Mugen Announcer Sound Packs

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Mugen Announcer Sound Packs Free

Continuing on with my Wii U submission-fixing progress, all of these sounds now have their erroneous loops removed, a few filenames were fixed and I've also re-added a few stages that somehow went missing (Delfino Plaza, Hyrule Castle 64 and Peach's Castle 64). PC / Computer - Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - The #1 source for video game sounds on the internet!

A new free sound pack for use in indie games, the Omega Announcer Pack comes with 70+ sounds in both WAV and OGG formats. Double kill! Killing Spree! Omega Damage! All kinds of exciting intense moments accented by a hype announcer. Fill the arena with blood and get ready for battle!

Mugen Announcer Sound Packs

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Mugen announcer sound packs xbox one

All included sounds have been organized in an easy to understand file system for your convenience. All sounds have been recorded at 44.1Khz at 16 bit as a .WAV file as well as a second set of files in OGG format for ease of use.

Includes the following lines:

First blood! Double Kill! Triple Kill! Killing spree! Incredible! Godlike! Unstoppable! Insane! Mega Kill! Mega Damage! Omega Damage! Massacre! Mad Man! Everyone is dead! The enemy team is dead! All enemies have been killed. Your team has killed an enemy!

An ally has Mega Damage! An ally has Omega Damage! Dominating! Enemy Double Kill. Enemy Triple Kill. Enemy Killing Spree. Enemy Mega Kill! An enemy is incredible! An enemy is unkillable! An enemy is godlike! An enemy is insane! An enemy is unstoppable! An enemy has Mega damage! An enemy has Omega damage! They’re dominating you! (Count up to ten) (Count down from ten) Fight! Begin! Let the battle begin! The battle will begin in 10 seconds. The battle will begin in 5 seconds. The mission begins in 10 seconds. The mission begins in 5 seconds. Start! Attack! Attack here. Enemy here. Be careful. You win! Victory! You lose! Defeat!

AuthorBob Feeser
Tagsannouncer, audio, character, FPS, moba, sfx, sound, sound-effects, Voice Acting, voice-over

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Mugen Announcer Sound Packs Minecraft

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