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Need for Speed: Underground 2

Developer: EA Black Box
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Windows
Released in JP: December 22, 2004
Released in US: November 15, 2004
Released in EU: November 19, 2004

This game has unused areas.
This game has unused playable characters.
This game has unused modes / minigames.
This game has unused text.
This game has debugging material.
This game has regional differences.
This game has revisional differences.

This game has a notes page
This game has a prototype article

Often viewed as one of the best NFS games of all time, Need for Speed: Underground 2 expanded on the concept of the original, by adding a huge open world to freely discover, plus SUVs and more customization options.

To do:
  • There's debugging stuff that needs to be documented.
  • Check and see if any other preset cars are unused. Use this information to swap cars.
  • 2Unused Presets
  • 3Unused Traffic Cars
  • 4Unused tracks

Removed Game Modes

Once again, Underground 2 has a handful of cut modes, most of which either appeared in the first Underground, or were cut from the first game.

To do:
Upload the leftover icons
  • Tournament: Removed altogether here, while in the first Underground it remains in story mode. There were also supposed to be Drag and Drift tournament modes as well. Leftovers exist here, including icons and quick race entries.
  • Burnout: Presumably the Smoke Show game mode cut from the first game. Only quick race entries are leftover, as the icon exists, however it is simply the placeholder icon, implying that it was likely scrapped early in development.
  • Knockout: This game mode did appear in the first game, however sometime before Underground 2's release it was cut. Two variations would've existed- Race Knockout and Lap Knockout. Race Knockout was a tournament style Knockout mode, as the last place player in points would've been eliminated after that round. Lap Knockout likely would've remained the same as it did in Underground 1. Quick race entries and icons still exist. Lap knockout exists in release version.
  • Car Show: Removed once again here. This time around, there is a little bit more leftover, including an icon, which shows that you likely would've showed off your car by opening its scissor doors, or showing off its hydraulics.
  • GT: It is unknown what this mode would've been. Quick race entries exist still.

Unused Presets

Four unused preset cars exist, two of these depict early versions of Rachel's car. The first was a red Mazda RX-8, and the other was a blue Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. The RX-8 preset can still be seen in pre-release gameplay videos. Apply the below code for the USA PlayStation 2 version of the game to modify the first sponsor car to an unused preset car.



Rachel's unused blue Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.



Rachel's unused red Mazda RX-8.



An unused test 3000GT preset car.



An unused test Audi TT 3.2 quattro preset car.

(Source: Punk7890 - PlayStation 2 access method)

Unused Traffic Cars

Hyundai Coupe

It's not exactly clear if this was actually meant to be a selectable car or not, considering this is the only unused traffic car (resembling a SN95/New Edge Ford Mustang) with a name attached to it. Entering game with this car will end up rendering an invisible car.





An unused alternate version of a taxi.

Blue Bus

A rather large bus.

Unused tracks

To do:
Check if those are accessible though ExOpts in the Windows version of the game.

A few test maps remain in game files along with references to other tracks no longer present. Apply the below code for the USA PlayStation 2 version of the game to appear in one of these maps. With the code on, enter any quick race mode.

(Source: Punk7890 - PlayStation 2 access method)

CT1 - Market St

No longer present in the game. Leftover from NFSU1.

CT2 - Stadium not

Nfs underground 2 car list

No longer present in the GAME. Leftover from NFSU1.

DT1 - Olympic Square

No longer present in the game. Leftover from NFSU1.

Test Track

No longer present in the game. Leftover from NFSU1.

HP2 Island Outskirts

No longer present in the game. Leftover from NFS HP 2.

SP2 - Liberty Gardens

No longer present in the game. Leftover from NFSU1.

Nfs Underground 2 Fullscreen Fix

(4801) PT Track


A plain looking large map. The center of the map also contains a short road which looks like it was used to test drift racing.

(49XX) Replay Cameras


A plain blank map with nothing of interest. The map causes background errors in the game engine likely due to missing geometry.

(4901) Replay Cameras #1


The same as the above map.

Unused Debug Menu Text

Present in memory in the USA PlayStation 2 version at 0x004AFF10 are pointers to the following text. No function appears to make use of these. This text is also presents in the speed2.exe.

Debug Logging

Within the game is a printf function that doesn't print anything anymore. This would have logged various background information to a debug unit. This logs information such as files loaded and memory information. It would also report errors if any occurred. To re-enable this mode, apply the below code for the USA PlayStation 2 version:

If you are playing the game on a regular PlayStation 2, you will need to use a TOOL, RDB, or a debug version of OPL to view the logs. If you are playing on an emulator, you can see this information by enabling the option 'Show Console'. Below is an example of what type of information gets logged.

Removed Customization

To do:
Upload the unused icons
  • Hood Decals- Originally, the player had the option to place decals on the hood of the car like in the first game but this feature was cut for unknown reasons. Icons of this customization element still exist in the game files and can be restored via Extra Options.
  • License Plate Customization- Text strings indicate that the player would have had the option to customize their license plate, likely altering the text similar to the feature present in Ghost Games developed Need for Speed titles.
  • Extra Performance Packages- According to unused icons, there were possibly going to be about six performance packages available, however in the final game there's only four.
  • Painting- Files indicate the player would have been able to paint bumpers, side skirts, and hoods a different color, however this option was removed.
  • Vinyl Transformation- According to an unused icon, you would've been able to scale and move your vinyls. This feature was reintroduced in 2006's Carbon. This icon also exists in game files of NFSU1.
  • Cabin Neon- The player was originally going to have the option to have neon inside the cabin of the vehicle. This feature can be restored with Extra Options.
  • Unused Rims- Seven rims from Yokohama/Advan and Oasis remain in the files and go unused but can be restored with Extra Options. A set of Oasis rims named Teardrop can be obtained as a unique part in career mode, but due to the Oasis manufacturer missing from the user interface they cannot be reused if removed by the player.
  • Yokohama Super Advan Racing Ver.2

  • Advan RG

  • Oasis Gothic

  • Oasis XS

  • Oasis Buckle

  • Oasis Clamp

  • Oasis H4

Hood decals, unused rims, and cabin neon can be restored on the Windows version using NFSU2 Extra Options, which also unlocks some other debug/unused features mentioned above.


Once again, references to police remain in Underground 2's files. It would've seemed plausible for police to appear, with Underground 2 having a open world, but it seems licensing issues with some manufacturers was the reason police don't appear, as in the next two NFS games (which both featured police), Honda is absent, a manufacturer which does appear in Underground 2. Nissan was also absent in Most Wanted, likely due to the same reason, but reappeared in Carbon.

Regional Differences

Nfs Underground 2

To do:
Look at the Need for Speed: Underground 2 Sha_Do special edition for the Japanese PS2

The North American version has the 2000 Honda Civic Si (EM1), and the 2002 Acura RSX Type S (DC5) as exclusive cars, while the other regions have a Peugeot 106 GTI and Vauxhall Corsa 1.8 SRi, However, using a non-English language will change the Corsa to have an Opel logo.

The Sha Do edition has seven exclusive vinyls, replacing certain contest vinyls, also some cars are renamed to their Japanese specifications such as the Nissan 350Z (Z33) being named Nissan Fairlady Z (Z33) or Toyota Corolla GT-S (AE86) being called Toyota Trueno. The Splash screen was changed, some car names' language strings were changed such as Skyline R34 instead of Skyline (to prevent confusion with the Skyline Coupe 350GT (V35)).

However, the player can have all 4 cars in one game by using Extra Options.

Console/Platform Differences

To do:
There are odd differences among the achievements between systems. See examples: Custom decals can be created on DS.

Gamecube version is missing online multiplayer.PC version is missing split screen mode.

Cut vehicles

Several game files indicate that some playable vehicles were associated, pitched or at one point licenced for use in the final game:

A lot of references for the Acura Integra Type R, Acura NSX, Dodge Neon, Honda S2000, Mitsubishi Lancer ES, and Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS can be found in the game files from both the retail game and from the PlayStation 2 demo. However, the recent mod Olympic Imports restores these cars.


Unused NIS and GameCube leftovers

Nfs Underground 2 Files Recovery Software

Beta leftover

In release version you can find leftover from beta version of the game.

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