Nikon Nexiv Vmr 3020 Manual


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Packaging assembly laboratory / Inspection / Vision system

Model :

Component inspection/characterisation


Stroke (x-y-Z) 300 x 200 x 150 mm

Minimum readout 0.1 µm

Maximum work piece weight 20 Kg

Measuring accuracy (x-y) 1.5 + 4L/1000 µm ( L in mm, max 5 Kg)

Measuring accuracy (Z) 1.5+ L/150 µm (L in mm,)

Nikon nexiv manualManual

Working distance 50 mm permit measurement of parts with

large height variances

15x zoom permit wide field of view for rapid search

Field of view (15X) 4.67-3.5 – 0.311×0.233 mm

Auto focus TTL laser AF and vision AF

Illumination Diascopic, episcopic, 8 segments LED ring illumination

VMR Auto Measure software

Nikon Updated: 2007-06-20

Provides all dimensional measurements required for wafer carrier fabrication including control of deformation due to aging of wafers and wafer carriers.

The NEXIV VM-450C - designed for use with 300mm Front Opening Unified Pod (FOUP) & Front Opening Shipping Box (FOSB) wafer carriers - detects hard to see edges using a variety of illumination features as well as Nikon's unique image processing technologies. By incorporating laser AF that provides quick non-contact focusing, even on transparent surfaces and on the edge of the peripheries of the wafer, the VM-450C is able to measure SEMI-standard dimensions with excellent accuracy.


Nikon nexiv vmr 3020 manual download

• Four side planes of the carrier are continuously measured by rotating the kinematic plate in 90° increments

• SEMI-compliant kinematic plate provides perfect X,Y,Z coordinates

• Variety of illumination choices facilitate accurate measurements of registration pin holes and latch-key holes

• Laser AF provides fast, non-contact measurements of wafer positions

• Wide area, high-intensity LED illumination enables accurate measurements of wafer heights

Nikon Nexiv Manual

• 300mm, 200mm wafer carrier and SMIF Pod base

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