Imaging program group. Then choose the TWAIN driver, Setup, Settings, Device, Diagnostics, Logs.

Kodak esp 5200 windows 10

i5000-Series Firmware, Version 4.4.11, Release Notes (English)- pdf

i5200V and i5600V Firmware, Version 4.4.11, Release Notes (English)- pdf


By downloading from Kodak, you agree to the terms & conditions outlined in the license agreement. Actual filesize for multilanguage downloads may vary.

Which firmware file do you need?

  • i5200/i5600/i5800: DownloadFirmware_i5000_00_Series v0x.xx.xx.exe
  • i5200V/i5600V: DownloadFirmware_i5000_00_Series v0x.xx.xx.exe
  • i5250/i5650/i5850 with firmare version 4.3.00 or greater: DownloadFirmware_i5000_50_Series v0x.xx.xx.exe

Kodak Esp 5200 Setup

(If in doubt, you can try both . . . only one will work and no harm will be done.)
NOTE: With the firmware 4.3.0 and higher installed, the Kodak i5000 scanners will have separate installer packages for the i5x00 and i5x50 models. The firmware installer file will now have '00' in the file name to denote that it will install on an i5x00 scanner (i5200/i5200v/i5600/i5600v/i5800) or it will have a '50' in the file name to denote that it will install on an i5x50 scanner (i5250/i5650/i5850). If a Kodak 5x50 scanner is updated to firmware 4.3.0 or higher, the firmware installer must have a '50' (DownloadFirmware_i5000_50_Series_v0x.xx.xx.exe) in the name or it will not install.