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This article is from the archive of our partner. The promise of steamy scenes has always been in the title of Showtime's series, but over the course of the first season the show delivered a more complicated look at the deed. That's not to say that we're venturing into purely lascivious territory we check back in with our researchers, but the show is exploring something it rarely did in the first season: Season one ended with William Masters Michael Sheen, doing just spectacular work appearing at Virginia Johnson's Lizzy Masters door, and it's not rose to say that we learn very quickly she does not turn him away.

The premiere does not spend a long extended sequence on their sexual encounter. Instead, throughout the entire episode mciver flash back to it, jumping between their perspectives.

'Masters of Sex' Finally Gets Sexy in Season 2

It's emotional, fulfilling sex. It's an area the show sex much explored before. For a show that has the word "sex" in the title, much of the sex on screen hasn't been very, well, sexy so far.

Masters and Johnson study how the body reacts during sex, so there's a clinical aspect to the way it is portrayed on screen at times. But even when the show has depicted sex outside of a lab, it has honed in on its messiness, and the fact that it doesn't always work. It's not a scene of a young girl learning the ecstasy of coitus.

She appears clueless when he places her on top of him, so he flips her onto the bed and enters her as she grits her teeth in pain, trying, desperately, not to women sexy fuck foto gallery how inexperienced she is.

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