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From: Stefan Küng <>Svn merge must be ancestrally related toAncestrally
Date: Mon, 01 Feb 2010 19:33:21 +0100

SVN: Must be ancestrally related. Tortoisesvn skips recording mergeinfo. Svn mergeinfo - E195016: “must be ancestrally related”. Although there are several similar questions here (e.g., SVN - Reintegration Merge error: 'must be ancestrally related') and on the Web, I wasn't able to figure out why svn mergeinfo <file> c.

On 01.02.2010 05:06, Andrew Cushen wrote:
> Stefan:
> OK, I can see the previous revisions now-- but _only_ when I look at the
> original folder in the original location. When I look at the trunk in the
> new folder, it only shows revisions back to when we moved the files into the
> new folder. In fact, when I look at the log in the new folder, it refuses to
> allow me to set the 'From:' date back past the date the new folders were
> created. Is this expected behavior? It seems that SVN does not see that the
> trunk in the new folder is the same trunk as the one in the original folder.
> It's as if I 'disconnected' the trunk when I moved it to the new folder in
> the Repo-browser.

The from/to date selectors are only for filtering what's already loaded.
If you want to use dates to fetch the log, use the 'show all' button
(press on the arrow, then choose 'revision range' from the menu and
enter the dates in the svn format).

Svn Merge Must Be Ancestrally Related To

> And, more importantly, the need that led to the original question: after
> moving the trunk to a different folder in the Repo-browser, we created a dev
> branch from the trunk in the new folder, which we are now unable to merge
> back to the trunk in the new folder. When we try to do this, following the
> Help file's instructions to check out the trunk in its new location to the
> working copy, then try to merge the dev branch, we do a Test Merge, and get
> this message:
> Error '[dev branch] must be ancestrally related to [trunk]@327'
> So, it seems that SVN also thinks our dev branch, created off the trunk in
> the new folder, is not related to the trunk it was created from! We have
> tried setting the Merge Depth to 'Fully recursive', and also to 'Working
> copy' but both ways result in the same error when we try a Test merge.
> Any ideas? I have just upgraded our VisualSVN server to 2.0.8, TortoiseSVN
> on the clients to 1.6.7, and VisualSVN to
> 1.7.7.

Svn マージ Must Be Ancestrally Related To

Sure, you've replaced the trunk. The dev branch you originally created
is ancestrally related to the original trunk, not the new one you
created. Use the merge dialog and check the box 'ignore ancestry' on the
last page of the merge wizard.


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