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Pastrami on Rye. This story contains content naked may be unsuitable for some readers, including violence, crude humor, coarse language, sexual content, use of alcohol and over-the-counter drugs, blood, and sonic gore! Reader discretion is advised!

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All mainstream Sonic games released after Sonic Generations assume that Sonic triumphed over the Time Eater and saved the space-time continuum. Sexy nude men modles, in a plot-twist similar to that of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Timethe following timeline assumes that he ultimately failed to defeat it, letting it continue its rampage.


During said rampage, the Time Eater also broke free from Dr. Eggman's control, forcing him to team up with Sonic once more. While the two managed to finally defeat the monstrosity, it managed to pull one final stunt in its dying breath: One path would see Sonic continuing his adventures as before, with no alterations whatsoever, while the other path containing separate incarnations of all the characters with intact memories of Generations and back is as follows: After being forced to relive his entire past a second time, Sonic became exhausted from 20 years of crime-fighting and decided to take a break from his adventures.

He moved back to Station Square and bought an apartment where he would live for a long while if not forever, promising that he would still be there to protect the world from evil, and go on some nude from time to time, provided that he could relax and devote time to other things too.

As mentioned above, the following story takes place in the latter amy, and begins after this interlude