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For twelve months, the Paris photographer Laura Stevens transformed her bed into a stage set for a series of portraits, and more than fifty unnamed men agreed to pose nude on a single white sheet.

In most cases, she had never met her subject prior to the shoot, but after some tea and conversation, a photography collaboration was born. The same music each time: The Goldberg Variations and some Phillip Glass. What motivated you nude embark on this project?

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I find this reductive and too subjective, and I wanted to engage in finding my own way of looking at and portraying the man. One guy was sitting next to me metro who I found to be so beautiful I asked him if he would be interested in posing for me and if so to contact me.

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When I then proposed the idea of it being naked, it turned out it was something he had been wanting to do for a while, as a political statement. Practically all of the men who had already been photographed naked had only ever female approached before by men, never by a woman photographer.

It was what I imagined might be the case, but still Male found it surprising. Why did you trust them?

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Mainly because it gave me more control. For each shoot, the environment could remain the same, allowing katya santos sex photos greater physical and mental control and space to concentrate.