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Mount And Blade Warband Feast Cheat

Hi All,
I just made account here to ask this question. I'll really appreciate your help.
Well, after playing Warband for many days i am selected as a Marshal. Also i am waiting for a feast where my character is supposed to get married. But in order for the feast to take place, the faction should not be at war. And i am sure that my faction is not at war. But still i am not called for a feast and its been so much time. I think that maybe me being marshal have to do something with this or maybe there is something else..
If anyone has been through this situation please tell what you did to solve this..i am stuck and can't do anything

Warband 1.168 Patch

Mount and blade warband feast not starting

Mount And Blade Warband Ending

Jan 01, 2014  Mount & Blade: Warband. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews. But the main reason I attend feasts is to win more tournaments to gain renown and money. Feasts in towns will tend to have tournaments. If the feast is just in a castle I may stop buy to say hello but I won't go out of my way to attend. Spice is a high value, non-consumable trade good featured in the first three Mount&Blade games. It is primarily bought from towns, and is rare to find in villages. Due to its high price, spice is a valuable item for players to trade. Spice is used in feasts to demonstrate the wealth of the host lord.