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The painting is in the Hirschsprung Collection in Copenhagen. The painting shows a woman with her back turned, with bare torso by an oval mirror, that reflects her face and the top of her chest.

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Her left hand rests on a green dressing table in the image left. On the table there is hair a box with an open lid. With her right hand she has lifted and taken to the brown hair that is tightly put up with center parting and chignon. Her big red left earlobe has a gold glistening earring. Her right earring nude also seen, not in the mirror, and hairstyle are also different in the mirror.

The brown is turned slightly to the left and sunk.

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The woman's lower body is draped with a white cloth, which is well down her buttocks. Her right leg seems to be slightly bent upward in contrapposto.

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The woman is located offset to the left relative to the center line of the image, whereas the mirror is on the right. The oval mirror with the wooden frame mirrors so as to face viewed approximately in the middle of the mirror.

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The mirror naked polynesian teen girls a size so that only the top portion of the woman's breasts are seen. The woman raised his right arm covers parts females the mirror image so viewers can not see the bottom part of the face.

In the mirror image is also seen that women do not consider themselves in the mirror, but the gaze directed downward to the left; there is no eye contact with the viewer.